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US to Resume Building Border Wall at San Diego Park

Friendship Park barrier will be slightly lower for a stretch, which advocates call a token

(Newser) - The Biden administration agreed to lower part of a border wall planned in the southwest corner of the continental US, advocates said Thursday in dismissing the concession as a token gesture. Opposition prompted a construction pause in August at Friendship Park, which was inaugurated in 1971 by then-first lady Pat...

The 'Wall of Shame' Will Be Demolished

Per the ruling of Peru's Constitutional Court

(Newser) - A "discriminatory" wall is set to come down. That's by order of Peru's Constitutional Court, which ruled a 6-mile long wall in Lima that's nicknamed the "Wall of Shame" must be demolished within 180 days. AFP reports that the initial portion of the wall was...

Arizona Will Take Down Shipping Container Border Wall

White House, Republican governor came to an agreement

(Newser) - Arizona will take down a makeshift wall made of shipping containers at the Mexico border, settling a lawsuit and political tussle with the US government over trespassing on federal lands, the AP reports. The Biden administration and the Republican governor entered into an agreement that Arizona will cease installing the...

Arizona Governor Builds Wall of Shipping Containers on Border
US Sues Arizona Over
Makeshift Border Wall

US Sues Arizona Over Makeshift Border Wall

Justice Department demands removal of shipping containers, compensation for damages

(Newser) - The federal government is suing the state of Arizona over the governor's decision to erect a border wall made of shipping containers. The Justice Department complaint accuses Republican Gov. Doug Ducey and state officials of trespassing on federal lands and asks a court to order the removal of the...

Woman Gets Stuck Climbing Border Wall, Dies

She was upside down for a significant amount of time, authorities say

(Newser) - A 32-year-old woman attempting to climb over a border wall from Mexico into Douglas, Arizona, was killed Monday when she got stuck upside down. The unidentified woman got over the wall and was using a harness to go down the other side, but her foot and leg got tangled and...

Texas Governor Wants to Crowdfund Border Wall

Greg Abbott says state is providing $250M down payment for 'hundreds of miles' of wall

(Newser) - Texas Gov. Greg Abbott wants to build a wall, and he isn't claiming Mexico is going to pay for it. Instead, the Republican is encouraging people to crowdfund a wall along the state's border with Mexico with donations of cash and land, the New York Times reports. The...

GOP Senator Holds Up Confirmation of DHS Nominee

Hawley says Mayorkas wouldn't commit to spending $1.4B on border wall

(Newser) - President-elect Joe Biden’s hopes of quick confirmation of his nominee to lead the Department of Homeland Security have been blocked by a Republican senator. Sen. Josh Hawley said Tuesday that he would block a procedural move to bypass full committee consideration of the nomination of Alejandro Mayorkas to lead...

Trump Autographs Border Wall
Trump Autographs Border Wall

Trump Autographs Border Wall

He slams 'impeachment hoax'

(Newser) - In what is expected to be one of his final trips as president, President Trump visited—and signed—a section of border wall in Alamo, Texas Tuesday. The president used what appeared to be a Sharpie to sign a plaque on the wall before he delivered remarks praising his administration'...

Bannon's Lawyers React to Call for 'Beheadings'
Bannon's Lawyers:
We're Outta Here

Bannon's Lawyers: We're Outta Here

The attorneys say Bannon will 'formally retain new counsel'

(Newser) - Looks like Steve Bannon's lawyers aren't too thrilled with the whole "beheading" thing, Law & Crime reports. In fact, they asked a judge Friday to delay a hearing because they want out. "Mr. Bannon is in the process of retaining new counsel, and [the law firm]...

Steve Bannon Was Arrested on a Yacht
Trump Responds
to Bannon Arrest
the rundown

Trump Responds to Bannon Arrest

President calls it 'very sad,' adds he never liked premise of crowdfunding a border wall

(Newser) - The details are filling in on the surprise arrest of Steve Bannon Thursday morning on accusations that he and others ripped off donors who gave money to their "We Build the Wall" online campaign. The central allegation: Bannon and three other defendants “defrauded hundreds of thousands of donors,...

Trump: Border Wall 'Stopped Everything'

'It stopped COVID,' he says during Arizona visit

(Newser) - President Trump visited the US-Mexico border Tuesday and tried to credit his new wall with stopping both illegal immigration and the coronavirus. But his visit played out as top public health officials in Washington were testifying about the ongoing threat posed by COVID-19, singling out Arizona as one of the...

Trump-Touted Firm Wins $1.28B Border Wall Contract

Fisher Sand and Gravel will get $1.28B to build 42 miles of wall near Tucson

(Newser) - A company favored by President Trump, which is the subject of an ongoing Defense Department inspector general review, has been awarded the biggest border wall construction contract yet, valued at $1.275 billion. CEO Tommy Fisher of North Dakota-based Fisher Sand and Gravel pushed his company’s design on conservative...

Trump Wants Border Wall Painted Black. That'll Be Pricey

'Washington Post' reports it could cost $500M—or more

(Newser) - President Trump has for years expressed a desire to have the border wall bollards painted black, arguing that will make it look more imposing and will also cause it to be too hot to touch in the summer. While military commanders and border officials thought they had talked him out...

Pregnant Teen Dies Trying to Climb Border Wall

Smugglers left Guatemalan couple at wall

(Newser) - A 19-year-old pregnant woman from Guatemala died this week from injuries suffered when she fell trying to climb the US border wall near El Paso, Texas, US and Guatemalan authorities said Thursday. Guatemala identified the woman as Mirian Stephany Girón Luna. Medical personnel tried to deliver her baby but...

Pentagon Diverts Military Aircraft Funds to Border Wall

Lawmakers from both parties slam move to shift $3.8B in military spending

(Newser) - "I'm going to build a wall and divert funds from military aircraft to pay for it" isn't exactly what President Trump promised in 2016—but he is likely to at least have some progress in wall construction to point to during this year's election. The Pentagon...

Border Wall Section Topples Into Mexico

Officials cite wet concrete, high winds

(Newser) - A newly installed section of border wall toppled over onto the Mexican side amid high winds Wednesday. Steel barriers had been erected between Mexicali and Calexico, Calif., but a concrete base had not yet cured when the 30-foot-high panels fell onto trees lining a parallel street, reports the Guardian . "...

House Hands Trump a Border Fence Victory

Passes $1.4T federal spending package that includes funding

(Newser) - The Democratic-controlled House voted Tuesday to pass a $1.4 trillion government-wide spending package, handing President Trump a victory on his US-Mexico border fence while giving Democrats spending increases across a swath of domestic programs, the AP reports. The hard-fought legislation also funds a record Pentagon budget and is serving...

Judge Rules Against Trump Administration in Border Wall Case

Federal judge says $3.6B in Pentagon funds can't be diverted to wall construction

(Newser) - The secretary of defense in September authorized the diverting of $3.6 billion in Pentagon funds to build the border wall, but on Tuesday, a federal judge in Texas blocked the Trump administration from doing that, CNN reports. El Paso County, Texas, and Border Network for Human Rights had sued...

President Trump Gives Jared Kushner a New Mission

Sources say son-in-law now in charge of border wall

(Newser) - President Trump's son-in-law, whose previous assignments in the Trump administration have included overseeing the Middle East peace process, reforming the criminal justice system, solving the nation's opioid crisis, and overhauling federal bureaucracy , has got a new mission, insiders say. Sources tell the Washington Post that Jared Kushner is...

Trump on Report of Smugglers Sawing Wall: 'It's Easily Fixed'

'Virtually impenetrable' wall is apparently no match for a $100 reciprocating saw, per reports

(Newser) - President Trump has boasted that new sections of border wall are "virtually impossible" to climb—a claim that one engineer recently put to the test , with the results not exactly backing up the president . Now, a new issue has cropped up, with US agents and current and former administration...

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