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This 1.6K-Mile Trek Could Earn You $5K

The 1,600-mile 'Carson City to Canada Quest' will pay 2 lucky people to document their journey

(Newser) - Up for a good hike? Slip on those Tevas and head for the border. That's what two participants in the "Carson City to Canada Quest" will be doing next year, and organizers say they'll even pay those ambitious trekkers $5,000 each when they complete the arduous...

CDC Solves Mystery of Norovirus on Hiking Trail

Virus often associated with cruise ships found a way to spread in the great outdoors

(Newser) - Even in the great outdoors, people aren't safe from norovirus, the nasty stomach bug that plagued the popular Pacific Crest Trail last year. Now, the CDC knows why. NPR reports that a remote log cabin where backpackers stopped to use the restroom was the culprit in spreading the illness....

His Time for Legendary Trail Is 'Mind-Boggling'
He Finished Legendary Trail
in 'Mind-Boggling' Time
the rundown

He Finished Legendary Trail in 'Mind-Boggling' Time

(Newser) - Hiking the entire Pacific Crest Trail is quite an accomplishment. As Outside notes, only about 20% who try are successful. Hiking the 2,655-mile trail in only one season? Amazing. Doing it in 51 days? "Mind-boggling," says an official with the PCT Association. In fact, it appears to...

Pacific Crest Trail Hiker's Adventure Turns to Tragedy
Pacific Crest Trail Hiker's
Trek Turns to Tragedy

Pacific Crest Trail Hiker's Trek Turns to Tragedy

A look at the death of 22-year-old Trevor Laher in 'Alta'

(Newser) - It's difficult to know exactly how many people have died on the famed Pacific Crest Trail since it was completed in 1993, but Louise Farr at Alta estimates the figure could be as high as 20. Her story, however, focuses only on the most recent of those—the death...

2 Hikers Aim to Finish Coveted 'Triple Crown'

Stanford pair hope to be youngest to hike 3 mammoth trails in one calendar year

(Newser) - Two Stanford students started hiking on New Year's Day and don't plan to stop for the better part of a year—all part of their goal to become the youngest hikers to claim the "Calendar Year Triple Crown," reports the Los Angeles Times . In other words,...

She Couldn't Sleep at Night. Her Worries Saved Hiker's Life

Nancy Abell's 911 call saves German hiker on Pacific Crest Trail

(Newser) - Katharina Groene was near death—wet, dehydrated, showing signs of hypothermia, and eating a ration of one Pop-Tart per day. She was down to the last 200 miles of the 2,650-mile Pacific Crest Trail earlier this week when she pulled out her phone and recorded an apology for those...

The Pacific Crest Trail Is Insanely Crowded

Thanks to Cheryl Strayed and 'Wild'

(Newser) - Hikers on the Pacific Crest Trail can expect to encounter harsh-but-beautiful landscapes, extreme fatigue, and—these days, at least—traffic. "You can’t talk about the Pacific Crest Trail without mentioning the crowds," Pete Brook writes for Outside . He should know: Brook currently is trekking the 2,650-mile...

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