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Fiscal Conservative Rand Paul Ran Up $300K Debt

Creditors will be paid, spokeswoman says

(Newser) - Anti-debt crusader Sen. Rand Paul is in debt. At least his failed 2016 presidential campaign is. In its most recent Federal Election Commission filing , Rand Paul for President reported $2,558 cash on hand and $301,108 in debts, the Lexington Herald Leader reports. The campaign owes money to people...

Rand Paul Drops Out
 Rand Paul Drops Out 

Rand Paul Drops Out

'It's been an incredible honor'

(Newser) - New Hampshire Republicans will have one less presidential candidate to consider: Rand Paul is dropping out of the race, reports CNN . The move comes after a poor showing in the Iowa caucuses, leaving the libertarian-leaning senator to focus instead on keeping his seat in Kentucky, where he faces a re-election...

8 Standout Attack Lines From the Debate

'The days for the Clintons in public housing are over'

(Newser) - Seventh GOP debate, seven candidates, and eight standout attacks at the presidential hopefuls' GOP rivals and at the Democratic contenders:
  1. Ted Cruz: "Now, secondly, let me say I'm a maniac and everyone on this stage is stupid, fat, and ugly. And Ben, you're a terrible surgeon. Now

Debate Audience Chanted 'We Want Rand'
 Debate Audience
 Chanted 'We Want Rand'

Debate Audience Chanted 'We Want Rand'

He spent the night taking questions on Twitter

(Newser) - Rand Paul rejected a place in the GOP undercard debate Thursday night after failing to make the cut for the main stage but he still had fans in the audience: Moderator Neil Cavuto had to pause during a question as audience members started chanting "We want Rand," reports...

Fox Cuts Fiorina, Paul From Main GOP Debate

Rand Paul says he's going to skip undercard debate

(Newser) - Fox Business Network says it analyzed no fewer than 17 polls before delivering some bad news to Carly Fiorina and Rand Paul: The candidates have been relegated to the undercard for Thursday night's GOP debate. To make the cut, candidates had to place either in the top six in...

Big Lines From the Debate
 Big Lines From the Debate 

Big Lines From the Debate

"Donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency."

(Newser) - Here are some of the more memorable lines emerging from Tuesday night's debate, culled from CNN and the Washington Post transcript:
  • Jeb Bush: "Donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency." (Bush has gone after Trump repeatedly, labeling him a

Debate's Big Question: Will Anyone Go After Trump?

What to watch for in Tuesday night's Republican contest

(Newser) - Tuesday night brings the last debate of the year for Republicans, and one common theme in previews is that in a year of relatively lively debates, this one might be the liveliest yet. Some things to watch:
  • Will anyone hit Trump? "Easily the biggest question" of the night is

Key Player Likely Cut From Next GOP Debate

Rand Paul will need a miracle in the polls to qualify

(Newser) - Rand Paul has found a podium on the primetime stage at each of the last four Republican debates. On Tuesday, he'll "almost certainly" be pushed to the sidelines, per Bloomberg . To make CNN's main stage on Dec. 15, a candidate must average 3.5% national support...

Best Lines From the Debate So Far
 Best Lines in the Main Debate 

Best Lines in the Main Debate

Things got testy on a range of subjects

(Newser) - As the eight top GOP candidates looked to make an impression in Tuesday night's debate in Milwaukee, here's a look at some of their lines earning attention, via Politico , CNN , the New York Times , and the AP :
  • Ben Carson: "Thank you for not asking what I said

Big Moments From the GOP Debate

Trump is combative, while Rubio and Paul spar

(Newser) - Here's a look at some of the key moments making headlines in the Republican debate:
  • Kasich vs. Trump on immigration: They got into it after Trump again talked about his plans for a wall and mass deportations, notes Politico . "It’s a silly argument," said Kasich. "

GOP Candidates Name Their Big Weakness

Though a few dodged the question

(Newser) - The opening question of Wednesday night's Republican debate was an open-ended one: What's your biggest weakness? Here are the answers, via the New York Times , the Wall Street Journal , the Washington Post , and CNN :
  • Donald Trump: “I trust people too much and … if they let me

GOP Insiders Predict Next 3 Candidates to Exit Race

It's bad news for Jindal, Pataki, and Paul

(Newser) - Rick Perry and Scott Walker have already dropped out of the GOP presidential race; who will be the next to go? Politico takes a "bipartisan survey of the top activists, operatives, and strategists in Iowa and New Hampshire" each week, and the latest thinking among Republicans is that Bobby...

Rand Paul Aide: Rubio's Campaign Manager Hit Me

John Yob accuses Rich Beeson of punching him at a bar

(Newser) - Things are getting heated on the campaign trail: An aide to Rand Paul says Marco Rubio's campaign manager hit him while both men were at a Michigan bar in today's wee hours. "He literally physically assaulted me by punching me in the face," John Yob wrote...

11 Candidates, 11 Lines: Debate's Standout Remarks

Including one about turning the TV off

(Newser) - Eleven candidates and three hours of debate: Which lines made an impression? A standout statement from each of tonight's GOP hopefuls, via CNN , the New York Times , and the Washington Post :
  • Donald Trump: "I would get along with [Assad]. I would get along with a lot of the

Republicans Wrap Up Fiery First Debate

Donald Trump was a central figure, as expected

(Newser) - The GOP debate on Fox News tonight proved to be Trump-centric as he and his nine rivals—Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Mike Huckabee, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Chris Christie, and John Kasich—tried to emerge from the pack. (As Carly Fiorina did in the early debate....

Rand Paul: Time for Flat Tax of 14.5%

'Blow up the tax code,' he writes

(Newser) - Rand Paul doesn't want to reform what he thinks is a ridiculously complicated and corrupt tax code, he wants to destroy it. In the Wall Street Journal today, the presidential candidate lays out a plan to "blow up the tax code" and replace it with a 14.5%...

Rand Paul: I'm Going to Let Patriot Act Expire

His move tomorrow means bulk collection of data will likely halt temporarily

(Newser) - It's all but guaranteed now: The NSA's authorization to collect telephone data on Americans is going to end tomorrow—at least for a few days. That became clear when Rand Paul told Politico that he will block an extension the Patriot Act as well as progress on a...

Rand Paul Trolls Hillary With Bogus 'To-Do' List

Including 'sign off on new private server location'

(Newser) - Rand Paul wants to ensure voters don't forget about the recent scandals that have plagued fellow presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton. After the Clinton camp tweeted a photo of a campaign manager's mostly boring "to-do" list yesterday, Paul revised the list to include what he thought were more...

Rand Paul's Domain Name Problem Cost Him $100K

But he's now better off than Cruz, Christie

(Newser) - The free market was not Rand Paul's friend when he tried to buy RandPaul.com before launching his White House bid: The Republican ended up paying $100,980 to domain service Escrow.com for the name, even though it had previously been owned by Paul supporters, reports the National ...

Rand Paul's Kid Cited in DUI Crash

William Paul allegedly plowed into a parked car

(Newser) - Rand Paul's 22-year-old son is currently enmeshed in his third boozy run-in with the law: As the Herald-Leader reports, William Hilton Paul was cited Sunday in Lexington, Ky., after police say he drunkenly plowed a 2006 Honda Ridgeline into a parked car just before noon. Per the citation, cops...

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