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Boris Johnson Made One Fatal Error
Boris Johnson
Made One
Fatal Error
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Boris Johnson Made One Fatal Error

He apologized, and that rarely plays well in politics, writes Martha Gill

(Newser) - Boris Johnson has been beset by one scandal after another over the years, so why did the latest one bring his resignation ? At the New York Times , Martha Gill writes that Johnson made a big political error this week: He apologized. "It was a mistake, and I apologize...

3 Precedents Don't Bode Well for Johnson
Not Many
Are Buying
Post-Vote Spin
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Not Many Are Buying Johnson's Post-Vote Spin

British PM celebrates surviving no-confidence vote, but history is not on his side

(Newser) - After surviving a no-confidence vote on Monday, Boris Johnson put the best possible face on things. The British prime minister called it an "extremely good, positive, conclusive, decisive result," one that would allow him to "move on," per the Guardian . What Johnson glossed over is that...

Carl Bernstein Has Damning Story on Trump Phone Calls

Quotes aides calling president 'delusional'

(Newser) - Carl Bernstein's latest investigative story for CNN is all about President Trump's phone calls with foreign leaders, and it's one that will not make Trump happy. Bernstein writes that Trump was so regularly "outplayed" by Russia's Vladimir Putin and Turkey's Recep Erdogan and so...

As Johnson Becomes PM, Some Fear He'll 'Sell Out' to Trump
As Johnson Becomes PM,
Outgoing PM Offers No Praise

As Johnson Becomes PM, Outgoing PM Offers No Praise

Meanwhile, some fear new prime minister will 'sell out' to Trump

(Newser) - Theresa May entered Buckingham Palace as prime minister Wednesday before exiting as only a lawmaker. Queen Elizabeth II has seen this production before. The monarch has already had 13 people form a government for her since she took up her post in 1952. Boris Johnson will be the 14th prime...

It's Boris: Britain Picks Its New Prime Minister

Johnson will replace Theresa May, and Trump predicts he'll be 'great!'

(Newser) - Boris Johnson will become Britain's new prime minister on Wednesday. The governing Conservative Party revealed Tuesday that the Brexit hardliner won a ballot of about 160,000 Conservative members to replace Theresa May, who announced her resignation last month, per the AP . Johnson, a former London mayor, had been...

Trump: 'We Will No Longer Deal With' British Ambassador

He slams Theresa May for making a 'mess' of Brexit

(Newser) - "We will no longer deal with" British ambassador to the US Kim Darroch, President Trump said Monday, stepping up the diplomatic feud over the ambassador's l eaked remarks about his administration . Trump tweeted his own criticism of Britain's leadership, saying Prime Minister Theresa May had handled Brexit...

Domestic Incident New Wrinkle in Boris Johnson's Path to PM

Rival Jeremy Hunt challenges frontrunner to talk about disturbance with girlfriend

(Newser) - If you've lost track of Britain's turbulent politics, the short version is this: Either Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt will replace Theresa May as prime minister when the votes are counted next month. Johnson is the heavy favorite to win, though a domestic incident involving his girlfriend continues...

Trump to May: 'I Would Have Sued, but That's OK'

President discusses Brexit, tariffs on Mexico, and the anti-Trump protests

(Newser) - President Trump and Theresa May held a joint news conference Tuesday on the second day of Trump's UK visit, and three main topics were generating headlines: Mexico tariffs, Brexit, and the anti-Trump protests. Highlights:
  • Brexit: May was defending her Brexit negotiations, and she recalled that Trump once advised her

Race for PM Begins With Boris Johnson in the Lead

Candidates angle to replace Theresa May

(Newser) - Hours after Theresa May announced that she'll be resigning as Britain's prime minister, Boris Johnson leads the Conservative Party pack to replace her. Johnson is a champion of Brexit who quit May's cabinet last year over her handling of the issue. He's been foreign secretary and...

British PM Apologizes for Brexit Failure, Quits

Theresa May will step down on June 7

(Newser) - Theresa May announced Friday that she will step down as UK Conservative Party leader on June 7, admitting defeat in her attempt to take Britain out of the EU and sparking a contest for Britain's next prime minister. She will stay as caretaker prime minister until the new leader...

Theresa May Makes Major Concession
Theresa May
Makes Major

Theresa May Makes Major Concession

PM offers vote on new Brexit referendum

(Newser) - In a major concession, British Prime Minister Theresa May on Tuesday offered UK lawmakers the chance to vote on whether to hold a new referendum on the country's membership in the EU—but only if they back her thrice-rejected Brexit agreement, reports the AP . May made the offer as...

UK Defense Chief Fired Over Huawei Leak

May says there was 'compelling evidence'

(Newser) - British Prime Minister Theresa May summarily fired Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson Wednesday after an investigation into leaks from a secret government meeting about the Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei. He denied any involvement in the leak. An investigation was launched last week after newspapers reported that Britain's National Security Council,...

A Big First for Trump, Coming in June

President, first lady to make premier state visit to UK, at queen's invite

(Newser) - President Trump has a big pre-summer trip on the docket. Citing a Buckingham Palace announcement, the BBC reports Trump will be heading to the UK for a three-day state visit starting June 3, accompanied by first lady Melania Trump. In addition to meeting with Queen Elizabeth II on his first...

Brexit Gets a New Date. And It's Spooky.

Will Britain leave the EU in costume or business attire?

(Newser) - European Union leaders on Thursday offered Britain an extension to Brexit that would allow the country to delay its EU departure date until Halloween. Leaders of the 27 remaining EU member states met for more than six hours before agreeing after midnight to postpone Brexit until Oct. 31, two officials...

EU Leader: How About a Year-Long Brexit Delay?

Theresa May instead eyes June 30 deadline as deadlock remains

(Newser) - Theresa May wants to delay Brexit until June 30 to avoid a crash-out in one week's time, though a key European Union leader suggested a pause of up to a year. In a Friday letter to European Council President Donald Tusk, May seeks an extension until June 30 and...

Brexit Meeting Was 'Useful but Inconclusive'

So says left-wing Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn after meeting with Theresa May

(Newser) - Britain's Brexit drama went into overtime Wednesday as Theresa May and the country's main opposition sought a compromise deal to prevent an abrupt British departure from the EU at the end of next week. In an about-face that left pro-Brexit members of May's Conservative Party howling with...

The 'Last Chance' Brexit Vote Just Failed, Too

Parliament rejects Theresa May's plan for a third time, raising odds of a chaotic no-plan exit

(Newser) - Third time's the charm? Nope. The British Parliament rejected a Brexit plan from Prime Minister Theresa May for the third on Friday. May had presented this one as a "last chance" for lawmakers to agree to her strategy on how the UK should exit the European Union. So...

Parliament to Vote on 'Last Chance to Save Brexit'

Trump wishes May good luck

(Newser) - On the day that Britain was originally scheduled to leave the European Union, lawmakers will vote Friday on what Prime Minister Theresa May's government described as the "last chance to vote for Brexit." The House of Commons is voting a third time on May's twice-rejected European...

8 Brexit Votes Later, Things May Actually Be Worse
Brexit Chaos Hits a New High

Brexit Chaos Hits a New High

Lawmakers vote 8 times. And fail to pass anything.

(Newser) - British lawmakers have voted on eight different possible Brexit options, but none received the majority support that would clarify the UK's course, the AP reports. Parliament is trying to find an alternative to Prime Minister Theresa May's twice-rejected EU divorce deal. Lawmakers voted Wednesday on options that included...

Theresa May Will Quit Once the Country Has Left the EU

No date was given

(Newser) - British Prime Minister Theresa May told Conservative lawmakers Wednesday that she will step down once the UK's exit from the European Union is delivered—a dramatic concession meant to bring enough of her colleagues on board to push her deal over the line. May told a party meeting of...

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