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NYC Deploys Drones to Look for Sharks, but Birds Are Mad

Shorebirds are fighting drones, and wildlife experts fear the stress it is causing them

(Newser) - A fleet of drones patrolling New York City's beaches for signs of sharks and struggling swimmers is drawing backlash from an aggressive group of seaside residents: local shorebirds. Since the drones began flying in May, flocks of birds have repeatedly swarmed the devices, forcing the police department and other...

Lifeguards Left Coney Island. Then Came the 911 Call

Teen sisters, ages 17 and 18, drowned on Friday amid rip current warnings

(Newser) - Two teenagers drowned while swimming at New York's Coney Island Beach in Brooklyn, police said. Police received an emergency call for a water rescue in the area of Stillwell Avenue and Boardwalk West at 8:10pm ET on Friday, the NYPD said in a statement, per the AP and...

Replenishing Storm-Battered Beaches: Wise or a Waste?

CBS News looks at the high cost to taxpayers

(Newser) - Erosion and severe storms can cause beaches to lose their sand, which leads to a whole host of problems in surrounding communities, including flooding and further erosion. The practice of replenishing that sand is a costly investment, one that is typically borne by taxpayers. "When a storm hits, a...

Atlantic City Casinos Could Face Summer With No Beach

It was supposed to be replenished last year

(Newser) - The ocean and beaches have always been a part of Atlantic City's identity: from salt water taffy to Miss America bathing beauties to the name of the place itself, the city has been marketed as a place to have fun by the sea. But there is a little too...

Cops in Florida Beach Town Had Very Busy Hour Sunday Night

Jacksonville Beach saw 3 shootings in 41 minutes

(Newser) - Spring break and St. Paddy's Day must have brought the crazy, because Jacksonville Beach cops had an extremely busy Sunday night. As WJXX reports, three separate shootings occurred in the Florida city within an hour, killing one and injuring several. The beachfront, downtown, and bar area were put on...

$500K, 14K-Ton Sand Dune Held Out 3 Days
Beach Residents Spent $500K
on Barrier. It Lasted 3 Days

Beach Residents Spent $500K on Barrier. It Lasted 3 Days

Perhaps not the best investment that residents of Salisbury, Massachusetts, have ever made

(Newser) - If you're the owner of a pricey beachfront home that keeps being threatened by violent storms and high tides, you might want to protect your investment. So went the thinking of residents of Salisbury, Massachusetts, who WCVB reports were hit by two big storms and a lot of erosion...

Travelers Choose the World's Top 10 Beaches

Tripadvisor has the scoop on which beaches vacationers love most

(Newser) - It's about that point in winter when dreams of sandy beaches start kicking in. To help illustrate those fantasies, Tripadvisor has released its "Best of the Best Beaches" list for 2024, which ranks the very top tier of its users' ratings and reviews. Topping the list is Praia...

In This City, an App Keeps Beach Harassers at Bay

Safer Plage app sends mediators to contend with obnoxious beachgoers in Marseille, France

(Newser) - Women in one French resort community are sick of being harassed while getting some rays on the beach—and now, there's an app to help them fend off such harassment. Time Out reports that the Safer Plage (Safer Beach) app has been downloaded more than 1,300 times since...

Mystery Object That Washed Up on Aussie Beach Identified
Mystery Object
That Washed Up on
Aussie Beach Identified

Mystery Object That Washed Up on Aussie Beach Identified

Australian Space Agency says it's space junk from Indian rocket; India's space group needs to confirm

(Newser) - The mystery of a giant metal object that washed up on an Australian beach may finally be solved. reports that when the "bulky, barnacle-encrusted cylinder" turned up in mid-July on the shores of Green Head, located north of Perth in Western Australia, whispers circulated that it could...

This Is America's Best Beach
This Is America's
Best Beach
in case you missed it

This Is America's Best Beach

St. George Island State Park in Florida is No. 1 in new 'Dr. Beach' ranking

(Newser) - The coastal scientist known as Dr. Beach is out with his annual list of America's best beaches ahead of Memorial Day, and one on the Florida Panhandle takes top honors. This particular ranking gets more attention than most because Stephen Leatherman of Florida International University has been putting it...

Senior 'Skip Day' at Beach Marred by Gunfire
'Looks Like a
Scene Out of Jaws'

'Looks Like a Scene Out of Jaws'

6 injured after gunfire rings out during senior 'skip day' at South Carolina beach

(Newser) - A senior "skip day" turned chaotic at a South Carolina beach when gunfire broke out, injuring six beachgoers. Kevin Cornett, chief of police in the seaside city of Isle of Palms, says the shooting took place around 5:20pm on Friday, among "a large crowd of individuals" believed...

This Is the Best Beach in the World

At least according to Tripadvisor, which puts Brazil's Baia do Sancho at No. 1

(Newser) - With warmer weather on the horizon, thoughts of beach trips might be on the horizon, too. Tripadvisor is out with its list of the top 10 beaches in the US, as well as, for the more ambitious, the top 10 beaches in the world. For Americans, the leader is in...

Florida Beaches Run Short of Sand
Florida Beaches
Run Short of Sand

Florida Beaches Run Short of Sand

Federal legislation would permit importing sand

(Newser) - Florida beach communities have had to replenish their supplies of sand before, but there's renewed urgency after recent hurricanes. A consultant said Jacksonville's beaches lost about 1.2 million cubic yards of sand to Tropical Storms Ian and Nicole, more than the 2.7 billion pounds brought in...

Grenades Are Turning Up on the Beach in Oregon

Police in the city of Newport, Ore., say 3 potentially explosive devices have been found so far

(Newser) - Some people collect seashells by the seashore, or even lost jewelry if they've got a metal detector. In one Oregon city, however, locals are making a more surprising, and potentially dangerous, find. In an alert issued last week, police in the city of Newport are warning beachgoers to beware...

Cops: Mom Likely Drowned 3 Kids at Coney Island Beach

A sad scene overnight in Brooklyn

(Newser) - Three children died after being found on a New York City beach early Monday, and police believe they were drowned by their mother. The children—a 7-year-old boy, a 4-year-old girl, and a 3-month-old boy—were discovered on Brooklyn's Coney Island beach shortly after 3am and taken to a...

Seeking Sun and Surf? These US Beach Towns Won't Break the Bank

Port Arthur, Texas, comes in at No. 1

(Newser) - Dreaming of a home near the ocean? A new assessment by PropertyShark susses out the most affordable beach towns and cities in the US. The site calculated median price per square foot to crown Port Arthur, Texas, as the champ. Generally, locales in Texas, Mississippi, and Florida dominated the top...

Chaos at Beach Has 'Everybody Running Like Godzilla' Is Coming

But sea lions were likely engaging in normal breeding-season behavior, not chasing humans

(Newser) - A day at the beach in Southern California ended in chaos last week when two sea lions appeared to go on a rampage, spurring a viral video and reminders by local officials to leave wildlife alone. Per NBC News , the footage was shot by Charlianne Yeyna, who was visiting San...

Here Are the 10 Best Beaches in America
This Is the
Best Beach
in America

This Is the Best Beach in America

Kick off summer with a visit to this sought-after shoreline, or one of Dr. Beach's other top picks

(Newser) - July Fourth weekend is when summer really kicks off—which is why it seems the ideal time to present Dr. Stephen Leatherman's annual list of the top 10 beaches in America. Time Out reports that the man known as "Dr. Beach" has been offering up his shoreline rankings...

Nantucket Woman Fights to Go Topless

Town to consider measure to allow women to go topless at all island beaches

(Newser) - All beaches in Nantucket will become topless beaches if one resident has her way. Under Massachusetts law, men can go topless in public, but the intentional exposure of female breasts can result in a charge of open and gross lewdness and lascivious behavior, punishable by up to three years in...

Oil Spill Reaches California Beaches

Dead fish, birds already have washed up along shoreline

(Newser) - A major oil spill has reached the sands of Southern California, killing birds and fish and forcing the closure of beaches. A cleanup operation of the slick that the Coast Guard said covers about 13 square miles. The spill was reported Saturday, and by Sunday, oil had washed ashore, bringing...

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