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Plan to Split California in 3 Hits Major Stumbling Block

Measure is kicked off November ballot

(Newser) - Tim Draper's latest plan to split California into multiple smaller Californias has hit a major stumbling block. The plan to create three Californias—Northern California, including the Bay Area and points north; Southern California, from Fresno to the Mexican border; and California, a coastal strip including Los Angeles—was...

1 State or 3? Californians Will Decide

Tim Draper's effort to split the state will appear on November ballot

(Newser) - Every effort to split the state of California , and there have been several, has ultimately failed. But a new one led by Silicon Valley venture capitalist Tim Draper has already gotten farther than most. Draper's plan to split California into three separate states of roughly equal population—Northern California,...

Plan to Split California Fails to Make Ballot

But millionaire backer is challenging that ruling

(Newser) - California looks destined to remain one big state instead of six smaller ones. A Silicon Valley venture capitalist failed to collect enough signatures to qualify his "Six Californias" plan as a ballot initiative in November 2016, reports the LA Times . Tim Draper, who poured more than $5 million of...

'6 Californias' Breakup Plan Headed for Ballot

Measure gets 800K signatures, will likely see 2016 vote

(Newser) - A measure that will let Californians vote on abolishing California appears to be headed for 2016 ballots. Billionaire venture capitalist Tim Draper says he has gathered enough signatures for his " Six Californias" plan to go ahead and he plans to file them with state authorities today, reports Reuters . His...

Split California Into 6 States? Petition Moves Ahead

Venture capitalist gets go-ahead to start collecting signatures

(Newser) - Californians may soon get a chance to vote on splitting their state into six smaller ones, reports the San Francisco Chronicle . Venture capitalist Tim Draper has gotten formal approval to start collecting petitions for his "Six Californias" idea. If he can get about 807,000 names by July 18,...

5 Stories