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In Glacier Country, Situation Seems Poised 'to Explode'

Geologist warns that tourists in Alaska, elsewhere are flocking to risky spots ripe for tsunamis

(Newser) - A tsunami hasn't killed anyone on a boat in Alaska in 60 years. But there are fears that, soon, "[the situation] is going to explode," as geologist Bretwood Higman tells Hakai Magazine . Amid climate change, "the steep slopes of southeastern Alaska's numerous fjords are becoming...

Massive Quake Hits Taiwan, Causes Tsunami
Taiwan Hit by
Most Powerful
Quake in 25 Years

Taiwan Hit by Most Powerful Quake in 25 Years

9 dead, hundreds wounded as quake collapsed buildings in eastern city

(Newser) - A powerful earthquake rocked the entire island of Taiwan early Wednesday, collapsing buildings in an eastern city and creating a tsunami that washed ashore on southern Japanese islands. It was the island's most powerful quake in 25 years.
  • Taiwan's earthquake monitoring agency gave the magnitude as 7.2

The Impact Boiled the Ocean. But It Wasn't All Bad
The Impact Boiled the Ocean.
But It Wasn't All Bad
in case you missed it

The Impact Boiled the Ocean. But It Wasn't All Bad

Scientists believe S2 impact held some benefits for early life 3.26B years ago

(Newser) - Billions of years before a smaller asteroid slammed Earth, triggering a global blackout that would wipe out the dinosaurs, a rock four times the size of Mount Everest made an even bigger splash. Researchers have long known about the impact, dubbed S2, which occurred 3.26 billion years ago, based...

First a 7.6 Magnitude Quake, Now a Tsunami Warning

(Newser) - A powerful earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 7.6 struck Saturday night off the coast of the southern Philippine island of Mindanao, and Philippine authorities issued a tsunami warning. The quake struck at 10:37pm local time at a depth of 20 miles, according to the US Geological Survey....

Fukushima Disaster: Court Sides With TEPCO Shareholders

Former TEPCO execs were found liable and ordered to pay $95B

(Newser) - A decade ago, 48 Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) shareholders sued a group of former executives, demanding they pay up over their failure to prevent the 2011 disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. They wanted $160 billion to be paid to the company; on Wednesday, a Tokyo court ordered...

The Pacific Northwest Isn't Ready for This Tsunami

The evacuation options just aren't there for tens of thousands of people

(Newser) - "It’s going to dwarf the scale of any disaster we have ever had. We know it’s coming." So Chris Goldfinger of Oregon State University tells the New York Times . He's talking about a massive—think magnitude 9.0—quake along the Cascadia fault off the...

Tongans Celebrate 'Real Life Aquaman' Who Survived Tsunami

Lisala Folau lived through a 27-hour, 8-mile ordeal at sea before landing 3 islands away from home

(Newser) - It appears major catastrophe was averted on Tonga after a volcanic eruption and tsunami over the weekend, but Lisala Folau still had quite an ordeal in the aftermath. As communications with the island are slowly being restored , the Tonga man's story is getting out, and it's a wild...

After Tonga's Massive Eruption, 'Very Good News'

'Catastrophic' disaster was apparently averted, though at least 2 have died and ash is everywhere

(Newser) - The blast from the volcano could be heard in Alaska, and the waves crossed the ocean to cause an oil spill and two drownings in Peru. The startling satellite images resembled a massive nuclear explosion. And yet, despite sitting almost on top of the volcano that erupted so violently on...

South Pacific Tsunami Cleared the Fog in Seattle
South Pacific Tsunami
Cleared the Fog in Seattle
the rundown

South Pacific Tsunami Cleared the Fog in Seattle

No reports of mass casualties in Tonga, though a British woman is missing

(Newser) - Just how big was the volcanic eruption near the South Pacific island nation of Tonga over the weekend? Researchers say it was likely the biggest such eruption on the planet in the last 30 years, reports CNN . The eruption of the undersea volcano on Saturday sent a plume of ash...

First, a 'Violent' Eruption. Then, 'Darkness Blanketing the Sky'

Undersea volcano erupts near Tonga, waves crash to shore amid tsunami warning

(Newser) - An undersea volcano erupted in spectacular fashion near the Pacific nation of Tonga on Saturday, sending large waves crashing across the shore and people rushing to higher ground. There were no immediate reports of injuries or the extent of the damage as communications with the small nation, home to about...

Japan Marks 10th Anniversary of Triple Disaster

More than 18K died in earthquake, tsunami

(Newser) - Japan on Thursday marked the 10th anniversary of the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster that hit its northeastern region, where many survivors' lives are still on hold. Carrying bouquets, many walked to the coast or visited graves to pray for relatives and friends washed away by the tsunami, the AP...

After Earthquake, an Order to Move to Higher Ground

New Zealand calls for evacuations after 8.1 quake hits off the coast

(Newser) - A powerful magnitude 8.1 earthquake struck in the ocean off the coast of New Zealand on Friday, prompting thousands of people to evacuate and triggering tsunami warnings across the South Pacific. The quake was the largest in a series of tremors that struck the region over several hours, including...

Boat Washed Away by Tsunami Drifted for Almost 10 Years

It ended up back in Japan, covered in coral

(Newser) - A fishing boat washed away in a tsunami has turned up 400 miles away almost a decade later. The small boat was pulled ashore after fishermen spotted it floating near Yaene port in Hachijo Island, south of Tokyo, NHK reports. A registration number confirmed that it belonged to a fishermen'...

Quake, Tsunami Wreak Havoc on Greece, Turkey

At least 6 dead in Izmir, hundreds injured after 6.6 magnitude temblor in Aegean Sea

(Newser) - A strong earthquake struck Friday in the Aegean Sea between the Turkish coast and the Greek island of Samos, collapsing buildings in the city of Izmir in western Turkey. Officials said at least six people were killed and scores were injured. A small tsunami struck the Seferihisar district of Izmir,...

Alaskans Seek Higher Ground After Earthquake

Tsunami warning is issued for 950-mile path

(Newser) - Southern Alaska was under a tsunami warning Monday after a 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck near the peninsula. An aftershock followed about 20 minutes later, with a magnitude of 5.8, NBC reports. The first earthquake was near Sand Point in the Shumagin Islands. No damage was reported, per the...

Huge Alaskan Tsunami Could Be Imminent
Huge Alaskan Tsunami
Could Be Imminent

Huge Alaskan Tsunami Could Be Imminent

A glacier is retreating, and scientists say a massive wave will eventually result

(Newser) - Scientists are warning that the sudden collapse of an Alaskan slope currently being propped up by a retreating glacier could trigger a catastrophic tsunami hundreds of feet high. "It could happen anytime, but the risk just goes way up as this glacier recedes," researcher Anna Liljedahl tells the...

7.7 Quake Triggers Tsunami Threat
7.7 Quake Triggers
Tsunami Threat

7.7 Quake Triggers Tsunami Threat

Buildings shook as far as Miami

(Newser) - The US Geological Survey says a powerful magnitude 7.7 earthquake struck south of Cuba and northwest of Jamaica on Tuesday, the AP reports. It was centered 86 miles northwest of Montego Bay, Jamaica, and 87 miles west-southwest of Niquero, Cuba. It hit at 2:10pm EST and the epicenter...

15 Years Later, Tsunami's Toll Remains Mind-Boggling

Survivors mark anniversary of disaster that claimed 230K lives in Indonesia, other nations

(Newser) - "It still haunts me." The line from 28-year-old Thai resident Suwanne Maliwan to Reuters expresses a common sentiment Thursday, the 15th anniversary of the Indian Ocean tsunami that claimed 230,000 lives. Maliwan, for instance, lost both her parents and five other relatives. "Sometimes I dream that...

Satellite Images: Indonesian Volcano Collapsed

The southwestern flank of Anak Krakatau is missing

(Newser) - Radar data from satellites, converted into images, shows Indonesia's Anak Krakatau island volcano is dramatically smaller following a weekend eruption that triggered a deadly tsunami. Satellite photos aren't available because of cloud cover, reports the AP , but radar images from a Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency satellite taken before...

In Jittery Indonesia, a New Cry of 'Water Is Coming!'

Tsunami's death toll climbs to 429

(Newser) - Panicked residents, police, and soldiers in the remote fishing village of Sumur, Indonesia, clobbered by a devastating weekend tsunami ran to higher ground Tuesday, shouting "Water is coming! Water is coming!" and reciting verses from the Quran as emergency messages were broadcast over mosque speakers. It proved to...

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