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Restaurants Are Ditching QR Code Menus
Customers Reject
a Pandemic-Era
Restaurant Staple
in case you missed it

Customers Reject a Pandemic-Era Restaurant Staple

Eateries are ditching QR code menus

(Newser) - We all got used to an avalanche of changes in our daily routines during the peak of COVID, including ways in which to safely dine in public once lockdowns were lifted. Now, one of those eating-out protocols is falling by the wayside: Restaurants are starting to ditch scannable QR codes,...

Table for One? Go for It
Afraid to Head
to a Restaurant
Alone? Don't Be

Afraid to Head to a Restaurant Alone? Don't Be

Vox writer Alissa Wilkinson gives her thumbs-up to solo dining

(Newser) - If you've ever had to dine alone in public and felt nervous or self-conscious about it, you shouldn't. In fact, you should relish the opportunity, according to Alissa Wilkinson, who says she can't imagine not asking for a table for one on a regular basis. In an...

Turns Out There Was a 2nd Ill-Advised Napa Valley Dinner

London Breed dined at French Laundry the night after Gavin Newsom

(Newser) - Gov. Gavin Newsom caught flak for dining at the esteemed French Laundry in November. He wasn't the only high-profile California Democrat to make that choice last month. The Chronicle reports San Francisco Mayor London Breed ate at the three-star Michelin restaurant in Yountville the night after Newsom did as...

Table for One? We're Dining Alone More

Which might be healthier for light eaters anyway

(Newser) - Dining by yourself used to get you seated with a pitying glance and free refills on your self-consciousness, but America, it seems, has largely gotten over itself on that count: Reservations for one have shot up by some 62% over the past two years, reports OpenTable in an analysis of...

Restaurants Need to End a Rude New Practice
Restaurants Need to End
a Rude New Practice

Restaurants Need to End a Rude New Practice

Blogger: Don't clear one diner's plate if others are still eating

(Newser) - At some point, it apparently became protocol for a server to clear a diner's empty plate even if others at the table are still eating. Please stop, writes Roberto Ferdman at the Washington Post . The move makes slower eaters uncomfortable—you're going too slow!—and faster eaters...

This Year's Craziest Restaurant Meal: 3.5K Calories

Watchdog group lists diet-annihilating dishes from US chains

(Newser) - Nearly 3,550 calories for a burger, fries, and shake sounds about right—if it's one of the meals called out on a watchdog group's annual list of fatty, sugary, calorie-heavy foods served at US chain restaurants. The Center for Science in the Public Interest pored over nutritional...

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