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40 Nabbed in Mississippi Drug Bust
40 Nabbed
in Mississippi
Drug Bust

40 Nabbed in Mississippi Drug Bust

Some charged with threatening to murder with explosives

(Newser) - Approximately 40 people with connections to multiple states and Mexico were arrested Tuesday after a four-year federal investigation exposed multiple drug trafficking operations in east Mississippi, federal prosecutors announced, per the AP . In 10 federal indictments filed in the US Southern District of Mississippi, those arrested are accused of distributing...

The Opioid Crisis Is Crossing Over to Something Darker

Experts struggle to treat multi-drug use as opioid users turn to meth and other stimulants

(Newser) - The opioid epidemic has become an uphill battle with the rise of fentanyl on the streets, but experts are seeing an even scarier trend. The New York Times reports that people addicted to drugs are more likely to use multiple substances now, combining a cocktail of uppers and downers that...

Inmate's 'Relentless' Meth Operation Gets Him 27 More Years

Mexican gang member David 'Toro' Zavala is busted for running drug distribution from prison

(Newser) - A Mexican gang member already serving time in Georgia just got hit with a lot more time for distributing methamphetamine from behind bars. The Athens Banner-Herald reports that 30-year-old David "Toro" Zavala, who federal agents say is a known member of the Surenos 13 gang, received his additional prison...

Methamphetamine Contamination Forces Colorado Library to Close
Another Colorado Library
Shuts Due to Meth Levels

Another Colorado Library Shuts Due to Meth Levels

Contamination found mostly in public restrooms

(Newser) - For the second time in a month, a Colorado library has been forced to close due to meth contamination. This time it was in the Denver suburb of Englewood, the AP reports. Contamination in the city library's restrooms was found to exceed state thresholds last week, and the library...

Meth Took Hold of a Military Wife, Nearly Didn't Let Go
A Meth Addict's
Unlikely Savior:
a Teen Killer

A Meth Addict's Unlikely Savior: a Teen Killer

The 'WSJ' has the story of Lauren St. Pierre

(Newser) - Lauren St. Pierre's descent into meth was fast and hard. The Missouri military wife and mother of one was introduced to the drug at age 24 by a fellow military wife in July 2010. It gave her boundless energy. "At 4am, Lauren cleaned the baseboards of her house...

Thai Temple Cleared of All Its Monks After Drug Test

Buddhist foursome in Phetchabun province came up positive for meth, a major issue in Thailand

(Newser) - Thailand has been trying to crack down on drug trafficking, especially when it comes to the methamphetamine pouring in from neighboring Myanmar, and drug testing has been a part of the nation's campaign against it. The latest group to be busted, however, is a bit of a surprise—and...

Those Weren't Bottles of Water That Arrived in Hong Kong

City makes biggest-ever meth bust, seizing $140M worth of liquid meth labeled as 'coconut water'

(Newser) - Hong Kong customs seized 2 tons of liquid methamphetamine in the city's biggest-ever meth bust, authorities said Saturday. The drugs, which were seized Oct. 23, had been concealed in bottles labeled as coconut water in a cargo shipment that arrived in Hong Kong by sea, according to a government...

Border Patrol Found More Than Pulp Inside These Pumpkins

Officials discovered $400K worth of meth in gourds arriving from Mexico

(Newser) - Last week, more than $300,000 worth of methamphetamine was uncovered at Texas' Eagle Pass Port of Entry, across from Piedras Negras in Mexico. This week, drug smugglers got a little more creative with their meth stash: cramming it into four condom-filled pumpkins, reports NBC News . A release from Customs...

Cops: Suspect in 5 Murders Hadn't Slept in Days

Victims were shot at South Carolina home, sheriff says

(Newser) - A South Carolina man arrested after a police chase in Georgia Monday admitted killing five men and told officers he hadn't slept in four days, police say. James Douglas Drayton, 24, allegedly stole a car, drove more than 100 miles to Georgia and robbed a convenience store after the...

Woman Who Kissed Inmate Arrested After Overdose Death

Tennessee woman allegedly passed inmate drugs that killed him

(Newser) - A Tennessee woman who allegedly gave an inmate a kiss of death during a visit to a state prison earlier this year has been charged with murder. The Tennessee Department of Correction says Rachal Dollard was seen passing drugs to inmate Joshua Brown as they kissed during a visitation at...

'Monumental Seizure' After Truck Crosses Into US

4 men arrested in Calif. for drug trafficking, accused of transporting 5K pounds of meth

(Newser) - When California law enforcement agents started trailing a truck this week in San Diego County, little did they know they were about to make a huge bust—one that's now being deemed one of the county's largest ever seizures of methamphetamine. City News Service reports four men from...

Officials: Suspected Driver of Migrant Truck Found High, Hiding

Officials say Homero Zamorano was found high on meth, hiding near truck

(Newser) - The man suspected of driving the tractor-trailer where 53 migrants were found dead earlier this week in San Antonio was high on meth when authorities discovered him cowering in the brush near the truck, according to a Texas congressman. Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar tells Reuters he was briefed by US...

Canada Takes Bold Step to 'Remove the Shame' on Drugs

Small amounts of 'hard' drugs to be temporarily decriminalized in British Columbia to fight ODs

(Newser) - If you're busted in British Columbia with a small amount of hard drugs, you could soon see some grace, thanks to an innovative new program designed to deal with the OD crisis. The BBC reports that, starting at the end of January, drugs like cocaine, methamphetamine, MDMA (ecstasy), and...

A Plant Is Turning Afghanistan Into a Meth Producer

'Washington Post' says the country is experiencing a meth boom

(Newser) - Afghanistan's poppy fields have helped make it a leader when it comes to opium production. Now another plant is transforming the country into a leading meth producer, report Susannah George and Joby Warrick for the Washington Post . The native plant is locally known as oman, but it's also...

Guy Who Jumped From Plane Allegedly Smoked 'a Lot' of Meth
Guy Who Jumped Out of
Plane at LAX Hears His Fate

Guy Who Jumped Out of Plane at LAX Hears His Fate

Mexican national Luis Armando Victoria Dominguez will see 18 months behind bars in federal prison

(Newser) - Update: A Mexican national who jumped out of a plane at Los Angeles International Airport last summer has found out the consequences of his actions. KTLA reports that a judge on Wednesday sentenced Luis Armando Victoria Dominguez, 34, to 18 months in federal prison for the incident in June, in...

What You Know as Meth Is Tame Compared to 'New' Meth
Meth Isn't Meth Anymore
in case you missed it

Meth Isn't Meth Anymore

P2P meth is a whole different ballgame

(Newser) - Meth isn't meth anymore. That's the upshot of an excerpt of Sam Quinones' new book in the Atlantic . It hasn't been for quite some time. As Quinones details, the way we commonly think of methamphetamine being made—using ephedrine, the active ingredient in Sudafed—started giving way...

Researchers Say Trout Can Get Hooked on Our Meth
Meth Users May End Up
Harming an Unlikely Victim
new study

Meth Users May End Up Harming an Unlikely Victim

Fish, finds a new study

(Newser) - If you're wondering whether brown trout can become meth junkies, science has an answer for you. Czech researchers sought to determine whether the drugs used by humans—which end up in waterways because wastewater treatment plants aren't built to remove methamphetamine—could turn fish into addicts. The short...

Murder Charges Dropped Against Mom Who Had Stillbirth

Calif. judge says not enough proof Chelsea Becker knew her meth use might harm fetus

(Newser) - In September 2019, 26-year-old Chelsea Becker, who was 8 1/2 months pregnant, delivered a stillborn baby. Two months later, she was arrested and charged with murder, accused of taking meth just days before her stillbirth. Those charges have now been dismissed, with a California judge ruling that prosecutors didn't...

Prosecutors: NJ Cops Found Meth Lab in Officer's Home

Christopher Walls could get up to 20 years in prison

(Newser) - Christopher Walls has been with the Long Branch Police Department in New Jersey for 19 years. Charges filed in connection with an alleged meth lab at his home could send him to prison for a similar amount of time. Prosecutors say that when Long Branch officers were called to the...

Motorbike Crash Turns Into Much, Much More

Man in Kansas City suffers three accidents at once

(Newser) - There's crashing your motorbike, and then there's this. Police say a man racing his bike in Kansas City on Thursday managed to crash, shoot himself, and get hit by another vehicle at roughly the same time, KCTV5 reports. According to police, "a weapon in his waistband discharged"...

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