Christopher Dorner

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LAPD Will Investigate Dorner's '09 Firing

Chief points to department's racist past, says it's not to 'appease a murderer'

(Newser) - Amid its frantic search for fugitive and alleged murderer Christopher Dorner , the LAPD has announced that it is also taking another look at the 2009 investigation that ended his police career, reports the LA Times . Emphasizing that he wasn't trying "to appease a murderer," LAPD Chief Charlie...

Charlie Sheen to LA Fugitive: Call Me

He tells Christopher Dorner they can figure out how to 'end this thing'

(Newser) - Los Angeles fugitive Christopher Dorner called Charlie Sheen "effin awesome" in his rambling manifesto , and now Sheen is reaching out to him, reports TMZ . "You mentioned me in your manifesto, so thank you for your kind words," Sheen says in a video. "I am urging you...

Manhunt for Ex-Cop Yields Little Near Resort

Christopher Dorner thought to be near Big Bear Lake

(Newser) - Authorities may have found Christopher Dorner's burned-out truck near Big Bear Lake in California, but the former cop and suspected murderer remains at large this morning, reports the Los Angeles Times . A storm has brought heavy snow and bitter-cold temperatures to the area, which is both a help and...

LAPD Shot Female Paper Carrier, 71, in Manhunt

Her truck looked like fugitive Dorner's

(Newser) - The two people mistakenly shot by the LAPD yesterday in the heat of the manhunt for Christopher Dorner have been identified as a mother and daughter delivering newspapers, reports the Los Angeles Times . Their truck bore a resemblance to the one driven by Dorner, and police spotted it in the...

Thousands of Cops Look for Dorner in 3 States

LAPD says Dorner 'could be anywhere'

(Newser) - With the manhunt in Big Bear Lake for ex-cop Christopher Dorner coming up empty so far, authorities are admitting they have no idea where Dorner is, reports Fox News . Thousands of police officers are now involved in the hunt, in California, Nevada, Arizona, and northern Mexico. "He could be...

As Manhunt Continues, LAPD Going Door-to-Door

Resort town on lockdown as Christopher Dorner remains at large

(Newser) - The California resort town of Big Bear Lake has had a rough night. Los Angeles police officers have visited more than half the area's homes as they search for ex-cop Christopher Dorner ; they're telling locals not to answer their doors unless they're sure who's knocking, ABC...

LA Fugitive Sent Package to Anderson Cooper

Christopher Dorner mailed him a DVD

(Newser) - As police in Los Angeles continue to hunt for a former cop accused of turning into a murderer, CNN's Anderson Cooper says he received a package from fugitive Christopher Dorner last week, reports the LA Times . (That's before any of the three killings took place.) "Inside...

In Manhunt Frenzy, LA Cops Shoot 2 by Mistake

Victims were in truck similar to one driven by the suspect

(Newser) - Police in LA are on high alert as they hunt for a man accused of killing an officer , wounding two others, and vowing to wage "unconventional and asymmetrical warfare" on the LAPD. Here's how high the alert: Officers opened fire in two separate incidents on trucks matching the...

LAPD Hunting Ex-Cop Who's Hunting Them

In Facebook manifesto, Chris Dorner promises 'warfare'

(Newser) - Police have launched a massive manhunt for an ex-cop who promised in a Facebook post to "bring unconventional and asymmetrical warfare to those in LAPD uniform whether on or off duty." Christopher Jordan Dorner, 33, is suspected of killing a couple in a parking lot this weekend, police...

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