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NYPD Can &#39;Stop and Frisk&#39; for a Few More Months
NYPD Can 'Stop and Frisk'
for a Few More Months
says judge

NYPD Can 'Stop and Frisk' for a Few More Months

Judge rules that practice can continue during appeal

(Newser) - A US district judge ruled earlier this month that a portion of New York City's controversial "stop and frisk" policy may be unconstitutional, but today she said the NYPD can continue the practice while her decision is appealed. Specifically, Judge Shira Scheindlin had ordered a halt to "...

Judge Limits NYC's 'Stop and Frisk' Policy

Cops need to justify stops outside private apartment buildings in the Bronx

(Newser) - Mayor Bloomberg says his controversial "stop-and-frisk" strategy has led to a sharp drop in crime in New York City, but a federal judge today ruled that at least one aspect of it goes too far, reports the New York Post . The judge ruled that police can no longer stop...

NYC on Track for Lowest Murders on Record

Chicago, meanwhile, just hit 500

(Newser) - Two big cities, two opposite trends:
  • New York City expects to record its lowest number of homicides since record-keeping began in 1963, reports AP . The city has had 414 this year, down nearly 20% from last year and well under the previous low of 471 in 2009. The city also

America&#39;s Stupidest Drug Laws

 America's Stupidest Drug Laws 

America's Stupidest Drug Laws

'Reason' breaks down the most ridiculous laws the drug war has produced

(Newser) - What's more ridiculous than the war on drugs itself? The plethora of strange draconian laws that have cropped up to support it. Don't believe it? Well, Mike Riggs of the libertarian Reason Magazine has come up with a list of the five most ridiculous ones. Judge for yourself:...

GOP Opposition Snuffs Out NY Pot Proposal

Cuomo plan fails despite backing of Bloomberg, NYPD

(Newser) - Gov. Andrew Cuomo's plan to reduce "stop and frisk" arrests by downgrading public possession of marijuana from a misdemeanor to a violation has gone up in smoke—at least for now. Cuomo has declared the plan, which was supported by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and NYPD...

App Encourages Recording of Police Stops

New York Civil Liberties Union goes after 'stop and frisk' strategy

(Newser) - A new smartphone app encourages users to monitor and record police stops and then send the data to the New York Civil Liberties Union—the group that launched it. The purpose of the free app, called Stop and Frisk Watch , is to collect evidence of "unlawful stop-and-frisk encounters and...

Feds to Review NYC's Stop-and-Frisk Policy

Policy both unconstitutional and ineffective, campaigners say

(Newser) - The Justice Department has agreed to review New York City's controversial stop-and-frisk policy following complaints from activists and lawmakers who say the program overwhelmingly targets minorities, reports the Guardian . NYPD statistics show that police stopped a record-setting 684,330 people on the streets last year, 87% of whom where...

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