Tropical Storm Isaac

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Isaac Brings Old Oil to La. Beaches

Tar could be leftover from BP oil spill

(Newser) - The latest fallout from Hurricane Isaac: The storm caused old oil to wash up on beaches in Louisiana, and it may be from the Deepwater Horizon spill. Officials restricted fishing and are testing the tar to determine if it's from the 2010 BP spill, the AP reports. Wildlife management...

Thanks, Isaac: Mississippi Gets 16K Dead 'Swamp Rats'

Storm leaves behind dead nutria on the beaches

(Newser) - Isaac may not have been the storm of the century, but beach cleanup workers in Mississippi have a nasty task all the same: About 16,000 dead and bloated nutria—a rat-like rodent with the nickname "swamp rat"—have washed up in the aftermath, reports the local Sun ...

Obama Tours Louisiana
 Obama Tours Louisiana 

Obama Tours Louisiana

He hails spirit of people in Isaac's wake

(Newser) - Just a day before the start of the Democratic National Convention, President Obama toured a storm-ravaged Louisiana neighborhood, promising federal aid and hailing rescuers. He drove to St. John the Baptist Parish 30 miles west of New Orleans, and went house to house in one neighborhood, reports ABC News . “...

New Orleans Largely Spared Isaac's Wrath

But other parts of the Gulf Coast severely hit; 1M without power

(Newser) - Tropical Storm Isaac continues to weaken, and should be a tropical depression by tonight, the Times-Picayune reports. But the trouble isn't over for Gulf Coast residents, with flooding still occurring and tornadoes possible. In the particularly hard-hit Plaquemines Parish near New Orleans, some residents are still stranded and rescue...

Isaac Back to Tropical Storm, Still Hammering New Orleans

Wind is down slightly, but heavy rains will last a while

(Newser) - Isaac's winds have dropped just barely under the 74mph hurricane threshold, so it's back to tropical storm status, reports CNN . But that won't mean much to residents of New Orleans and elsewhere still getting lashed by winds and drenched by rain on the seven-year anniversary of Katrina....

In One Louisiana Parish, Isaac as Brutal as Katrina

Plaquemines Parish's levees overrun

(Newser) - Today is the 7th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, and for residents of Plaquemines Parish, it's deja vu all over again, according to the parish president. Billy Nungesser tells NPR that the parish, located some 95 miles from New Orleans, has already seen damage that rivals, and could even surpass,...

Isaac Overruns 18 Miles of Levees in Louisiana

Slow-moving storm drenching Gulf Coast

(Newser) - Some 18 miles of levees have been overrun as a slow-moving Hurricane Isaac made landfall a second time in Louisiana, sending up to 12 feet of water through homes in Plaquemines Parish, which is located about 95 miles from New Orleans, reports NBC . Local officials are working to rescue people...

Isaac Now Officially a Hurricane
 Isaac Now Officially a Hurricane 

Isaac Now Officially a Hurricane

Winds are hitting 75mph

(Newser) - It's Tropical Storm Isaac no more. Forecasters say Isaac has strengthened into a Category 1 hurricane with 75mph winds as it makes its way toward Louisiana. The US National Hurricane Center reports that Isaac gained strength as it moved over the warm, open waters of the Gulf of Mexico....

Obama on Isaac: Don't 'Tempt Fate'

Tells Gulf residents 'you need to take this seriously'

(Newser) - President Obama kept his advice for Gulf residents short and sweet in a press conference today , which came complete with one line that nearly all media outlets are seizing on: "Now is not the time to tempt fate." He made that along with a few other comments at...

Obama Declares Emergency in Louisiana

New Orleans prepares to ride out Isaac

(Newser) - President Obama declared a state of emergency in Louisiana as Tropical Storm Isaac neared the Gulf Coast, where it's expected to make landfall as a Category 1 hurricane as early as tonight. The declaration makes federal funding available for storm-related emergency activities, reports AP . The storm is following Hurricane...

Bachmann: 'Political Hurricane' Is Coming

And a spiritual one, too

(Newser) - As forecasters saw Tropical Storm Isaac menacing the Gulf Coast, Michele Bachmann saw an easy analogy. "We're quite literally looking at a hurricane here in Florida," she told a Tampa rally ahead of the Republican National Convention. "We're looking at a political hurricane in this...

GOP Opens Convention, Immediately Adjourns

Hurricane may derail more than just first day

(Newser) - Republicans officially kicked off their convention today, but only officially. RNC Chairman Reince Priebus gaveled the convention to order before dozens of delegates in a mostly-empty hall today, the AP reports, but 10 minutes and a giant debt clock later he'd adjourned the proceedings thanks to Tropical Storm Isaac...

Isaac Expected to Hit Gulf Coast as Hurricane

But shouldn't be as bad as Katrina

(Newser) - Tropical Storm Isaac is following Hurricane Katrina's path, and is expected to plow into the Gulf Coast as a hurricane tomorrow or Wednesday—Katrina's seventh anniversary. But unlike the 2005 storm, Isaac is predicted to be Category 1, quite a bit weaker, CNN reports. Still, thousands have been...

Just One RNC Event Today: Start National Debt Clock

Clock will be unveiled at brief session

(Newser) - Hurricane Isaac has winnowed today's Republican National Convention events to just one: a short pro forma session in which RNC Chairman Reince Priebus will unveil a "national debt clock." The clock will start ticking at 2pm, bearing a figure somewhere north of $15.9 trillion, above the...

Isaac Dumps on GOP Parade
 Isaac Dumps on GOP Parade 

Isaac Dumps on GOP Parade

Republicans scramble to re-write convention

(Newser) - With Tropical Storm Isaac ripping close to the coast of Florida, forcing the GOP to cancel today's convention events , Mitt Romney and the Republican leaders are now scrambling to condense their four nights of carefully choreographed political theater into just three, reports the New York Times . Already wind speeds...

Isaac Begins Pelting Fla. Keys

 Isaac Pelts Fla. Keys 

Isaac Pelts Fla. Keys

Could hit anywhere from New Orleans to Panhandle

(Newser) - Florida is getting its first taste of Tropical Storm Isaac, with strong wind and rain pelting the Florida Keys beginning this morning as the vast 200-mile-wide storm picks up strength and moves in on the continental US. Isaac's path after the Keys is still uncertain: Forecasters warned he could...

Protesters Vow to Endure Storm Isaac
 Liberal Protesters 
 Vow to Endure 
gop convention

Liberal Protesters Vow to Endure Isaac

Occupy, Code Pink will stay 'rain or shine'

(Newser) - A few hundred demonstrators near the GOP convention are promising to stay put regardless of what comes first—a hurricane or Republicans. The hodgepodge of liberal groups, ranging from Occupy to Code Pink to Dogs Against Romney, are protesting in Tampa despite wet skies and warnings of hurricane-force winds, the...

Bobby Jindal Declares State of Emergency in Louisiana

Gov. not planning to make GOP convention

(Newser) - With Tropical Storm Isaac headed for the Gulf Coast, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal declared a state of emergency today and said he has no plans to attend the GOP convention, CNN reports. "My priority is the safety of our people," Jindal said. "And certainly as this storm...

Romney: 'Sad' How Low Obama Is Sinking
 'Sad' How Low 
 Obama Is Sinking 

Romney: 'Sad' How Low Obama Is Sinking

GOP candidate thinks pres is stooping with attacks on Akin

(Newser) - The GOP's luminaries descended on the Sunday talk shows ahead of their abbreviated convention in Tampa, with none other than Mitt Romney leading off with an interview on Fox, reports Politico . Addressing Team Obama's effort to link him to Todd Akin, Romney said: "It's really sad,...

GOP Cancels Monday Convention Events

They'll get rolling Tuesday because of storm

(Newser) - Republicans aren't taking any chances with Tropical Storm Isaac , soon to be Hurricane Isaac. The party has effectively postponed the start of its convention in Tampa from Monday to Tuesday, reports Politico . RNC chief Reince Priebus announced that the convention would convene Monday but recess immediately until the following...

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