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South Koreans Might Soon Subtract a Year From Age
South Koreans to Become
Younger Under Law

South Koreans to Become Younger Under Law

Parliament votes to abolish traditional 'Korean age,' which created 'unnecessary' confusion

(Newser) - South Korea's parliament passed a law Thursday that means citizens will soon turn a year or two younger than they've been all their lives. The country's traditional method of determining age, which specifies that a child is 1 year old on the date of birth and becomes...

Trump Hid a Big Loan While President: Forbes

$19.8M debt with Daewoo, firm with ties to N. Korea, should've been listed in financial disclosures

(Newser) - Donald Trump had a foreign creditor he didn't disclose while running for president, with a debt that was quietly paid off a few months after he took office. Forbes has the documents from his Trump Organization, which were obtained by New York Attorney General Letitia James and/ show the...

Mom Accused in Deaths of Kids Found in Suitcases Extradited

Unnamed woman taken from South Korea to New Zealand

(Newser) - The 42-year-old woman accused of murdering her children and hiding their remains inside suitcases that were later purchased at auction has been extradited from South Korea to New Zealand. The unnamed woman arrived in Auckland Tuesday, will spend the night in jail, and will appear in court Wednesday to face...

Biden Agrees With South Korea, Japan on Missile Provocations

President says the alliance is more important than ever

(Newser) - President Biden and the leaders of Japan and South Korea on Sunday vowed a unified, coordinated response to North Korea's threatening nuclear and ballistic missile programs, with Biden declaring that the three-way partnership is "even more important than it's ever been" when North Korea is stepping up...

North Korea on That Barrage of Missile Tests: We're Practicing

To attack South Korea, US, says Pyongyang

(Newser) - North Korea’s military said Monday its recent barrage of missile tests were practices to “mercilessly” strike key South Korean and US targets such as air bases and operation command systems with a variety of missiles that are likely nuclear-capable, the AP reports. The North’s announcement underscored leader...

Three US Soldiers Saved 30 Lives in Crowd Crush

The Americans, stationed at Camp Casey near Seoul, were in Itaewon on their night off

(Newser) - The death toll from the weekend crowd crush in Seoul stood at a staggering 156 on Thursday, reports the AP , but it might have been even worse if not for three off-duty US soldiers. Yonhap News Agency credits the trio of Jarmil Taylor, 40, Jerome Augusta, 34, and Dane Beathard,...

NK's 'Outrageous' ICBM Launch Malfunctioned: South Korea

US-South now extending military exercises that irked North in the first place

(Newser) - Pyongyang launched at least three missiles Thursday morning, one of them believed to be a long-range intercontinental ballistic missile, but now defense officials in Seoul are saying that latter one may have been a dud, per the Guardian . "North Korea's ICBM launch is presumed to have ended in...

Japanese Told to Take Shelter as North Korea Launches Missile

Though missile did not ultimately fly over the country

(Newser) - Evacuation warnings were triggered in Japan amid North Korea's latest round of missile launches. Pyongyang fired at least three ballistic missiles Thursday, the first a presumed long-range missile that triggered warnings in the northern Miyagi, Yamagata and Niigata prefectures urging residents to shelter at home or go underground, Fox...

A North Korean Missile Hasn't Done This Since Korea Divided

Missile lands near disputed maritime border, possibly crossing it

(Newser) - Hours after threatening to use nuclear weapons in response to the US-South Korea joint military drills, North Korea fired a short-range ballistic missile that crossed the sea border separating North and South Korea—the first time that's happened since the two countries divided in 1948, the BBC reports. Other...

In Hours Before Seoul Surge, Worried 911 Calls

National police chief concedes law enforcement response was 'inadequate'

(Newser) - The deadly crowd surge in Seoul over the weekend, which left more than 150 dead and dozens injured during festivities celebrating Halloween, took place about four hours after an initial 911 call had been placed, warning that the number of people crammed into a narrow alley in the Itaewon district...

K-Pop Star Was Killed in Seoul Crowd Crush

As was the niece of an Ohio congressman

(Newser) - One of the two Americans killed in the deadly Seoul crowd crush tragedy was the niece of a US congressman from Ohio, Rep. Brad Wenstrup. "Monica and I, and our entire family, are grieving the loss of our niece Anne Marie Gieske. She was a gift from God to...

'Unbearable': 2 US Families 'Devastated' After Seoul Crowd Crush

Families mourn the loss of Steven Blesi, Anne Gieske

(Newser) - Steve and Maria Blesi had just gotten back from a trip to the grocery store Saturday when their older son, Joey, got in touch to ask if they'd heard what had happened in Seoul, and if they knew whether his younger brother, Steven Blesi, was alright. The 20-year-old, a...

What We Know About Deadly Crowd Crush in Seoul

More than 150 Halloween revelers died in Itaewon district, and most were young women

(Newser) - The scale of the tragedy from a deadly crowd crush in Seoul continues to rise, with at least 153 dead and dozens more injured, some critically. As authorities attempt to identify the victims and investigate what led to the crush, harrowing accounts of survivors and eyewitnesses have emerged. Coverage:
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Stampede at Halloween Event Kills at Least 146 in Seoul

150 are reported injured after crowd surge during festivities on narrow street

(Newser) - Update: This story has been updated throughout with the latest death toll and new details. At least 146 people were killed and 150 more injured when they were crushed by a large crowd pushing forward on a narrow street during Halloween festivities Saturday night in Seoul, South Korean officials said....

North, South Korea Exchange Warning Shots

South Korea says North Korean merchant ship violated sea boundary

(Newser) - North and South Korea exchanged warning shots Monday along their disputed western sea boundary—a scene of past bloodshed and naval battles—in a development that raises worry of possible clashes after North Korea’s recent barrage of weapons tests. South Korea’s navy broadcast warnings and fired warning shots...

Prepare Now for No More BTS 'Til 2025
BTS Is Headed to the Army Now

BTS Is Headed to the Army Now

K-pop stars to fulfill mandatory military service, likely won't reconvene till 2025, reps say

(Newser) - BTS fans knew it was only a matter of time, though they'd crossed their fingers for some kind of last-minute dispensation. On Monday, reps from BigHit Music officially announced that all seven members of the South Korean supergroup have agreed to fulfill their mandatory military service, putting an end...

South Korea Scrambles Fighter Jets After North's Move

North Korea fires ballistic missile, artillery shells, and flies warplanes near border

(Newser) - North Korea early Friday fired a ballistic missile and 170 rounds of artillery shells toward the sea and flew warplanes near the tense border with South Korea, further raising animosities triggered by the North’s recent barrage of weapons tests, the AP reports. The North Korean moves suggest it is...

Missile Crashes During South Korea's Drill With US, Causing Panic

City where it crashed feared North Korean attack

(Newser) - A South Korean ballistic missile malfunctioned and crashed into the ground early Wednesday during a live-fire drill with the United States, panicking confused residents of a coastal city already uneasy over increasingly provocative weapons tests by rival North Korea, the AP reports. The sound of the blast and subsequent fire...

North Korea Sends Missile Over Japan, Into Ocean

Residents in northern prefectures are told to take cover

(Newser) - North Korea fired a ballistic missile over Japan on Tuesday, an escalation from the barrage of tests conducted in the past few days while the US and other nations conduct military drills in the region. In a rare move, Japan told residents in two northern prefectures to seek shelter. It...

Kamala Harris Visits DMZ
Kamala Harris Visits DMZ

Kamala Harris Visits DMZ

She reaffirms US commitment to South Korea after North fires missiles

(Newser) - Vice President Kamala Harris capped her four-day trip to Asia with a stop Thursday at the Demilitarized Zone dividing the Korean Peninsula as she emphasized the "ironclad" US commitment to the security of its Asian allies in the face of an increasingly hostile North Korea. The visit comes on...

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