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Gold Star Father Who Sparred With Trump Gets a Biden Post

Khizr Khan has been appointed by president to US Commission on International Religious Freedom

(Newser) - A Gold Star father who became a household name after sparring with Donald Trump in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election has received a post courtesy of Trump's successor in the White House. CNN reports that President Biden has named Khizr Khan, a Muslim immigrant and Virginia attorney...

Trump Signs Bill Honoring Critic's Son

Charlottesville post office will be renamed in honor of Bronze Star recipient Humayun Khan

(Newser) - A post office in Charlottesville, Va., is the unlikely setting for a detente between President Trump and longtime critic Khizr Khan , reports the Daily Progress . Trump signed a bill on Friday renaming a branch the Captain Humayun Khan Post Office, after Khan's son, who was killed in the Iraq...

As FBI Agent Testifies, 'Absolute Chaos' Ensues
As FBI Agent Testifies,
'Absolute Chaos' Ensues
the rundown

As FBI Agent Testifies, 'Absolute Chaos' Ensues

Peter Strzok gets grilled by Republicans on Capitol Hill, and fires back

(Newser) - The FBI agent who got caught up in a texting scandal over his views about President Trump testified on Capitol Hill on Thursday, and it was volatile from the very start. "Heated and sometimes chaotic" is how the Washington Post describes it, and the AP had the same vibe...

Congressional Black Caucus Wants Kelly to Apologize
17 Black Female Lawmakers
Call on Kelly to Apologize

17 Black Female Lawmakers Call on Kelly to Apologize

They accuse him of telling 'blatant lies' about Frederica Wilson

(Newser) - The John Kelly-Frederica Wilson controversy moved up a level Sunday when most of the black women in Congress called for Trump's chief of staff to apologize to the Florida lawmaker. Some 17 female members of the Congressional Black Caucus issued a statement calling for Kelly to "take responsibility"...

How John Kelly's Trump Defense Is Being Received
How John Kelly's
Trump Defense Is
Being Received
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How John Kelly's Trump Defense Is Being Received

Congresswoman he criticized accuses him of using 'racist term'

(Newser) - White House chief of staff John Kelly made a rare foray into the national spotlight on Thursday with his emotional defense of President Trump's call to a fallen soldier's family. Kelly's own son was killed serving in Afghanistan, lending his words a powerful impact, and the four-star...

Khizr Khan's 'Travel Privileges' Claim Causes Confusion

Lawyers aren't sure 'what the heck he is talking about'

(Newser) - Gold Star father Khizr Khan's claim that he couldn't deliver a talk in Canada because of a warning that his " travel privileges are being reviewed" is causing a lot of confusion. Khan—a leading Trump critic who has spoken out strongly against the administration's travel bans—...

Khizr Khan Says 'Travel Privileges' Under Review

He says he had to cancel talk in Canada

(Newser) - Gold Star father and prominent President Trump critic Khizr Khan has called off a speech he was due to deliver in Canada because "his travel privileges are being reviewed," the organizer of the Toronto talk says. Khan, a Pakistani-American lawyer who has been a US citizen for more...

Clinton Picks Up Big GOP Endorsement
 Clinton Picks Up 
 Big GOP Endorsement 

Clinton Picks Up Big GOP Endorsement

Trump spokeswoman blames Obama for Khan death in 2004

(Newser) - Another prominent Republican has endorsed Hillary Clinton, and this one might sting Donald Trump more than most: Meg Whitman, a major GOP donor, says she now plans to raise funds for his rival. "I will vote for Hillary, I will talk to my Republican friends about helping her, and...

Donald Trump Refuses to Endorse Paul Ryan

He also won't be supporting John McCain in his primary election

(Newser) - In what the Washington Post calls an "extraordinary breach of political decorum," Donald Trump isn't endorsing Paul Ryan in his Wisconsin primary battle. Trump tells the Post he's "not quite there yet" when it comes to backing Ryan. Trump may be getting his revenge on...

Day 4 of Attacks From Both Sides in Trump-Khan Feud
Day 4 of Attacks From Both Sides in Trump-Khan Feud
the rundown

Day 4 of Attacks From Both Sides in Trump-Khan Feud

John McCain weighs in, as do Trump's defenders

(Newser) - If the statement from Mike Pence lauding Humayun Khan as an "American hero" was intended to put an end to the controversy over the fallen US Muslim soldier, it hasn't done the trick. Among the developments Monday:
  • John McCain weighed in: "In recent days, Donald Trump disparaged

Mike Pence Wades Into Trump-Khan Controversy

Fallen Muslim soldier is 'American hero,' says VP candidate

(Newser) - Vice presidential candidate Mike Pence appears to be trying to calm the controversy that erupted over the weekend in the wake of Donald Trump's back and forth with the parents of a fallen US Muslim soldier. "Donald Trump and I believe that Captain Humayun Khan is an American...

Khizr Khan: Trump ‘a Person Without a Soul'

'This is a person without empathy' who is 'unfit' for the presidency

(Newser) - The father of a Muslim-American soldier killed in the line of duty and the Republican presidential nominee continue to lob verbal bombs at each other, with Khizr Kahn dismissing Donald Trump's attack on his wife as being "typical of a person without a soul." Kahn is digging...

Trump to Khizr Khan: 'I've Made a Lot of Sacrifices'

Trump responds to blistering speech from father of slain Muslim-American soldier

(Newser) - The speech by Khizr Khan , the father of a Muslim-American Army captain killed in Iraq, was hailed as a high point of this week's Democratic National Convention. In the speech, Khan called out Donald Trump for his proposed Muslim ban and for having "sacrificed nothing and no one"...

Dad of Slain US Muslim Soldier Offers Trump His Constitution
 Dad of Slain US Muslim Soldier 
 Offers Trump His Constitution 
democratic convention

Dad of Slain US Muslim Soldier Offers Trump His Constitution

Khizr Khan says GOP nominee routinely smears Muslims

(Newser) - The father of a Muslim American soldier who was killed fighting in Iraq got a rousing ovation Thursday at the Democratic convention when he invoked his son's memory—and pulled a copy of the Constitution from his pocket for Donald Trump. "I will gladly lend you my copy,...

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