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Chelsea Explains Why She, Ivanka Aren't Friends Anymore

Trump daughter 'went to the dark side,' Clinton daughter tells Andy Cohen on his show

(Newser) - In 2016, as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump lobbed barbs at each other in the lead-up to the election that November, Clinton's daughter, Chelsea, noted in an interview that, despite their parents' apparent antipathy, she would consider teaming up with Ivanka Trump to do a "daughters summit."...

Chelsea Clinton Makes Request of Trump: 'It's Never Too Late'

Former first daughter wants former president to release pics of himself getting vaccinated

(Newser) - Chelsea Clinton appeared Thursday on The View, and she took the opportunity to make a request of Donald Trump while she was there. Speaking about the COVID vaccine and the apparent reluctance of white Republican men to get it, the former first daughter suggested the former president release photos of...

One Board Position Has Paid Off for Chelsea Clinton
Board Seat
Is Lucrative
for Chelsea
in case you missed it

Board Seat Is Lucrative for Chelsea Clinton

She's earned $9M from the IAC investment firm since 2011

(Newser) - Chelsea Clinton is currently pushing a new book co-written with her famous mom , but even if sales fall short of what's expected, it seems the former first daughter will be just fine. Barron's reports that Chelsea Clinton has pulled in $9 million since 2011 as a board member...

Hillary Clinton's Answer to GMA Question Stuns Chelsea

Staying in marriage to Bill is 'gutsiest' thing she's ever done, ex-secretary of state reveals

(Newser) - Hillary and Chelsea Clinton appeared on Good Morning America Tuesday to promote their new book, The Book of Gutsy Women , and host Amy Robach wrapped up the interview with a question playing on the book's title, per Politico and CNN . "Can I ask you, what's the gutsiest...

It's a Boy, Jasper, for Chelsea Clinton
Chelsea Clinton
Delivers News

Chelsea Clinton Delivers News

Newborn's grandparents are 'overjoyed'

(Newser) - Chelsea Clinton has announced the birth of her third child. Jasper Clinton Mezvinsky was born Monday, the AP reports. The former first daughter tweeted that she and her husband, Marc Mezvinsky, "are overflowing with love and gratitude and can't wait to introduce him to his big sister and...

Chelsea Clinton Gets Pulled Into Mosque Controversy
NYU Students Say Why They
Confronted Chelsea Clinton
the rundown

NYU Students Say Why They Confronted Chelsea Clinton

They accused her of anti-Muslim rhetoric after mosque attacks

(Newser) - An unlikely figure has been caught up in the heated debate over hate speech in the aftermath of the New Zealand mosque shootings : Chelsea Clinton. Two New York University students confronted Clinton at a vigil for victims Friday night and accused her of contributing to anti-Muslim rhetoric that leads to...

Chelsea Clinton's Political Future a 'Definite Maybe'

Will she or won't she?

(Newser) - Chelsea Clinton will not rule out a future in politics. Per the Guardian , the daughter of Democratic superstars Bill and Hillary Clinton was plugging her children's book at the Edinburgh international book festival when the question of her potential future in elected office was posed. While bashing Trump, the...

Chelsea Clinton: Trump Has Exposed 'a Rot' in America

Chelsea Clinton had choice words for her mother's former opponent

(Newser) - Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton took the opportunity of a sit-down with the Guardian to put in relatively blunt terms how she feels about current president and her mother's former opponent, Donald Trump. "I don’t agree with what he’s doing to degrade what it means...

Texts From FBI Agents Didn't Just Rip on Trump

Bernie Sanders, Chelsea Clinton, Paul Ryan, and Eric Holder didn't escape the insults, either

(Newser) - More than 300 text messages exchanged between two FBI agents who used to work for Robert Mueller's Russia probe were delivered to Congress this week, riling Republicans who didn't like how some of them had ripped into Donald Trump during the presidential campaign and shortly after he was...

Chelsea Clinton, Ivanka Trump Unite to Defend Malia

After video surfaces, they call for Obama's daughter to be given some privacy

(Newser) - Malia Obama is now a 19-year-old freshman at Harvard, and the former first daughter is getting some high-profile support from people pleading for her privacy. Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump separately tweeted for media sites to back off after video surfaced online of Malia, gasp, blowing smoke rings, reports USA ...

Melania Trump Tweets Message to Chelsea Clinton

A note of thanks after former first daughter came to Barron Trump's defense

(Newser) - While the tension between certain Clintons and Trumps continues to get press , other members of the two families are supporting and praising each other. Chelsea Clinton took to Twitter Monday to defend 11-year-old Barron Trump from harsh criticism of his clothing choices by a conservative website, which was soon followed...

After Website Blasts Barron's Clothes, Chelsea Goes to Bat

Clinton daughter stands up for first son after Daily Caller ripped his attire choice

(Newser) - If anyone understands what it's like to be a first child living in the White House, it's Chelsea Clinton. So it's not surprising she was one of many who came to Barron Trump's defense after a conservative website dressed him down—for wearing khaki shorts and...

Duterte's Comeback to Chelsea Clinton Jab: Monica Lewinsky

Former first daughter went after leader of Philippines after his comment about rape

(Newser) - Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has denounced the daughter of former President Clinton after she criticized a comment he made about rapes committed by soldiers, the AP reports. Chelsea Clinton had reacted to Duterte's rape comment last week, in which he told troops he would take responsibility for any crimes...

Chelsea Clinton Addresses Rumors of Her Political Ambitions

'Rather hysterical'

(Newser) - "I am not running for public office," Chelsea Clinton tells Variety . After her mother's loss to President Trump and with the rise of her own public persona, political pundits have been wondering if it's Chelsea Clinton's turn to try her hand at the family business,...

Chelsea Clinton's Kids' Book: She Persisted

It's out May 30

(Newser) - Chelsea Clinton's newfound visibility continues: The former first daughter is publishing a children's book called She Persisted. Clinton borrowed the phrase from the line Mitch McConnell used to silence Elizabeth Warren, " Nevertheless, she persisted ," which has since become a rallying cry for Democrats. The picture book...

Chelsea Takes on Trump on His Favorite Platform: Twitter

Former first daughter has been lighting up her Twitter account

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton has occasionally emerged from semi-seclusion to zing President Trump on Twitter , but it's another Clinton who's really having at the president. Politico reports that Chelsea Clinton (who the site notes used to keep her tweets trained on more "anodyne" subjects ) has been fired up...

Chelsea Clinton, Do Not Run for Office
Chelsea Clinton,
Do Not Run for Office

Chelsea Clinton, Do Not Run for Office

Columnist explains why that would be a disastrous idea

(Newser) - Chelsea Clinton has been increasingly vocal on Twitter of late, slamming President Trump and his advisers alike. Of course, that has led to a slew of speculation that Clinton plans to get into politics—and over at the Observer , Michael Sainato says that if she does, it "would be...

Chelsea Clinton: Let Barron Be a Kid

She speaks out after Trump son mocked

(Newser) - Chelsea Clinton was 12 years old when she moved to the White House and she wishes people would just leave Barron Trump alone. "Barron Trump deserves the chance every child does-to be a kid," she tweeted Sunday, two days after the 10-year-old Trump son—who will be the...

Chelsea Clinton Has Words for Donald Trump

After Trump was proud he didn't bring up Bill's 'indiscretions' in front of her

(Newser) - After Monday's debate, Donald Trump noted that "everything I wanted to say I got out, except for the transgressions of Bill [Clinton]." He explained that he didn't want to bring up Gennifer Flowers or Monica Lewinsky "with Chelsea in the room," and that he...

Chelsea Clinton Gets 'Mom-Shamed'
Chelsea Clinton
Gets 'Mom-Shamed'

Chelsea Clinton Gets 'Mom-Shamed'

UK paper posts snaps of husband and nanny dropping off daughter at school

(Newser) - Chelsea Clinton is the latest target of internet shaming—for skipping her daughter's first day of preschool. In what Slate is calling a "side-eyed takedown," the Daily Mail published a series of photos of Clinton's husband, Marc Mezvinsky, and nanny with 2-year-old Charlotte. "It takes...

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