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More Than a Week After Bridge Collapse, a 3rd Body

Divers in Baltimore recovered remains on Friday of 38-year-old Maynor Yasir Suazo-Sandoval

(Newser) - A third body has been found at the site of the March 26 collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore. Authorities announced Friday evening that salvage divers recovered a third body from the water, identified as 38-year-old Maynor Yasir Suazo-Sandoval, one of the missing workers. His body was...

Worker: Shift Change Saved Me From Bridge Collapse
He Should've
Been on the
Bridge, but
Changed Shift

He Should've Been on the Bridge, but Changed Shift

Moises Diaz mourns co-workers who died during collapse of Baltimore's Key Bridge

(Newser) - The bodies of two Brawner Builders construction workers have been pulled from the waters of Maryland's Patapsco River following the collapse of Baltimore's Francis Scott Key Bridge on Tuesday, and four more are presumed dead; the search for them has been suspended. Now, another of the company's...

Utah Lawmaker Turns Bridge Collapse Into DEI Debate

Gubernatorial candidate Phil Lyman criticizes port of Baltimore commissioner, who offers DEI consulting

(Newser) - A GOP lawmaker running for governor of Utah blamed the deadly collapse of Baltimore's Francis Scott Key Bridge on efforts to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. In an apparent effort "to boost his gubernatorial campaign," Utah Rep. Phil Lyman took to X on Tuesday to attack Port...

Coast Guard Ends Search for Bridge Collapse Survivors

6 presumed dead in Baltimore disaster

(Newser) - This story has been updated with new details. Six people believed to have fallen in the water in the Baltimore bridge collapse early Tuesday are presumed dead, officials say. The Coast Guard said Tuesday evening that search and rescue efforts have been suspended and the effort will become a recovery...

Ship's Mayday Call May Have Saved Lives
Ship's Mayday Call
May Have Saved Lives
the rundown

Ship's Mayday Call May Have Saved Lives

Cargo ship Dali apparently lost power before striking bridge pillar in Baltimore

(Newser) - Six people remain missing in the waters below Baltimore's 1.6-mile-long Francis Scott Key Bridge, which collapsed early Tuesday when a cargo ship apparently lost power and slammed into one of its pillars. Two people have been rescued from the Patapsco River while a search continues for the others....

Baltimore Rescuers Scrambling After Major Bridge Collapse

Fire officials say at least 7 people appear to have gone into the water

(Newser) - Rescuers in Baltimore were looking for at least seven people in the Patapsco River after the Francis Scott Bridge collapsed in Baltimore early Tuesday. A cargo ship struck the bridge about 1:30am, sending cars and at least one tractor-trailer into the water, reports the Baltimore Sun .
  • Rescues: Two people

Baltimore Bridge Collapses After Ship Strikes It

Vehicles on Francis Scott Key Bridge went into water, details are still developing

(Newser) - A portion of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore collapsed after a large boat collided with it early Tuesday, and multiple vehicles fell into the water. Authorities were trying to rescue at least seven people, the AP reports. A large vessel crashed into the bridge, catching on fire before...

Cops Say Rubber Bands From Braces Led Them to Suspect

Sex offender accused of kidnapping, assaulting 71-year-old Baltimore woman

(Newser) - Police in Baltimore say an unusual find at an encampment in a city park led them to man accused of kidnapping and assaulting a 71-year-old woman earlier this month. The woman said the man started talking to her on a trail on Nov. 7 and the encounter quickly became threatening,...

This Baltimore Settlement Is Maryland's Biggest Ever

City to pay $48 million to 3 men wrongfully convicted as teens who spent 36 years behind bars

(Newser) - In November 1983, 14-year-old DeWitt Duckett was fatally gunned down in Baltimore, and cops soon said they had their suspects: three other neighborhood teens, all 16, who were arrested on Thanksgiving Day and subsequently convicted of murder and sent to prison for life. That trio—Alfred Chestnut, Ransom Watkins, and...

Baltimore Firefighter Dies, 4 Injured in Rowhouse Blaze

Similar tragedy killed 3 city firefighters last year

(Newser) - A rapidly intensifying blaze that engulfed multiple rowhouses in northwest Baltimore late Thursday afternoon left one firefighter dead and four others injured, city officials said. The injured firefighters sustained varying degrees of burns and are receiving medical treatment, officials said at a news conference Thursday night outside Baltimore's Shock Trauma...

Juvenile Arrested in Connection With Morgan State Shooting

17-year-old in custody on attempted murder charges; police seeking 18-year-old suspect as well

(Newser) - As Morgan State University officials ramp up plans for more security, including a 1.5-mile wall , after five people were injured during a shooting earlier this month on campus during homecoming festivities, local cops have been busy tracking down suspects. The Baltimore Police Department announced Friday that they arrested a...

Morgan State University to Build Itself a 1.5-Mile Wall

Decision comes in wake of homecoming shooting

(Newser) - In the wake of a shooting that left five people injured during Oct. 3 homecoming festivities, Morgan State University leaders announced Tuesday they plan to build a wall around most of the northeast Baltimore campus and station security personnel at entrances and exits, reports the AP . The wall would extend...

Amtrak Aims to Double Riders With These Improvements

Major changes underway after influx of funding from infrastructure bill

(Newser) - Amtrak made the lofty goal to double its ridership in under 20 years, and the railroad company is using an infusion of cash ( some $22 billion ) from the 2021 infrastructure bill to help make it happen. The Wall Street Journal reports that improving some of Amtrak's...

Multiple People Shot at Baltimore University
5 People Shot at
Baltimore University

5 People Shot at Baltimore University

Police don't yet have suspect in custody after shooting at Morgan State University

(Newser) - (This article has been updated with new details throughout.) Police asked people in the vicinity of Baltimore's Morgan State University to shelter in place Tuesday night after an active shooter situation. Five people were shot near a dormitory at the historically Black university (HBCU) around 9:30pm, WBAL-TV...

Fearing Rush of Abuse Suits, Archdiocese to File Chapter 11

New Maryland law removes statute of limitations

(Newser) - The Archdiocese of Baltimore announced Friday that it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization days before a new state law goes into effect removing the statute of limitations on child sex abuse charges and allowing victims to sue their abusers decades after the fact. The step will "allow the...

Arrest Made in Murder of Young Baltimore Tech CEO

Suspect Jason Billingsley has been captured, police say

(Newser) - Jason Dean Billingsley, the man suspected of murdering 26-year-old Baltimore tech CEO Pava LaPere, has been arrested. Baltimore police announced the arrest early Thursday but gave no immediate further details, CNN reports. Police said they would make an announcement at 11am Eastern.

This Is the Most Stressed City in America

Cleveland tops WalletHub's list, while Vermont's South Burlington chillaxes in last place

(Newser) - Between work, family issues, money, and life's other usual trials and tribulations, trying to tamp down on stress can seem a fruitless task. There may be some areas of the country, however, where you can surround yourself with a calmer, more carefree populace. WalletHub examined the 182 largest US...

17-Year-Old Arrested in Baltimore Mass Shooting

Police don't say what they think his involvement was

(Newser) - A 17-year-old has been arrested and charged in connection with the mass shooting over the weekend in Baltimore, police announced Friday. He faces charges including possession of a firearm by a minor, assault weapon possession, reckless endangerment, and having a handgun in a vehicle, WBAL reports. Detectives said they believe...

24 of the 30 Victims in Baltimore Shooting Were Teens

With 15 of those being juveniles

(Newser) - Half of the victims in Sunday's mass shooting at a Baltimore block party were juveniles, and more than three-quarters of them—24 in total, including one of the two people killed—were teenagers. Aaliyah Gonzales, 18, and Kylis Fagbemi, 20, were killed in what was likely the city's...

This Is the Most Sustainable City in America

San Francisco tops LawnStarter's list

(Newser) - Saturday is Earth Day, so LawnStarter compared the 200 biggest cities in America to find the most (and least) sustainable ones. The site looked at more than two dozen metrics in five main categories: policy, including incentives and policies that center on energy efficiency and renewables; sustainable development (think the...

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