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For Sale: Ailing Newsweek
 For Sale: Ailing Newsweek 

For Sale: Ailing Newsweek

Washington Post Co. cites mounting losses

(Newser) - The Washington Post Company is looking for someone to take Newsweek off its hands, the company announced in a press release today (to the apparent surprise of Newsweek's Tumblr ). “The losses at Newsweek in 2007-2009 are a matter of record,” said Donald Graham, chairman of the Post...

ACORN 'Hooker' Hits on Liberal Journalist
 ACORN 'Hooker'
 Hits on Liberal Journalist 
ezra klein, make me dinner

ACORN 'Hooker' Hits on Liberal Journalist

Hannah Giles wanted to be a nutritionist, and respects Newsweek writer

(Newser) - Hannah Giles—best known as the conservative activist who dressed up as a prostitute for a video sting operation targeting ACORN—holds twentysomething liberal journalists in generally low esteem. The young on the right are "thinking types," vital and numerous, while most on the left are “professional...

Obama to Write Cover Story on Haiti for Newsweek

President agrees to play essayist

(Newser) - President Obama will write a cover story about Haiti for the next edition of Newsweek, which will hit the newsstands Monday. How did the newsweekly snag him? Editor Jon Meacham simply called up David Axelrod, who put the question to his boss, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The Last Decade in 7 Merciful Minutes

 The Last 
 Decade in 
 7 Merciful 

The Last Decade in 7 Merciful Minutes

Some great unpleasantness goes by with pleasant quickness

(Newser) - Oh, the aughts had their moments, what with disputed elections, terrorist attacks, invasions, and Rickrolling. If you, like most, can't remember anything else that happened, the Frisky has a treat for you: Newsweek's condensed version of the past decade in 7 short minutes. Spoiler alert: Barack Obama becomes the first...

Leggy Palin Pic Is Gender Neutral: Newsweek

Nothing sexist about leggy cover, says editor

(Newser) - A Newsweek cover of Sarah Palin in running shorts showing lots of leg met a "gender neutral" standard despite Palin's complaints of sexism, said the magazine's editor. "We chose the most interesting image available to us to illustrate the theme," Jon Meacham said in a statement provided...

Iran Releases Newsweek Reporter

Humanitarian considerations thought to have played role

(Newser) - Iran set free yesterday the Newsweek journalist it had held prisoner since the disputed June elections. Maziar Bahari was released on $300,000 bail, likely because of humanitarian conditions—the magazine reports that the 42-year-old is expecting his first child October 26, and the baby's mother has had serious health...

Toilet Paper Shortage Gives Cuba a Pain in the . . .

(Newser) - Cuba is battling a toilet paper shortage, the Miami Herald reports. The country says the global financial crisis and recent hurricanes have forced it to shutter factories and cut down on electricity usage. The result: The cost of a four-pack of TP in Havana is the equivalent of 2 days'...

Jailed Newsweek Journo Confessed to Conspiracy: Iran

State-run TV shows reporter confessing to filing biased reports to create unrest

(Newser) - A Newsweek reporter who was arrested in Iran last month has confessed to filing "biased" news reports to stir unrest as part of a conspiracy to undermine the country's government, according to Iranian state-run media. Maziar Bahari made the alleged confession at a press conference Tuesday, Bloomberg reports. "...

Iran Arrests Newsweek Reporter

Life photojournalist also missing

(Newser) - Iranian authorities have arrested a Canadian journalist who works for Newsweek, reports the magazine. Maziar Bahari—who has covered Iran for a decade from his home there—was asleep when officers raided the apartment he shares with his mom, seized his laptop and videotapes, and took him away. A photojournalist...

Colbert Gets Buzz Cut in Baghdad

(Newser) - When Stephen Colbert announced he was doing four shows in front of the troops in Baghdad, many wondered if he’d tone down his ironic bluster. Wonder no more. Colbert swaggered on stage for the taping in a camouflage business suit yesterday, and declared himself the only one man enough...

Oprah Defends Show's Health Claims

(Newser) - Oprah's not happy about being the target of a Newsweek article that accuses her of peddling wacky, and dangerous, health tips, reports Hollyscoop. "I trust the viewers, and I know that they are smart and discerning enough to seek out medical opinions to determine what may be best for...

Colbert Guest-Edits Newsweek

Will stay in character as ultra-conservative host

(Newser) - The redesigned Newsweek is trying to drum up some buzz. To that end, editor Jon Meacham brought in its first guest editor: Stephen Colbert. The comedian—in character as the host of The Colbert Report—was at the helm for the next issue and “had input into what the...

New Newsweek a Lot Like Old Newsweek
 New Newsweek a Lot Like 
 Old Newsweek 

New Newsweek a Lot Like Old Newsweek

(Newser) - Freshly fired by Time, Michael Kinsley checked out the much-ballyhooed Newsweek makeover. Let’s just say he’s less than impressed. In his introductory note, editor John Meacham says, “We are not pretending to be your guide through the chaos of the information age.” Already, Kinsley sees a...

Biden's Big Mouth Irks Obama: Book

(Newser) - The rocky relationship between President Obama and Joe Biden comes under scrutiny in a new book by a Newsweek reporter, Fox News reports. In Renegade: the Making of a President, Richard Wolffe writes that Obama is “distracted by his vice president's indiscipline” and has had to personally rebuke his...

Krugman Emerges as 'Voice of Loyal Opposition'

Newsweek sees lefty economist as top critic

(Newser) - Monday’s issue of Newsweek will have a pretty striking cover story. The headline “OBAMA IS WRONG: The Loyal Opposition of Paul Krugman,” will be plastered over a close-up of the Nobel Prize-winning economist, reports Politico. "Every once in a while," writes Newsweek editor Jon Meacham,...

White House Reporters Trade Puff for Access
White House Reporters Trade Puff for Access

White House Reporters Trade Puff for Access

The 'beat sweetener' laudatory profile is early-term tradition

(Newser) - Readers of just about any national news outlet might’ve noticed a flood of good press about top White House aides lately. It’s not coincidence, and it’s not bias, Michael Calderone writes for Politico. Called a “beat sweetener,” such pieces aim to cultivate sources by praising...

LBJ Biographer Aims for Eternity
 LBJ Biographer 
 Aims for Eternity 

LBJ Biographer Aims for Eternity

Tireless writer published average of one book every ten years

(Newser) - Lyndon Johnson's biographer takes his work seriously—so much so, he didn't cover LBJ's presidency for 30 years, Newsweek reports. Rising from the tabloid world in the 1960s, Robert Caro first wrote a painstaking biography of New York mogul Robert Moses. Next came a volume on LBJ's youth; Caro even...

Newsweek in Hot Water Over Gay-Bible Story

Social conservatives denounce 'attack' article as 'full of holes'

(Newser) - Social conservatives are lashing out against Newsweek’s current cover story, “The Religious Case for Gay Marriage,” for what they say is a flawed take on both the Bible and the root of their argument against such unions. The story was “yet another attack on orthodox Christianity”...

The Bible's Case for Gay Marriage
 The Bible's Case 
 for Gay Marriage 

The Bible's Case for Gay Marriage

Tome isn't exactly as full of endorsements for 'traditional' marriage as conservatives would have us believe

(Newser) - Listen to opponents of gay marriage cite scripture, and you might believe it is not what Jesus would do. But, Lisa Miller writes in Newsweek, no sensible modern person wants to use the Bible as a “how-to script.” (Polygamy, anyone?) “Why,” Miller asks, “would we...

Newsweek Searches for Obama Mamas
Newsweek Searches for Obama Mamas

Newsweek Searches for Obama Mamas

Mag is anticipating Election Night-inspired baby boom

(Newser) - Did you find yourself roused to more than tears of joy at Barack Obama's historic victory Election Night? If so, Newsweek wants you. One of the mag’s reporters submitted a query to Help A Reporter Out, reports Gawker, looking for sources who “made love in the name of...

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