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Military Expresses Sorrow for Not Shooting Down Drones

South Korean leaders promise changes after overflight

(Newser) - South Korea's president on Tuesday called for stronger air defenses and high-tech stealth drones while the military apologized for failing to shoot down North Korean drones that crossed the border for the first time in five years. South Korea's military scrambled warplanes and attack helicopters on Monday, but...

South Korea Sends Fighter Jets After Drones

Defense officials say they responded to breach by North Korea

(Newser) - South Korea said its military fired warning shots and deployed fighter jets and attack helicopters after five North Korean drones breached its airspace Monday. The Korea Times reported that one of the drones reached Seoul before turning back, per the Hill . South Korea did not try to shoot the drone...

Here's How to Surrender to a Ukrainian Drone

It's easier than ever thanks to Ukraine's 'I want to live' program

(Newser) - There’s no place like Ukraine to experiment with drones. Throughout the war, drone tactics by both the Ukrainian and Russian militaries have evolved to include reconnaissance, artillery guidance, direct assault with drone-dropped munitions, and even drone-on-drone dogfights . As the New York Times reports, drones can also be used to...

Zelensky 'Proud' After Foiled Russian Attack on Kyiv

Air defense systems reportedly shot down all 13 drones

(Newser) - For the first time in weeks, Russia launched a major drone attack on Ukraine's capital of Kyiv on Wednesday. Ukrainian officials said all 13 drones launched at the city in a pre-dawn attack were shot down and no one appeared to be injured. "All 13 were shot down...

Intelligence Shows Iran Is Helping Russia Build Drones

Deal will help increase weapons stockpile for use against Ukraine

(Newser) - Iran has agreed to help Russia build hundreds of weaponized drones for use against Ukraine, new intelligence shows. Production in Russia could begin in months, officials told the Washington Post . Iran contends it's officially neutral in the Russia-Ukraine fight, though drones it made have attacked Ukrainian military and civilian...

Mystery 'Ghost Drone' Now Seeking Russian Targets
Mystery 'Ghost Drone'
Now Seeking Russian Targets

Mystery 'Ghost Drone' Now Seeking Russian Targets

US sends kamikaze-like 'Phoenix Ghost' devices to Ukrainian troops

(Newser) - If everything goes right when Ukrainian troops deploy a secretive new drone from the US, the device will not return. Instead, the Phoenix Ghost drone will hover stealthily in the air, detect a Russian target below, then attack in a kamikaze-like strike. The Pentagon is being relatively tight-lipped about the...

Military Drone Operators Suffer a Heavy Mental Toll

'New York Times' explores the effects on them

(Newser) - Kevin Larson was a churchgoing Eagle Scout and honors student with dreams of becoming a fighter pilot. He received his officer’s commission in 2012, but by then, the Air Force didn’t need airplane pilots, it needed drone pilots. Larson was disappointed, according to a story in the New ...

'Planes Were in the Air' When Iran Strike Called Off

'Planes Were in the Air'
When Iran Strike Called Off

'Planes Were in the Air' When Iran Strike Called Off

Schumer warns US could be 'bumbling into war'

(Newser) - A US strike on Iran in retaliation for the downing of a US drone was reportedly abruptly called off Thursday night—but it was a plan firmly in motion at the time, according to the New York Times . Senior administration officials tell the Times that "planes were in the...

Report: Strike on Iran Was Abruptly Called Off Last Night

Sources say Trump initially approved measure

(Newser) - A US official says the military made preparations Thursday night for limited strikes on Iran in retaliation for the downing of a US surveillance drone , but approval was abruptly withdrawn before the attacks were launched. The official, who was not authorized to discuss the operation publicly and spoke on condition...

Trump Nixes Obama-Era Order on Drone Strike Deaths

Administration says move gets rid of 'superfluous' mandates

(Newser) - The CIA has since 2016 been obligated to put out yearly summaries of how many drone strikes the US has carried out, as well as how many civilian deaths outside of war zones that those strikes caused. But NBC News reports no such report came last year, as was required...

Russians Go After US Drones in Syria With 'Fairly Easy' Tactic

They're reportedly jamming the drones' GPS signals

(Newser) - US military drones patrolling the skies over Syria have an operational issue: Russia is messing with them. Specifically, US officials tell NBC News , Russia is jamming their GPS signals, a tactic that seems to have started in earnest on smaller drones a few weeks ago after chemical attacks were suspected...

White House Memo Argues Right to Kill Americans

Memo cites fight against al-Qaeda and laws of war

(Newser) - The Obama administration justified using drones to kill Americans suspected of terrorism overseas by citing the war against al-Qaeda and by saying a surprise attack against an American in a foreign land would not violate the laws of war, according to a previously secret government memorandum released today. The memo...

FAA Unveils 6 Drone Test Sites on American Soil

Alaska, Nevada, NY, ND, Texas, Virginia are the lucky winners

(Newser) - The Federal Aviation Administration announced six states today that will develop test sites for drones, a critical next step for the unmanned aircraft's march into US skies. The agency said Alaska, Nevada, New York, North Dakota, Texas, and Virginia will host research sites. Drones have been mainly used by...

As Qaeda Surges, US Sends Iraq Arms—but Precious Few

75 Hellfire missiles and 10 drones won't do the trick: expert

(Newser) - A call for help from Iraqi PM Nouri al-Maliki has been answered, sort of: The US is sending dozens of missiles and drones to Iraq to help combat a burgeoning al-Qaeda that's driving the country's highest level of violence since 2008, the New York Times reports. The aid—...

Djibouti Kicks US Drones Out of Main Airport

Move follows several accidents, could hurt hunt for al-Shabab

(Newser) - It might have just gotten a little tougher for the US military to keep an eye on al-Shabab, the terrorist group behind the mall attack in Nairobi . The African nation of Djibouti has forced the US to remove a fleet of drones from a major military camp in the country,...

Al-Qaeda Engineers Take Aim at Drones: Secret File

No real success yet in quest to develop counterdrone strategy

(Newser) - Al-Qaeda has engineers, and those engineers have been handed a mission: Figure out how to mess with American drones. The Washington Post takes a look at the effort, noting right off the bat that there are thus far no indications that al-Qaeda has actually managed to take down or interfere...

New Drone Strike in Yemen Kills 4 Linked to al-Qaeda

Two civilians also reported dead as US hits convoy

(Newser) - At least four people linked to al-Qaeda are dead after a US drone strike targeted a two-vehicle convoy in Yemen's Mareb province at dawn today, security officials say. While Reuters reports the drones, seen circling the area after two vehicles went up in flames, killed as many as six...

CIA Too Busy With Drones to Spy: Report

Hagel panel says agency isn't gathering enough intel

(Newser) - US spy agencies have neglected intelligence gathering operations in strategically critical places like China, the Middle East, and elsewhere, because they've been too busy flying drone strikes and conducting quasi-combat operations, a classified report warned President Obama last year. The panel, headed by Chuck Hagel and former Sen. David...

US Jets Shoo Away Iran Plane Chasing Drone

Pentagon says craft was in international airspace

(Newser) - US and Iranian fighter pilots have had another close encounter. The Pentagon says an Iranian jet began following an unmanned surveillance drone in international airspace earlier this week, reports the Wall Street Journal . It didn't break off pursuit until two US jets approached within two miles of the Iranian...

Air Force Pulls Data on Drone Strikes From Website

'Air Force Times' says numbers were removed last month

(Newser) - With all this talk of drones lately, it might be interesting to know just how many airstrikes the military is unleashing with them in Afghanistan. The Air Force Times would love to tell you, and it should be able to tell you, because the Air Force makes the info public...

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