El Nino

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We Could Be Seeing Biggest-Ever Coral Death

We may lose 5% of world's corals in latest bleaching event: scientists

(Newser) - A coral bleaching event is hitting the globe for just the third time on record, scientists say, and could lead to the biggest coral die-off in history, reports the Guardian . We could lose about 5% of the planet's corals (or 4,500 square miles) this year, while 38% may...

Can El Nino Slay the Mighty Polar Vortex?

The Midwest may get a warmer, drier winter this year

(Newser) - After two winters of wishing they were anywhere warmer—like a walk-in refrigerator or the inside of a snow cone—Chicago-area residents may finally get a break from polar vortexes thanks to a predicted El Nino event. The Chicago Tribune reports El Nino events are created when the Pacific Ocean...

Tiny Tuna Crabs Invade Calif. Beaches

'Mini-lobsters' turn shorelines red

(Newser) - Tiny tuna crabs have been washing up by the thousands on beaches in California's Orange County. The Orange County Register reports that the crustaceans, which look like tiny lobsters or crawfish, created a bright-red rim along the shoreline of Dana Point, San Clemente, Newport Beach, and Huntington Beach yesterday....

NOAA: El Nino Is Here Too Late

Weather pattern won't do much for California drought

(Newser) - El Nino is here for the first time since 2010, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration —but it's too late and too weak to be much use where it's most needed. It won't provide "much relief for drought-stricken California, as California's rainy...

Rarely Hit, Hawaii Now Braces for 2 Hurricanes

Iselle and Julio to strike tonight and Sunday

(Newser) - Tag-team hurricanes Iselle and Julio will thrash Hawaii in a one-two punch that starts tonight—the first time in 22 years the islands have been directly hit. Category 1 Iselle is expected to maintain 85 mph winds when it makes landfall on the Big Island tonight. It’s "not...

Good News, America: El Nino Might Be Coming

Warm-ocean pattern could bring drought relief

(Newser) - The National Oceanic Atmospheric and Administration issued an official El Nino watch yesterday—and Americans should probably hope it shows up. The warm weather pattern's approval ratings are probably in the Vladimir Putin range among most in the US, but this time it promises to bring rain to break...

Blame El Niño for Recent Storms

Strongest warm-water phenomenon in a decade drenches coasts

(Newser) - The strongest El Niño in more than a decade is the culprit behind the wretched weather bombarding much of the country this winter, from the snowstorms that buried the mid-Atlantic states in December to the rains that drenched California last month. “Ocean temperatures are somewhere upwards of two...

SF Pier's Sea Lions Suddenly Vanish

El Niño may be a factor, but biologists mystified

(Newser) - The sea lions that are among the more authentic attractions on San Francisco’s touristy Pier 39 have suddenly, and inexplicably, disappeared. The beasts showed up at the wooden docks alongside the pier unexpectedly 20 years ago, and in winter as many as 300 would lie around, attracting crowds. But...

Winter Likely 5-10% Colder for East Coast

Thank El Niño when those heating bills start rolling in

(Newser) - The Pacific warming effect of El Niño could mean an unusually cold winter for the US East Coast, with temperatures as much as 10% below normal. “Historically when you have that El Niño on the weak side, it tends to correlate to colder weather in eastern North...

Claudette Hits Fla. as Hurricane Bill Forms

(Newser) - Tropical Storm Claudette made landfall on the Florida Panhandle near Fort Walton Beach early this morning after dumping heavy rains on the area. The storm has been weakening as it moves farther inland, with winds at around 40mph, and forecasters said it would probably become a tropical depression later in...

El Niño May Soak Parched California This Winter

(Newser) - El Niño is back. Meteorologists say water temperatures in the Pacific are rising to levels not seen since 2002 and could even hit 1997-98 levels. That year’s wet winter brought mud slides, blackouts, and floods to the Bay Area, as rainfall nearly doubled, the San Jose Mercury News...

El Niño Returns to Pacific, May Limit Atlantic Storms

(Newser) - An El Niño has developed in the Pacific, a boon to Americans living near the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic coast who can expect fewer hurricanes as a result, the Palm Beach Post reports. The NOAA reported the conditions in June, and they could keep up through winter. “...

Forecasters Warn of New El Niño

(Newser) - A new El Nino could be approaching. Sea-surface temperatures have been warming in the tropical Pacific Ocean, suggesting the potential for the development of the El Niño climate phenomenon in the next three months, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Great Barrier Reef Rebounds From Crisis

Scientists credit luck for natural wonder's 'spectacular' healing

(Newser) - Parts of the Great Barrier Reef bleached by warming waters 3 years ago have made a speedy recovery because of a few lucky breaks, the Guardian reports. Reefs typically take at least a decade to overcome human-created crises, but a combination of biological factors helped the reef's speedy healing, Australian...

'09 Will Be Relatively Light on Hurricanes: Forecaster

(Newser) - The star forecasters at Colorado State University are revising their predictions for the 2009 hurricane season down due to cooler ocean temperatures, Reuters reports. Between June and December, the Atlantic will see 12 tropical storms, six of which may develop into hurricanes. Two of those hurricanes could blow harder than...

Corals Face Extinction
 Corals Face Extinction 

Corals Face Extinction

Hundreds of species under threat, critical reefs could be destroyed

(Newser) - Hundreds of species that make up the world's coral reefs are faced with extinction, which could result in the destruction of reefs that provide habitats for 25% of all marine life. Up to a third of all coral is immediately threatened, reports the Los Angeles Times. Global warming is one...

Climate Swing Jump-Started Civilization

El Nino shift 5K years ago led Peruvians to take up farming

(Newser) - An ancient Peruvian civilization may have been kick-started by a climate swing. Five thousand years ago, hunter-gatherers moved inland from the seashore, settling in arid, desolate river valleys where they learned to farm. Archaeologist Jonathan Haas thinks the new settlers were spurred to move by more frequent El Ninos, which...

'Extinction Crisis' Threatens 40% of Species

Watchdog group sees serious danger to one in four mammals

(Newser) - More than 16,000 species are in serious danger of extinction, including one in four mammals and one in three amphibians being monitored by a global conservation group. With 40% of 40,000 surveyed species facing the highest levels of threat, “We’re at code red,” a top...

10-Year Model Predicts Record Temperatures

Global warming to surge in 2009, new study says

(Newser) - A new 10-year model of climate change forecasts several years of record temperatures between 2009 to 2014, the BBC reports. Most global warming predictions see significant climate changes over a century; the new model, developed by British meteorologists using present-day observations, offers shorter-term predictions of event such as El Nino...

Look for Stormy Weather
Look for Stormy Weather

Look for Stormy Weather

Despite slow start, hurricane season expected to be busy

(Newser) - Heavy storms are on the way, weather forecasters warn, despite a typically quiet beginning to the hurricane season. In fact, the government's top forecasting agency predicts an above-average number of storms this year—13 to 17, with 3 to 5 becoming intense hurricanes, Reuters reports.

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