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He Mountain Biked an Iconic 27-Mile Trail—Uphill

Inside Braydon Bringhurst's wild feat on the Whole Enchilada

(Newser) - "Oh my gosh, dude. It's one of the hardest things I've ever done." That's how Braydon Bringhurst put it to his camera man after completing a challenge that's all but unfathomable to almost every human on the planet: biking up the Whole Enchilada. As...

They Witnessed Executions. Here's How It Changed Them
They Worked
on an Execution,
and Suffered for It

They Worked on an Execution, and Suffered for It

Those who saw a prison execution tell NPR they do not support the death penalty

(Newser) - Four executions were carried out in the US this week . While the names of the condemned and some of the details of their final moments are known, there's an entire group of people that the same can't be said for: those who prepare for and carry out the...

Their Survival May Change How You Think About Cows

Atavist explores how 3 of them swept out to sea in a hurricane somehow lived

(Newser) - Cows can swim, of course, as anyone who has seen a Western or read about cattle drives can attest. But swimming across a river or calm water is one thing. It's "quite another to swim through a hurricane," writes JB MacKinnon at the Atavist . His story digs...

Brendan Fraser Would Decline One Awards-Show Invite

If he's invited to the Golden Globes, he'll RSVP 'no'

(Newser) - Brendan Fraser has transformed from a Hollywood ghost to a whale of a commanding actor, with plenty of Oscar buzz swirling around his name thanks to his performance in Darren Aronofsky's The Whale. Zach Baron checks in with him in a GQ cover story and wastes little time in...

Can Magic Mushrooms Help Heal Spinal Injuries?
Can Magic Mushrooms
Help Heal Spinal Injuries?

Can Magic Mushrooms Help Heal Spinal Injuries?

It's all about neuroplasticity

(Newser) - In 2014, Jim Harris broke nine vertebrae and was paralyzed from the chest down following a snowkiting accident in Chile. After surgery and months of physical therapy, he recovered enough to hobble around with a walker, but he still couldn’t get his right hamstring to "wake up."...

The Donovans Put the Fictional Roys to Shame
The Donovans Put the
Fictional Roys to Shame

The Donovans Put the Fictional Roys to Shame

Riches, gunshots, and deception all factor into this profile

(Newser) - If you're eagerly awaiting the next season of Succession, here's something to tide you over: a profile of John Donovan and his five children. It's a doozy. As Ian Frisch explicitly points out in his piece for Town & Country , the Donovans rank as one of Massachusetts'...

A New Option After Death: Human Composting
A New Option After Death:
Human Composting

A New Option After Death: Human Composting

It's more technically known as natural organic reduction, or NOR

(Newser) - "It would be such a wonderful thing for me—to be able to just walk through [my garden] and be like, 'Oh, hi, Mom,'" Rachel Gerberding told her dying mother. She wasn't talking about somehow burying her there. She was thinking of composting her mom—...

They Hid in the School Bathroom. Then the Shooter Entered

Keegan Gregory faced death and survived

(Newser) - If you find yourself growing numb to the stories of school shootings, Michael Rosenberg's deep dive into the Oxford High School shooting for Sports Illustrated will give you a jolt. He focuses on a victim who wasn't shot, but who was deeply, deeply wounded: then-freshman Keegan Gregory. The...

They Couldn't Get a Mortgage. Divvy Helped—Maybe

The rent-to-own startup has some unhappy customers

(Newser) - Divvy was partly born out of the American dream realized, or so writes Ainsley Harris for Fast Company . Co-founder and CEO Adena Hefets is the daughter of an Israeli immigrant who "lucked into homeownership through seller financing, after being denied a mortgage," and then was able to help...

Jerry Lee Lewis' Life Was Even Wilder Than You Knew

Bill Wyman gives us an incredible portrait at 'Vulture'

(Newser) - Jerry Lee Lewis' Friday death brought a sea of tributes and obits , none quite like the one penned by Bill Wyman for Vulture . Wyman's in-depth write-up has it all: details from Lewis' youth, a recounting of how he first got signed to Sun Records (when he and his father...

In Public, a Warrior. At Home, a Fragile Kid
In Public, a Warrior.
At Home, a Fragile Kid

In Public, a Warrior. At Home, a Fragile Kid

'Washington Post' profiles 10-year-old Uvalde survivor Caitlyne Gonzales

(Newser) - She has become, writes John Woodrow Cox in the Washington Post , the "most public survivor" of the Uvalde school shooting that took the lives of 19 of her classmates and two of her teachers. Cox describes 10-year-old Caitlyne Gonzales as "a portrait of resilience, a 4-foot-8, 75-pound embodiment...

A Doctor Reported Child Abuse. What Followed Was Worse

'The Cut' shares the story of Maya Kowalski and her parents

(Newser) - Dr. Sally Smith for years worked as a child-abuse pediatrician who headed up the child-protection team in Pinellas County, Florida. She retired in July, and recapped a grim career that included seeing "dozens of children who were literally beaten to death." And in the roughly 3,000 cases...

The Cardboard Box Just Got Political
The Cardboard Box
Just Got Political

The Cardboard Box Just Got Political

ProPublica reports on how owners of giant Uline have become No. 1 GOP donors

(Newser) - If asked to name the No. 1 federal campaign donors to Republicans ahead of the midterms, it's possible that even veteran political observers would get it wrong: The correct answer is Dick and Liz Uihlein of Illinois, reports ProPublica . The Uihleins run the giant private company Uline, which supplies...

A Patient's Lawsuit Shook the Field of Psychiatry
A Patient's Lawsuit Shook
the Field of Psychiatry

A Patient's Lawsuit Shook the Field of Psychiatry

Book excerpt explores how case pitted psychoanalysis vs. new world of antidepressants

(Newser) - In 1979, a 41-year-old kidney doctor named Ray Osheroff checked into the renowned Chestnut Lodge psychiatric institution in Maryland because he was suffering from depression. As Rachel Aviv recounts in her book Strangers to Ourselves: Unsettled Minds and the Stories That Make Us—excerpted in the Guardian —there was...

Her Runaway Daughter Met an Unthinkable Fate
Her Runaway Daughter
Met an Unthinkable Fate

Her Runaway Daughter Met an Unthinkable Fate

Cecile Gaspar didn't learn what happened to 14-year-old Wendy until 2020

(Newser) - In August 1983, Cecile Gaspar's 14-year-old daughter ran away from her Colorado home. Again. Gaspar had grown accustomed to her teen's penchant for taking off, which Gaspar chalked up to Wendy Stephens going through a rebellious period after falling in with a new crowd, writes Leah Worthington for...

He Signed $400K Deal for Home, Was Told to Pay Another $100K

'Toronto Life' explores the chaotic world of Ontario real estate

(Newser) - Toronto is certainly not the only city in recent years to experience a building boom and soaring home prices. Nor is it the only place whose construction industry was upended by pandemic-related supply and labor crunches. But the greater Toronto area had a shortage of affordable housing long before the...

He Won the Lottery Over and Over, Swears by His System
His $30M in Lottery Wins
Came With a Big Catch

His $30M in Lottery Wins Came With a Big Catch

'Atlantic' tells the troubled tale of Michigan's Viktor Gjonaj, now broke and in jail

(Newser) - Talk to Viktor Gjonaj, and he'll swear he cracked the lottery system. Starting in 2017, the Michigan real estate broker began collecting pot after pot from daily drawings in the state lottery—nearly $30 million in all, recounts Jeff Maysh in the Atlantic . His "system" is a complicated...

A Penniless Baroness Sits in a Hospital Bed in NYC
A Penniless Baroness Sits
in a Hospital Bed in NYC

A Penniless Baroness Sits in a Hospital Bed in NYC

The 'NYT' pieces together what it can about Birgit Thyssen-Bornemisza

(Newser) - "She had spent decades working to be invisible, to avoid ties to institutions, public or private. Now it was catching up to her." So write George Rush and John Leland in a fascinating piece for the New York Times on Birgit Thyssen-Bornemisza, an 80-year-old German baroness whose stepfather...

This Gone Girl Cruise Was Weirder Than You Could Imagine

There was no murder mystery, but grisly photos were shown

(Newser) - If it sounds more like fiction than reality, it was, kind of: an eight-day "Gone Girl Cruise" hosted by the author of the book of the same name. For Imogen West-Knights, it spurred questions, among them, "How can a cruise be themed around a book about a woman...

There Were Rules on Handling Asbestos. They Were Ignored

ProPublica takes a deep dive on US' inaction on banning carcinogen, effect on chem plant workers

(Newser) - Each year, hundreds of tons of asbestos arrive in the US from Brazil, most of it destined for two big chemical companies: Olin Corporation and OxyChem, which use the cancer-causing fibrous minerals to help produce chlorine. The US still hasn't banned asbestos, despite dozens of other nations doing so,...

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