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College Postpones Finals Over Car Fire, 'Suspicious' Note

Tufts University says note indicated there were bombs in at least 4 buildings

(Newser) - Tufts University students who'd crammed for their last tests of the year found out they got some extra study time after a car fire and bomb threat resulted in the college shuttering multiple buildings and putting off finals Monday morning, the Boston Globe reports. "All morning activities, including...

Another Loss for Armstrong: No More Honorary Degree

He's no longer 'Dr. Armstrong'

(Newser) - Lance Armstrong has lost his Tour titles , all ties to the charity he founded , his Nike contract , and even his ability to run in the Chicago marathon ... and now he's lost his honorary Tufts degree, too. The university voted to rescind the degree it gave him in 2006, the...

Tufts President Ends Annual Naked Quad Run

It's too boozy and too dangerous, he declares

(Newser) - Tufts University students celebrating the end of fall classes will have to keep their clothes on from here on out, at least in the campus quad. The president of the Massachusetts school has ended the tradition of the Naked Quad Run, which attracts throngs of students who shed their clothes...

College Bans Hookups When Roomie's Around

Tufts attempts 'to set clear boundaries' for students

(Newser) - A Massachusetts college has a message for oversexed undergrads: Get a room—just not with your roommate in it. Students whose roomies became indiscreet in the heat of passion "expressed concerns that they were experiencing uncomfortable situations," explains a Tufts University rep. The resulting policy bluntly advises: ...

First US Internet Addiction Rehab Center Opens

For $14,500, reStart offers therapy, socialization

(Newser) - The first US Internet addiction clinic has opened in Fall City, Wash. The Heavensfield Retreat Center offers “reStart,” a 45-day in-patient rehab program for Internet, video game, and texting addictions, LiveScience reports. Clients undergo talk therapy and social skills training, as well as feeding goats, raising chickens, and...

7 Minutes of Danger in Mars Quest

Probe makes risky landing Sunday in hunt for water

(Newser) - The latest NASA mission searching for signs of life on Mars comes to a heart-pounding climax Sunday as the Phoenix Lander attempts to touch down at the red planet's pole in a hunt for water. The lander must perform complex maneuvers in which the whole mission is at risk for...

College Johns Go Coed
College Johns Go Coed

College Johns Go Coed

Some schools address transgender concerns by creating gender-neutral bathrooms

(Newser) - When students return to Emerson College in Massachusetts this month, they’ll be greeted by silhouettes of a man and woman on a single sign outside some two-dozen campus restrooms. In response to growing transgender discomfort with single-sex bathrooms, many colleges are making their johns gender-neutral, the Boston Globe reports.

Fantasy War Game Models Global Pandemic

Virtual outbreak gave scientists chance to study spread

(Newser) - A programming error in an online fantasy game gave researchers a profound insight into how a deadly epidemic spreads and how to combat the crisis. The London Times reports a glitch occurred in World of Warcraft, which has millions of online players. A disease aimed at a handful of characters...

Cholesterol Drop May Boost Cancer Risk

Study doesn't prove cause-and-effect relationship, docs say

(Newser) - Artificially reducing cholesterol to very low levels may slightly increase the risk of cancer, but that doesn't mean heart patients should go off their meds. One extra cancer case occurred in each 1,000 patients using statin drugs in an analysis of 23 different trials, Reuters reports; researchers hastened to...

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