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Sikh Temple Shooter Had 'Personality Change'

Wade Michael Page death officially ruled suicide

(Newser) - The white supremacist who killed six Sikh worshipers at a temple in Wisconsin had a major personality change in the year before the shooting, according to a newly released investigative report. Wade Michael Page's sister told investigators that he had become more intense, lost his sense of humor, and...

Army Tries Rooting Out White Supremacists

Hate groups have long used US military for weapons training

(Newser) - The Sikh temple shooting has put the spotlight on a longstanding problem in the US military: white supremacist soldiers. White supremacist groups have long encouraged members to join the military to learn the skills they'll need in an imagined future racial holy war, Reuters reports, and though the military...

Sikh Shooter Felled By Cop's 'Amazing Shot'

Sam Lenda hit Wade Michael Page from 75 yards away

(Newser) - Sikh temple gunman Wade Michael Page killed himself after being wounded by a police officer—and that officer delivered "an amazing shot," according to the FBI's special agent in charge of the Milwaukee division, who watched the video. The officer shot Page in the abdomen, seriously wounding...

Temple Shooter's Girlfriend Praises 'Heroes' at Scene

Misty Cook says put focus on them, not her

(Newser) - The ex-girlfriend of the man who opened fire on a Sikh temple in Wisconsin is drawing scrutiny of her own from police, but her first public statement is all about offering solace to the victims. "The reaction of the Sikh community around the world has been admirable," Misty...

Sikh Temple Shooter Killed Self: FBI
 Sikh Temple Shooter 
 Killed Self: FBI 

Sikh Temple Shooter Killed Self: FBI

Wade Michael Page shot self in head after being shot by police

(Newser) - Wisconsin Sikh temple shooter Wade Michael Page died of a self-inflicted gunshot to the head after he was shot and wounded by police, the FBI announced at a news conference today. An FBI special agent added that investigators have interviewed more than 100 people, combed through Page's email, and...

Cops Arrest Sikh Temple Shooter's Ex

Misty Cook busted for gun, also linked to white-power groups

(Newser) - Wade Page's ex-girlfriend and fellow white supremacist has been arrested on a weapons charge after police searched the home she shared with the Sikh temple shooter until a few weeks ago. Misty Cook, a 31-year-old nursing student, was busted on suspicion of being a felon in possession of a...

Investigators Had Eye on Sikh Temple Shooter

But without evidence, they couldn't move on him: source

(Newser) - Federal investigators had their eye on Sikh temple shooter Wade Michael Page a number of times because they were concerned about his white supremacist ties and background—but never took any action against him, a senior law enforcement source tells the Los Angeles Times . Investigators suspected he may have donated...

Army Demoted, Discharged Sikh Temple Shooter

Wade Michael Page bought murder weapon days before the attack

(Newser) - More is emerging on suspected Sikh temple gunman Wade Michael Page: The white supremacist and former Army soldier was demoted in rank and discharged in 1998, the LA Times reports. A military official didn't say why Page received a general discharge rather than an honorable one after 6 1/2...

Sikh Temple Shooter Heavily Involved in Skinhead Scene

Wade Michael Page a member of 2 white power music groups

(Newser) - More details are emerging on Wade Michael Page , the Army vet suspected of killing six at a Sikh temple near Milwaukee, and his involvement in white supremacist groups . Over the past 10 years, Page played guitar and sang in at least two skinhead punk bands, Fox News reports: Definite Hate...

Sikh Temple Shooting Suspect IDed
 Sikh Temple Shooting 
 Suspect IDed 

Sikh Temple Shooting Suspect IDed

...as Wade Michael Page

(Newser) - The man suspected of killing six at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin yesterday before being shot dead by a cop has been identified as Wade Michael Page, sources tell Fox News . And more details on Page are trickling in, by way of NBC and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel :
  • The 40-year-old

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