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TSA, Airlines Say Holiday Travel Will Break Records

Some 30 million people are expected to fly over Thanksgiving period

(Newser) - Get ready for a busy holiday travel season: Friday, June 30, was the busiest day in Transportation Security Administration history but the agency expects that record to be broken over Thanksgiving. "We expect this holiday season to be our busiest ever. In 2023, we have already seen seven of...

Friday Was the Busiest Day in TSA History

Passenger numbers broke record set in 2019

(Newser) - The Transportation Security Administration says Friday was the busiest day in its history, breaking a record that had stood since the Sunday after Thanksgiving in 2019. The agency tweeted that it screened 2,883,595 individuals on June 30, beating the Dec. 1, 2019, record of 2,882,915 by...

Flying This Summer? Cut TSA Lines for Free

Clear Reserve system lets you reserve your spot at the front of TSA checkpoint queues

(Newser) - Already dreading long security lines for your next flight? There've long been services that allow you to cut those lines, but you've got to open your wallet and do a good amount of prep work for them. Now, an option for those short on funds and time: the...

New TSA Tech Assesses If 'You Are Who You Say You Are'

Pilot program is using facial recognition in 16 airports, but some are worried about privacy issues

(Newser) - A passenger walks up to an airport security checkpoint, slips an ID card into a slot, and looks into a camera atop a small screen. The screen flashes "Photo Complete," and the person walks through—all without having to hand over their identification to the Transportation Security Administration...

Leave Your 'Vampire' Straws at Home Next Time You Fly

Man arrested at Logan Airport for trying to bring titanium smoothie-sipper/tire deflator in carry-on

(Newser) - On the Szabo Inc. website , a "Vampire" straw is sold for $85, promoted as a "unique" item made of titanium that "allows the user to drink effortlessly any thick shake or smoothie." It's also "long enough to drink from any long beverage can,"...

'Unprovoked' Assault Sends TSA Agents to Hospital

19-year-old woman facing charges in early morning incident at Phoenix airport

(Newser) - The TSA says a teenage traveler assaulted three of its agents in an "unprovoked" attack at Phoenix's airport on Tuesday, sending two to the hospital, according to the agency. The 19-year-old woman was passing through security screening at Sky Harbor International Airport shortly before 6am when she began...

NFL Player Says He Was Sexually Assaulted by TSA Agent

'It was extremely unnecessary and dehumanizing,' says Sebastian Joseph-Day

(Newser) - Los Angeles Chargers defensive tackle Sebastian Joseph-Day is accusing a Transportation Security Administration agent of sexually assaulting him during a search at a California airport on Friday. "I really just got sexually assaulted by TSA," the player tweeted , tagging John Wayne Airport in Orange County. "After I...

Feds Say Felon Tried to Board Plane With AR-15, Fake Badge

Multiple weapons, including taser, were found in man's luggage at Newark airport

(Newser) - A New Jersey man banned from owning weapons tried to bring several guns and fake US Marshal credentials on a flight to Florida at the end of last year, federal prosecutors say. Seretse Clouden, 42, faces multiple charges stemming from his attempt to board a flight from Newark Liberty International...

'Emotional Support' Snake Doesn't Fly

Airline doesn't allow woman to carry on a 4-foot boa constrictor

(Newser) - The TSA reports it headed off a real-life sequel when it found a snake on its way to a plane. Agents at Tampa International Airport found a 4-foot boa constrictor in a carry-on bag last month when it showed up on a checkpoint X-ray, the agency said. The passenger told...

TSA Stops Record Number of Guns at Airport Checkpoints

More than 6.3K firearms have been seized already, and the year's not even done

(Newser) - Firearms aren't permitted in plane cabins during flights, even if passengers have a concealed-weapons permit. That didn't stop a whole lot of people from packing guns in their carry-ons this year—either forgetting they were there, not realizing they weren't allowed to pack them (or not realizing...

Checked Suitcase Held an Unusual Stowaway

Yes, that's a cat in a bag

(Newser) - The TSA let "the cat out of the bag on a hiss-toric find" on Tuesday, when it tweeted a trio of images showing an unusual find at JFK International Airport in New York City: a cat in a bag. NBC News reports the orange tabby ended up in a...

TSA Takes Man's Laptop Apart, Finds Knife

Virginia passenger faces a 'stiff federal financial civil penalty'

(Newser) - If you find that Transportation Security Administration agents are paying closer attention to your laptop the next time you fly, a man in Virginia could be to blame. The TSA says its officers found a knife "artfully concealed" inside a man's laptop at Richmond International Airport last Friday,...

TSA Calls 'Personal Fowl' on Unusual Security Find

Firearm discovered shoved inside a raw chicken at Florida's Fort Lauderdale airport

(Newser) - Security officers at a South Florida airport have reported finding a handgun hidden inside a raw chicken packed in a traveler's luggage. The Transportation Security Administration posted photos of the gun and poultry Monday on its official Instagram account , per the AP . The weapon was recovered at the Fort...

A Busy Travel Weekend Kicks Into Gear

TSA says business is booming again at US airports for the July 4 holiday

(Newser) - The July Fourth holiday weekend is off to a booming start, with airport crowds crushing the numbers seen in 2019, before the pandemic. Travelers seemed to be experiencing fewer delays and canceled flights than they did earlier this week. The Transportation Security Administration screened more than 2.4 million travelers...

Cawthorn Caught With Loaded Gun in Carry-on Bag

He was cited by officers at Charlotte airport

(Newser) - The youngest member of the House is in the news once again, this time for having a loaded gun at a Transportation Security Administration checkpoint at a North Carolina airport. Republican Rep. Madison Cawthorn was cited Tuesday morning for having the weapon in his carry-on bag at Charlotte Douglas International...

The Weirdest Things the TSA Seized in 2021

Agency's list includes chainsaw, meth burrito

(Newser) - Chainsaws and machetes might be useful in the event of a zombie apocalypse, but the TSA would like to remind people that they are absolutely not allowed in carry-on luggage. The agency released its list of the most unusual items seized in 2021 in a tweet Monday, and it also...

TSA Agent Saves Baby With Leap Over Conveyor Belt

New hire Cecelia Morales stops infant from choking

(Newser) - A security officer leapt over conveyor belt rollers and saved a 2-month-old boy who stopped breathing at a security checkpoint at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey, newly released video shows. The footage, released Thursday by the US Transportation Security Administration, shows TSA officer Cecilia Morales springing into action...

Biden to Maskless Travelers: 'Be Prepared to Pay'

TSA to double fines for those who refuse to don face coverings, with minimum penalty of $500

(Newser) - The White House unveiled an aggressive new push this week designed to combat COVID, and one measure in particular from the TSA is geared toward travelers. "If you break the rules, be prepared to pay," President Biden said at a presser Thursday on the changes, including a new...

Good News! You'll Be Wearing Masks on Planes Into 2022

TSA extends order that was scheduled to expire Sept. 13

(Newser) - Federal officials are extending into January a requirement that people on airline flights and public transportation wear face masks, a rule intended to limit the spread of COVID-19. The Transportation Security Administration's current order was scheduled to expire Sept. 13. An agency spokesman said Tuesday that the mandate will...

TSA: Hundreds Have Broken Mask Rule, Only 2 Agree to Pay Fine
Travelers Have
'Not Surprising'
Reaction to TSA
Mask Fines
in case you missed it

Travelers Have 'Not Surprising' Reaction to TSA Mask Fines

Out of 2.4K incidents of alleged noncompliance, only 2 have agreed to pay the $250 penalty

(Newser) - Earlier this year, the TSA warned that people who refuse to wear face masks while using public transit, in accordance with a federal mandate, could face hefty fines. It doesn't seem like that heads-up served as much of a deterrent, at least not for a couple of thousand travelers...

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