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HHS to Hospitals: Stop Pelvic Exams Without Patient Consent

Agency letter warns hospitals could lose Medicare funding if they don't comply

(Newser) - The Department of Health and Human Services has come out firing against a practice it says violates the privacy and dignity of patients in health care settings across America. The New York Times reports that on Monday, the federal agency sent out a letter to the nation's med schools...

Woman Denied Service Wants Half of Barista's Sweet $100K
Woman Denied Service:
I Want My Half of $100K
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Woman Denied Service: I Want My Half of $100K

Amber Gilles says health issues prevented her from wearing a mask

(Newser) - A woman denied service because she wasn't wearing a face mask says she deserves roughly $50,000 for the "discrimination" she endured, KGTV reports. Amber Gilles argues that medical issues prevented her from wearing a mask when she entered a San Diego Starbucks, where the barista, Lenin Gutierrez,...

State's Last Abortion Clinic: Mandated Exam Is 'Assault'

Planned Parenthood of St. Louis won't comply with Missouri's pelvic exam rule

(Newser) - Friday is the judge-mandated deadline for Missouri's Department of Health and Senior Services to decide whether to renew the abortion license of the sole remaining abortion clinic in the state. Just two days before the deadline, a defiant move by Planned Parenthood of St. Louis: It will no longer...

No Need for Routine Pelvic Exams, Doctors Say

But gynecologists disagree with doctors' group

(Newser) - Are the pelvic exams that make up part of routine physicals for women actually necessary? The country's second-biggest doctors' group says no, arguing that there is no evidence that the exams are useful—while there are many reports of the exams causing women anxiety, pain, and discomfort. The exam,...

4 Stories
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