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Dad of Rare Identical Triplets: 'Man, I Need a Bigger Car'

Ron, Elkanah, and Abishai Choge are a 1-in-20M birth in Kansas City

(Newser) - A Kansas couple is celebrating after becoming parents to a rare set of identical triplets. Dr. Josh Petrikin says the boys are "doing wonderfully" while under observation in Truman Medical Center's neonatal intensive care in Kansas City, Mo. Researchers say identical triplets occur only about once per 20...

Parents Welcome Identical Triplet Girls in Rare Birth

'It melts my heart knowing that they survived'

(Newser) - Each identical triplet is so tiny she can fit in her father's hand—and soon these rare medical wonders in Oregon will have painted toenails so the new parents can tell them apart. The AP reports Logan Brown-Fletcher and Amber Hills, 19-year-old high school sweethearts and first-time parents from...

Couple Says Rare Identical Triplets Are 'Blessing'

Thomas, Oliver, and Finnegan were born Oct. 6 in Maryland

(Newser) - What Kristen and Thomas Hewitt assumed was one baby turned out to be a Costco three-pack of identical boys, the Baltimore Sun reports. Thomas says it was "pure joy and shock" during the first sonogram, according to CNN . The rare identical triplets were delivered Oct. 6 at the Greater...

NY Couple Has Identical Triplets—Conceived Naturally

'We hit the genetic lottery,' says the proud dad

(Newser) - Most moms will boast that their child is one in a million. Kelli Fenley can say her three sons are literally that after the identical triplet boys were born in Mineola, NY, on July 1. Owen, Noah, and Miles each weighed less than three pounds at birth but are doing...

Florida Family's Battle: 3 Kids, 2 With Leukemia

Liam, now 5, was diagnosed days before his little sisters were born in 2013

(Newser) - Three small children two years apart present enough challenges for any parents, but throw leukemia into the mix and you have the truly daunting case of Lacey and Will Smith of Jacksonville, Fla. Just days before identical twins Emma and Ella were born 8 weeks early in 2013, their big...

Mom Has Identical Triplets, Two of Them Conjoined

It's a 1-in-50-million occurrence, doctors say

(Newser) - Sylvia Hernandez and Roel Torrez are now the proud parents of identical triplet girls, two of whom are conjoined. This means a single fertilized egg split not just once (which would form twins), but into three genetically identical triplets , though one of those splits was ultimately incomplete and the girls...

Identical Triplets Say 'I Do' Together

While wearing identical dresses, of course.

(Newser) - Luckily for the Bini sisters, they've always shared similar clothing and hairstyle preferences, says Ariadne Durante, a wedding planner who attended their recent nuptials, per USA Today . That probably made it a little easier to match up their attire as the identical triplets marched down the aisle together in...

Couple Has Identical Triplets—Conceived Naturally

That's a one-in-a-million chance, a doctor says

(Newser) - To conceive identical triplets with fertility drugs, or to spontaneously conceive fraternal triplets, is not necessarily headline-worthy. But "to have a patient with spontaneous identical triplets is incredibly rare," says a doctor who recently delivered a set of such triplets—and puts the odds at about one in...

Woman Has Identical Triplets —Conceived Naturally
 Woman Has Identical Triplets 
 —Conceived Naturally 

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Woman Has Identical Triplets —Conceived Naturally

Odds of that are up to 200 million to one

(Newser) - When Karen Gilbert started experiencing pain eight weeks into her pregnancy, she feared the worst—but doctors soon determined it wasn't a miscarriage but three fetuses being carried in a single placenta, fighting for food and space, Medical Daily reports. They predicted Gilbert and husband Ian would have to...

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