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Thieves Target EV Charging Stations Nationwide

They're stealing cables that contain valuable copper wiring

(Newser) - Just before 2am on a chilly April night in Seattle, a Chevrolet Silverado pickup stopped at an electric-vehicle charging station on the edge of a shopping center parking lot. Two men got out. A security camera recorded them pulling out bolt cutters. One man snipped several charging cables; the other...

Electric Jeep for $25K Will Arrive Soon: Stellantis

CEO says company's model is a Citroen sold in Europe

(Newser) - The chief executive of Stellantis announced a move this week to accelerate EV sales in the US, taking a cue from an electric product offered in Europe. "In the same way we brought the 20,000 Euro Citroen e-C3, you will have a $25,000 Jeep very soon,"...

US Carmakers 'Trembling' Over This Low-Cost Chinese EV
This 'Dream' EV Could Prove
a Nightmare for US Carmakers

This 'Dream' EV Could Prove a Nightmare for US Carmakers

Seemingly well-made Seagull by China's BYD costs a third of what similar US electric vehicles do

(Newser) - A tiny, low-priced electric car called the Seagull has American automakers and politicians trembling. The car, launched last year by Chinese automaker BYD, sells for around $12,000 in China, but it drives well and is put together with craftsmanship that rivals US electric vehicles that cost three times as...

Biden Quadruples a China Tax. Not Enough, Says Trump
Biden Quadruples a China Tax.
Not Enough, Says Trump
the rundown

Biden Quadruples a China Tax. Not Enough, Says Trump

Election 2024 is now playing out in the form of Chinese tariffs

(Newser) - President Biden is rolling out new tariffs on China Tuesday on electric vehicles and a slew of other products from semiconductors to solar cells and medical products. The move six months before Election Day could have political implications in critical Rust Belt states as Biden and Donald Trump try to...

China Is Conquering the Electric Car Market

US may impose tariffs on foreign imports as soon as this coming week

(Newser) - China has been stepping up its game in the electric vehicle market, with more than 70 new models on sale this year alone. One big factor is that Chinese automakers are able to develop vehicles much faster—roughly 30% faster—than "legacy manufacturers," per the Wall Street Journal ...

End of an Era, Again, for This Iconic GM Sedan

General Motors' Chevy Malibu is being phased out after 2025 models to make room for EVs

(Newser) - The first discontinuation of the Chevy Malibu took place in 1983, after nearly 20 years in production. The iconic General Motors sedan was brought back to life in 1997, but now, the company is phasing it out yet again—and this time, it looks like it's for good. "...

California Reaches Milestone in EV Charging

State now has 1 EV charging station for every 5 gas stations

(Newser) - California has ambitious goals to reduce carbon emissions through phasing out the sales of new gas-guzzling cars by 2035. But in order to get there, people need a way to easily charge their electric vehicles. Quartz reports the state has hit a milestone toward that end, with one fast charging...

Tesla Laying Off 10% of Employees
Tesla Laying Off
10% of Employees

Tesla Laying Off 10% of Employees

Elon Musk delivers the news amid recent slump in sales

(Newser) - Elon Musk delivered an unwanted email to Tesla employees on Monday—the company is laying off 10% of its employees worldwide, reports electrek . That would amount to about 14,000 employees, based on Tesla's most recent annual report.
  • "There is nothing I hate more, but it must be

Cybertruck Owners Aren't Thrilled: 'What a Nightmare'
Cybertruck Owners Aren't
Thrilled: 'What a Nightmare'

Cybertruck Owners Aren't Thrilled: 'What a Nightmare'

Robotic-looking Tesla EV is getting slammed in owners forums online

(Newser) - Elon Musk calls his company's Cybertruck "the most unique thing on the road," but owners of the electric Tesla vehicle have other, more unflattering descriptions for their new ride. As Futurism puts it, the Cybertruck "seems to be breaking down at an incredible rate," as...

Ford Delays New Electric SUV, Pickup as EV Sales Stall

Hybrid sales, on the other hand, rose by one-third last quarter

(Newser) - With US electric vehicle sales starting to slow, Ford Motor Co. said it will delay rolling out new electric pickup trucks and a new large electric SUV as it adds gas-electric hybrids to its model lineup. The Dearborn, Michigan, company said Thursday that a much ballyhooed new electric pickup to...

More Bad News for Tesla
More Bad News for Tesla

More Bad News for Tesla

Q1 sales were down 9%, well below expectations, and stock has shaved off 34% of its value this year

(Newser) - Tesla sales fell sharply last quarter as competition increased worldwide, electric vehicle sales growth slowed, and price cuts failed to draw more buyers. The company said it delivered 386,810 vehicles from January through March, almost 9% below the 423,000 it sold in the same quarter of last year....

Big Trucks Face Strict Emissions Rules by 2032

New EPA guidelines are designed to boost electric sales

(Newser) - The EPA on Friday set strict emissions standards for heavy-duty trucks, buses, and other large vehicles, an action designed to boost sales of electric vehicles and clean up some of the nation's largest sources of planet-warming greenhouse gases, per the AP .
  • The new rules, which take effect for model

EPA Issues Strongest-Ever Car Pollution Standards
New EPA Rules Will Change
the 'Menu' for Car Buyers

New EPA Rules Will Change the 'Menu' for Car Buyers

But some restrictions have been loosened from last year's proposal

(Newser) - The Biden administration has finalized Environmental Protection Agency rules that usher in the "strongest-ever pollution standards for cars," according to the agency. The rules, described by the Washington Post as Biden's "most far-reaching climate regulation yet," require steep emissions cuts that will speed up the...

Report: Apple Has Abandoned Its Electric Car Project

Insiders say workers are being transferred from Project Titan to AI division

(Newser) - Apple's electric car project has sputtered out after a decade of effort, insiders say. Bloomberg , citing "people with knowledge of the matter," reports that almost 2,000 people on the Project Titan team were surprised Tuesday morning when execs told them that the project was being canceled...

Toyota to Build New Electric SUV in the US

Company investing another $1.3B in Kentucky plant for that purpose

(Newser) - Toyota says it will invest $1.3 billion at its huge factory in Georgetown, Kentucky, in part so it can build a new electric SUV to be sold in the US. The money will help with electric vehicle production, including the addition of a line to assemble battery cells into...

New Study Is Worrisome for America's Guardrail System

Heavy EVs are too much for guardrails to handle, test crashes indicate

(Newser) - A new study from the University of Nebraska has concerning implications for America's guardrail system, indicating the country's guardrails are likely not ready to handle heavy electric vehicles. In one crash test, a 2022 Rivian R1T truck going 60mph barely slowed down as it tore right through a...

On Gas vs. Electric Cars, New Focus Is on 'Superusers'
'Superusers:' 10% of Drivers
Use a Third of US Gas

'Superusers:' 10% of Drivers Use a Third of US Gas

Study suggests these people could make the most impact in the switch to electric vehicles

(Newser) - Incentivizing a fraction of drivers to switch to electric vehicles would have the most impact, a new study by environmental advocacy group Coltura says. These drivers, called gasoline superusers by the group, make up only one in 10 people on the road, but they burn through about a third of...

Winter Is Proving Hellish for Some Electric Vehicle Drivers

With temps below freezing, batteries aren't holding their charge

(Newser) - It's not set to get above freezing until early next week in Chicago, and that's increasingly making electric vehicle owners' blood run cold. The problem is that the frigid temps are doing a number on their car batteries, turning the city's electric vehicle charging stations into "...

Tesla Yanks Nearly All Its US Vehicles Over Autopilot Issues

US safety regulators say the company will send out software update to fix problems with 2M vehicles

(Newser) - Tesla is recalling more than 2 million vehicles across its model lineup to fix a defective system that's supposed to ensure drivers are paying attention when they use Autopilot. Documents posted Wednesday by US safety regulators say the company will send out a software update to fix the problems....

Congress' $7.5B for EV Chargers Has Yielded Zero Chargers

With drivers wary to switch to electric vehicles until there are enough chargers, delay could be an issue

(Newser) - One of President Biden's main goals in his climate agenda is to have half of the vehicles sold in America be electric by the end of this decade. A more comprehensive, nationwide network of electric vehicle chargers is needed to make this a reality, however, and to date, the...

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