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Beastie Boys Settle Lawsuit Over Viral Toy Ad

GoldieBlox will apologize, donate money to an educational charity

(Newser) - The legal fight between the Beastie Boys and GoldieBlox, the toy company that used the band's song "Girls" without permission in its inspiring viral ad , is over. The band settled with the toy company, a Beastie Boys rep tells Rolling Stone . GoldieBlox will apologize for using the song,...

Beastie Boys Threaten Suit Over Inspiring Viral Video

GoldieBlox ad uses a parody of 'Girls'

(Newser) - You've probably seen it on your Facebook feed this week: the latest inspiring ad from GoldieBlox, the toy company aiming to break gender stereotypes by releasing toys focused on engineering and science (as opposed to the color pink). In this ad, as a parody of the Beastie Boys hit...

Young Engineers: Toy Chain Busts Gender Stereotypes

Girls invade the 'pink aisle' for GoldieBlox

(Newser) - A new ad from a new company called GoldieBlox is drawing rave reviews for its stereotype-busting premise: It shows little girls invading the "pink aisle" of a toy store to demand toys that set them on the path toward becoming engineers and scientists, reports the Mary Sue blog . GoldieBlox...

3 Stories
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