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In Reversal, Radio Host Alex Jones Apologizes to Chobani

Jones has settled a lawsuit brought against him by the yogurt company

(Newser) - Right-wing radio host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones says he has settled a lawsuit filed by Greek yogurt giant Chobani, reversing course from previous claims that he would never back down in the defamation case, the AP reports. Jones read a brief statement at the end of his radio show...

Chobani Yogurt Just Sued Alex Jones, Infowars

Company says stories falsely accuse it of bringing crime, disease to Idaho

(Newser) - Conspiracy peddler Alex Jones has another lawsuit to handle. Greek yogurt maker Chobani has sued Jones' Infowars for publishing what it calls fake and defamatory stories related to the company's plant in Twin Falls, Idaho, reports BuzzFeed . Two examples: One video headlined, "Idaho Yogurt Maker Caught Importing Migrant...

Chobani Boss May Turn Workers Into Millionaires

They're getting a stake in the company

(Newser) - People who took a job with a then-fledgling yogurt company named Chobani a decade ago in upstate New York have to be pretty happy with their decision. On Tuesday, founder and CEO Hamdi Ulukaya announced that employees were getting a stake in the company based on tenure, reports the Albany ...

At Heart of Unusual Lawsuit: The Word 'How'

Chobani yogurt in trademark feud with business-ethics guru

(Newser) - A business-ethics expert is at war with a yogurt company, and the word "how" is at stake. Dov Seidman, a bestselling author who pushes for companies with a conscience, focuses his campaigns on "how" business is done; he's got a trademark on the word. Chobani yogurt is...

Whole Foods to Ditch Chobani
 Whole Foods to Ditch Chobani 

Whole Foods to Ditch Chobani

No. 1 Greek yogurt brand will lose its shelf space in 2014

(Newser) - Greek yogurt is hot, but the hottest Greek yogurt brand is losing its place on Whole Foods' shelves. The grocer yesterday announced it is giving Chobani the boot in favor of what the Wall Street Journal calls "smaller, exclusive brands"—specifically those that are organic, and free of...

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