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Ilhan Omar May Face Censure Over Israel Comment

Congresswoman suggested some Jewish students are 'pro-genocide'

(Newser) - Ilhan Omar—one of the few Muslims in Congress—may face censure over comments she made in regard to the Israel-Hamas war, reports Axios . GOP Rep. Don Bacon tells the outlet he's working on a censure measure after the Democratic Omar suggested some Jewish students in the US were...

Ilhan Omar's Daughter Arrested at Campus Protest

Isra Hirsi took part in encampment at Columbia University

(Newser) - Ilhan Omar's 21-year-old daughter was arrested and suspended from college after participating in pro-Palestinian protests. Isra Hirsi, who attends the private liberal arts school Barnard College in Manhattan, was participating in a "Gaza Solidarity Encampment" at Columbia University, Barnard's partner school which is located across the street....

'The Squad' Gets Security Briefing Amid Increased Threats

Threats against progressive lawmakers are up, sources say

(Newser) - Since the Hamas attack on Israel, threats against some of the most progressive lawmakers have seen a "major uptick," according to the sources who spoke to Politico . Members of the House of Representatives' so-called "Squad" and other left-wing Democrats, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida...

Ilhan Omar Called 'Unfit to Serve' After Israel Comments

3 members of the Squad accuse Israel of operating an apartheid state

(Newser) - Rep. Ilhan Omar, a member of "the Squad" in the House of Representatives and one of the first two Muslim women elected to Congress , on Monday took to social media to decry Israel's response to the attack by Hamas. Omar, who supports the Palestinian cause and has a...

House GOP Ousts Democrat Omar From Major Committee

Republicans cite her anti-Israel comments, while Democrats see move as 'political revenge'

(Newser) - House Republicans voted after a raucous debate Thursday to oust Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar from the chamber's major Foreign Affairs Committee, reports the AP . House Speaker Kevin McCarthy was able to solidify Republican support against Omar in the new Congress, although some GOP lawmakers had expressed reservations. Removal of...

Ilhan Omar Speaks Out After Kevin McCarthy's Threats

McCarthy says he'll remove her from House Foreign Affairs Committee

(Newser) - Ilhan Omar isn't taking Kevin McCarthy's threats lying down. McCarthy, currently the House Minority Leader, on Sunday repeated a previously-made promise to remove the Democrat representative from at least one of her committee posts if he's elected House Speaker once Republicans take the majority next year, the...

Ilhan Omar Ekes Out Primary Win
'Squad' Member
Ekes Out Primary Win

'Squad' Member Ekes Out Primary Win

Ilhan Omar's race was closer than expected

(Newser) - Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, a member of the progressive Squad, eked out a closer-than-expected Democratic primary victory Tuesday against a centrist challenger who questioned the incumbent's support for the “defund the police" movement, the AP reports. The evening went far smoother for another progressive, Becca Balint, who won...

Lawmaker's Rejoinder Begins With a Grammar Fix
New Target of Greene's
Wrath: a Fellow Republican
the rundown

New Target of Greene's Wrath: a Fellow Republican

And GOP Rep. Nancy Mace fires back, first by correcting her colleague's grammar flub

(Newser) - GOP Rep. Nancy Mace of South Carolina is making all kinds of headlines this week, some for getting caught up in a dispute between fellow lawmakers and some for TV appearances in which she was accused of being two-faced on COVID. The details:
  • Criticism: On Sunday, Mace criticized fellow GOP

Omar, Boebert Argue Apology in a Tense Call and Afterward

Members' conversation about anti-Muslim story doesn't settle the issue

(Newser) - After Rep. Lauren Boebert told an anecdote about mistaking Rep. Ilhan Omar for a terrorist , House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy suggested the Colorado Republican call the offended Democrat and just talk it out. Boebert and Omar talked Monday, but the conversation didn't defuse the situation, the Hill reports. Afterward,...

Omar Doesn't Find Boebert's Anti-Muslim Story Funny

Colorado Republican apologizes in post after video draws outrage

(Newser) - Just a week after the House dealt with Rep. Paul Gosar's cartoon attack on a Democratic colleague, another Republican member has drawn outrage with an apparent joke about Rep. Ilhan Omar being a suspected terrorist. Rep. Lauren Boebert made the remark, which elicited laughter and applause, to an audience...

Rep. Omar's Remarks Cause Uproar Among Democrats

They accuse her of likening US, Israel to Taliban, Hamas

(Newser) - Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar defended herself Thursday after taking flak from members of her own party over a remark mentioning the US and Israel in the same breath as the Taliban and Hamas. "We have seen unthinkable atrocities committed by the US, Hamas, Israel, Afghanistan, and the Taliban,"...

Rep. Says She Is Drawing Up Articles of Impeachment
Democrats Call
for Trump's Removal

Democrats Call for Trump's Removal

Rep. Ilhan Omar says she is drawing up articles of impeachment

(Newser) - US Representative Ilhan Omar said Wednesday that she is drawing up articles of impeachment against President Trump, the Guardian reports. "Donald J. Trump should be impeached by the House of Representatives & removed from office by the United States Senate," the Minnesota Democrat tweeted . "We can't...

Ilhan Omar Hits Back at Trump: 'Firstly, This Is My Country'

Democratic rep responds after Trump attacks her at Pennsylvania rally

(Newser) - President Trump held yet another campaign rally Tuesday night, this time in Pennsylvania, and he took the chance to hurl new, unprovoked criticism at one of his frequent targets: Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar. "She's telling us how to run our country," Trump complained to the not-socially-distanced crowd...

Another 'Squad' Member Squashes Primary Challenge

Ilhan Omar easily fends off well-funded opponent

(Newser) - Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota survived a stiff Democratic primary challenge Tuesday from a well-funded opponent who tried to make an issue of her national celebrity, the latest in a string of victories by a new generation of emboldened progressive lawmakers. Omar, seeking her second term in November, easily defeated...

COVID-19 Hits Home for Rep. Ilhan Omar

Congresswoman reveals her father has died from complications

(Newser) - It is "with tremendous sadness and pain" that Rep. Ilhan Omar has announced the death of her father due to complications from COVID-19. "No words can describe what he meant to me and all who knew him," the Minnesota congresswoman said in a statement late Monday, per...

Ilhan Omar Marries Consultant After Affair Accusations

Lawmaker filed for divorce in October, after new husband's wife accused him of an affair

(Newser) - US Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota has married a political consultant who worked for her, months after the two were accused of having an affair, which she denied. A marriage license filed in Washington, DC, shows Omar married political consultant Tim Mynett on Wednesday. Omar announced her new marriage Wednesday...

'Hanging' Tweet Costs Omar Foe Her Account

Republican had spread an untrue conspiracy theory on Twitter

(Newser) - A Republican hoping to unseat Rep. Ilhan Omar has lost her Twitter account. Danielle Stella posted on her Facebook page, which is still active, that she was "permanently banned on Twitter" for posting that if an accusation against Omar is proven, "she should be tried for treason and...

A Month After Filing, Ilhan Omar's Divorce Is Final

Congresswoman cited an 'irretrievable breakdown' of her marriage

(Newser) - Rep. Ilhan Omar has officially divorced from her husband in Minnesota, just a month after she filed a petition saying there was an "irretrievable breakdown" in their marriage, the AP reports. Omar and Ahmed Hirsi had been married since January 2018 but were longtime partners. Omar says Hirsi is...

Bogus Image of Ilhan Omar Puts Critic in Hot Water

ND's Oley Larsen tweets photo purporting to show her at al-Qaeda camp; it's not her

(Newser) - Rep. Ilhan Omar has condemned a Republican state senator from North Dakota who posted a long-debunked photo on his Facebook page that purports to show the Minnesota Democrat holding a weapon at an al-Qaeda training camp. The photo was taken before Omar was even born. Omar, a naturalized US citizen...

AOC Has Picked Her Candidate: Report

And it's Bernie Sanders

(Newser) - Bernie Sanders said at Tuesday night's Democratic debate that he will be joined by a "special guest" at his "Bernie's Back" rally in Queens on Saturday. Anybody expecting Paul Simon will be disappointed: Sources tell the Washington Post that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will appear at the...

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