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Andy Kaufman's Back, and He's Going on Tour

At least, his hologram is, along with Redd Foxx's

(Newser) - Forget about Taylor Swift, Sam Smith, and Nicki Minaj. The hot concert tour for 2016 features two comedic geniuses we haven't seen onstage in a very long time: Andy Kaufman and Redd Foxx. Well, not the actual deceased comedians (though you never know with Andy Kaufman), but their holograms,...

10 Eerie Hollywood Deaths
 10 Eerie Hollywood Deaths 

10 Eerie Hollywood Deaths

Mysterious circumstances surround these celebrities

(Newser) - Brittany Murphy's sudden death has always been mysterious, especially when it was followed by the death of her husband, months later, apparently from the same cause. Now her dad wants the investigation into Murphy's death re-opened, because he thinks she was poisoned. The Huffington Post rounds up 30...

Andy Kaufman 'Alive' Tale Falls Apart Quickly

His supposed daughter is really an unrelated actress

(Newser) - Sorry, Andy Kaufman fans. The story that sounded too good to be true—he's alive!—was, in fact, a hoax, reports the Smoking Gun . A woman who came forward this week claiming to be his daughter and alleging that he had faked his own death in 1984 is...

Crazy Mystery: Is Andy Kaufman Really Still Alive?

And does he really have a 24-year-old daughter?

(Newser) - The Andy Kaufman Awards were held Monday night, and they closed with quite a bang, according to a detailed recap on The Comic's Comic . First Kaufman's brother Michael, who presided over the New York City event, revealed that he's not sure whether his famous comedian brother really...

4 Stories