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No One's Gotten a Pitchfork '10' Since Kanye in 2010. Until Now

Fiona Apple's new album gets first perfect score from music industry pub in almost a decade

(Newser) - Fiona Apple has been mostly out of the public eye for eight years, but the reclusive artist just came back with a big bang. So big, in fact, that Pitchfork felt compelled to give her new album, Fetch the Bolt Cutters, a perfect score—its first in nearly a decade,...

How Fiona Apple Is Using 'Criminal' to Help Immigrants

'I will use "CRIMINAL" to help the WRONGLY criminalized get justice'

(Newser) - "Criminal" is Fiona Apple's most requested song for use on TV and in movies, and the singer has decided to put the 2019 and 2020 royalties she earns from the song to powerful use, Rolling Stone reports. "After months and months of reading the news about how...

5 Stars Who've Been Behind Bars

And not the ones you know all about already (hello, LiLo)

(Newser) - Here's a celebrity-goes-to-jail story you may not know about: In 1990, Zsa Zsa Gabor was pulled over for having an open alcohol container in her Rolls-Royce (which she was also driving without a valid license) ... and then she slapped the cop. She ended up spending 72 hours behind bars....

Fiona Apple Cancels Tour Because Her Dog Is Dying

Makes announcement in four-page letter

(Newser) - Fiona Apple has canceled the South American leg of her tour because she needs to be home to take care of her dying 14-year-old dog, People reports. Apple made the announcement in a four-page, handwritten letter that will have anyone who's ever loved an animal tearing up. In it,...

Sheriff's Rep to Fiona Apple: 'Shut Up and Sing'

Suggests that hash arrest made singer more famous

(Newser) - Fiona Apple's hash arrest just got dramatic: At a concert two days after she was busted, Apple called out four people involved in the arrest, Rolling Stone reports; TMZ speculates she was talking about police officers who allegedly mistreated her. Now a spokesperson for the Sheriff's Department...

Fiona Apple Jailed on Hashish Charges

Singer spends the night behind bars in Texas

(Newser) - Fiona Apple didn't learn Willie Nelson's lesson. The singer-songwriter had to spend the night in jail in Sierra Blanca, Texas, because an inspection of her tour bus yesterday turned up what police say was a "tiny amount of pot and hash," reports AP . The problem is...

6 Stories