Golden Gate Bridge

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After Nearly 2K Suicides, Golden Gate Adds Nets

San Francisco effort took nearly a decade

(Newser) - Kevin Hines regretted jumping off San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge the moment his hands released the rail and he plunged the equivalent of 25 stories into the Pacific Ocean, breaking his back. Hines survived his suicide attempt at age 19 in 2000 as he struggled with bipolar disorder, one...

7 First Responders Sickened at Bridge Crash

7 exposed to what authorities believe was fentanyl on San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge

(Newser) - A section of the Golden Gate Bridge was deemed an accident scene, a crime scene, and a hazmat scene in one fell swoop over the weekend after first responders started becoming ill while responding to a car crash. Per KGO , officers got a call just before noon on Sunday about...

Golden Gate Bridge Boosts Security After Insane Stunts

Teens filmed themselves doing backflips atop bridge

(Newser) - The Golden Gate Bridge is beefing up security to prevent others following in the slippery footsteps of two teenagers who climbed the bridge and performed death-defying stunts. In video posted on YouTube, the two 18-year-olds from Wisconsin climb suspension cables before doing backflips and somersaults on a walkway, the San ...

Golden Gate Finally Getting 'Suicide Net'

The $200M project will be finished in 2021

(Newser) - Seven decades after the idea was first hatched, work is beginning on a "suicide net" for the Golden Gate Bridge. One of the country's best-loved landmarks, the San Francisco spot is also a magnet for people seeking to end their lives. There were 40 deaths in 2016 alone,...

'Sharpened' Blow Darts Hit Tourists
'Sharpened' Blow Darts
Hit Tourists

'Sharpened' Blow Darts Hit Tourists

California Highway Patrol calls it baffling

(Newser) - Ah, friendly San Francisco—where two tourists were apparently just attacked by darts fired from a blow gun. The pedestrians were crossing the Golden Gate Bridge on Friday when they were struck by the metal darts, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Seems one victim flagged down a California Highway Patrol...

California to Name Tunnel After Robin Williams

He used to go through 'Rainbow Tunnel' every day

(Newser) - Unless fans of failed 1853 Whig Party gubernatorial candidate William Waldo make a last stand, California will soon be getting a Robin Williams Tunnel. A bill to rename the tunnel, which connects the Golden Gate Bridge to Marin County and was once part of the comedian's daily commute, sailed...

Golden Gate Bridge Taking First-Ever Weekend Off

Bridge will be shut down as traffic median is installed

(Newser) - San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge has apparently banked plenty of PTO hours over the last 77 years—and this weekend it's using 52 of them. Starting at midnight tonight and continuing through 4am Monday, the bridge will be closed to cars so that a movable median barrier can...

Found: Shipwreck of 'Bay Area's Titanic'

City of Rio de Janeiro ship went down in 1901, killing 128

(Newser) - The City of Rio de Janeiro, a passenger ship with 210 passengers and crew aboard, was on the last leg of a journey from China to the US on Feb. 22, 1901, when fog set in and it crashed into rocks at Fort Point off San Francisco, near the Golden...

Divers Find Ghost Ships Near San Francisco

Remote-controlled underwater vehicle explored 3 historic wrecks

(Newser) - Researchers with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration just spent five days uncovering three historic shipwrecks dating back to the decades following the Gold Rush. More than 300 ships are thought to have wrecked in the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary, which spans 1,300 square miles off...

6.0 Quake Shakes San Francisco
 6.0 Napa Quake 
 Injures 120 

6.0 Napa Quake Injures 120

Water mains rupture amid widespread power outages

(Newser) - California Gov. Jerry Brown has declared a state of emergency after a magnitude 6.1 earthquake rolled through the San Francisco area early today, reports the LA Times , in the biggest temblor to hit the region since 1989. It was initially reported at 6.0, and later revised upward by...

Golden Gate Bridge Getting First Suicide Net

Bridge's board of directors approves funding

(Newser) - Golden Gate Bridge directors today took a big step toward eliminating the span's unwanted distinction as the most popular spot in the nation for suicides, reports CNN . The board approved a $76 million project to install a steel safety net that will jut out from both sides of the...

Grandson of SF Suicide Net Advocate Jumps to Death

'It's not the bridge's fault,' says former transit director

(Newser) - Heartbreak for the transit official who spearheaded efforts to install a suicide barrier at the Golden Gate Bridge: His own grandson has become the latest person to leap to his death from the bridge. John Moylan, 86, was the director of the Golden Gate Bridge Transit District when the prevention...

1888 Shipwreck Found in SF Bay

Collision stirred anti-Chinese sentiment

(Newser) - The wreck of a passenger steamer that went down in 1888 with the loss of 16 lives has been found sitting upright on the bed of San Francisco Bay not far from the Golden Gate Bridge. In one of the city's worst maritime disasters, a steamer named the City...

Golden Gate Suicides Hit Record High

Campaigners call for safety net after 46 deaths

(Newser) - A grim new milestone at one of the world's most popular suicide spots: Some 46 people jumped to their deaths from the Golden Gate Bridge last year, it was announced yesterday. That's the most recorded since the San Francisco landmark opened in 1937, per the Chronicle . Campaigners say...

Last Human Toll-Taker Leaves Golden Gate Bridge

Starting today, the span is using an automated system

(Newser) - Starting today, it's a little more efficient and a little less ... human ... to drive across the Golden Gate Bridge. The last toll-taker wrapped up her shift at midnight, paving the way for a fully automated system designed to save millions in the coming years, reports the BBC . Drivers no...

Golden Gate Bridge Losing Human Toll-Takers

Cash will no longer be accepted at end of March

(Newser) - The Golden Gate Bridge is going to feel a little less human starting late next month. The bridge is shifting to an all-electronic toll system, which means the elimination of 32 toll-taker positions, reports the San Jose Mercury News . Drivers who currently pay cash are being encouraged to join the...

Golden Gate Turns 75 in Shadow of Near-Collapse

300K people packed bridge on 50th, but engineers not worried

(Newser) - Twenty-five years ago, 300,000 people swarmed San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge to celebrate the landmark's 50th anniversary. Urban legend has long held there were so many people on the bridge that day, it nearly collapsed. "Then it got kind of scary, because we realized we were...

Teen Girl Survives Plunge From Golden Gate Bridge

2nd teen in 5 weeks survives bridge fall

(Newser) - A 16-year-old girl has become the second teen in five weeks to fall from San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge and survive. The Mercury News talks to the family who initially found her, and waited with her until the Coast Guard arrived Sunday morning. Eric Hall, out for a sail...

Teen Jumps Off Golden Gate Bridge, Survives

Police probe incident as suicide attempt

(Newser) - Call it a miracle: A 17-year-old boy yesterday jumped from the Golden Gate Bridge ... and survived. The teen, who was visiting the bridge on a class field trip, swam to shore with a surfer’s help. He was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive, reports the San ...

Lights Go Out Tomorrow for Earth Hour

Cities across the world flick switches at 8:30pm

(Newser) - Earth Hour returns tomorrow night, with cities across the world turning off the lights at 8:30pm local time. The annual event sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund is in its fourth year and growing quickly. About 30 US state capitals are expected to take part, up from 8 last...

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