Aubrey Lee Price

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'Dead' Banker: My Family Had No Idea I Was Alive

Aubrey Lee Price had apparently been homeless, took odd jobs for cash

(Newser) - A routine traffic stop on Tuesday in Georgia ended Aubrey Lee Price's time on the run, and what happened during his days as a fugitive became a little more clear on Thursday. That's when Price, 47, appeared in federal court over allegations that he embezzled $21 million from...

'Dead' Man Caught After 18 Months on the Run

Tinted car windows did Aubrey Lee Price in

(Newser) - Things that happened to banker Aubrey Lee Price in 2012: The FBI started looking for him, and he apparently convinced his family (and a judge) that he had offed himself. The convoluted case took a big turn on Tuesday, though, when a Dodge Ram was stopped in Brunswick, Ga., due...

2 Stories