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In Alabama, an Unusual Test of Trump's Influence

Former president initially endorsed Mo Brooks in Senate race, then unendorsed him

(Newser) - A handful of states are holding contests Tuesday at the midpoint of a primary season that has been shaped by former President Trump's effort to influence the GOP, per the AP . Nowhere is that more in evidence than in Alabama, where GOP Rep. Mo Brooks and fellow Republican Katie...

Mo Brooks Fires Back After Trump Yanks Endorsement

He says Trump kept asking him to rescind 2020 election

(Newser) - After former President Trump withdrew his endorsement of Rep. Mo Brooks in Alabama's Republican Senate primary Wednesday, the lawmaker fired back with a troubling allegation: He said the former president is still trying to get his 2020 election loss overturned and raised the issue as recently as last week,...

Trump Slams Former Ally as 'Woke,' Pulls Endorsement

He didn't like Rep. Mo Brooks' remarks about moving on from the 2020 election

(Newser) - The logo on Rep. Mo Brooks' Senate campaign website boasts "Endorsed by Trump," but it's going to need an update: Donald Trump has pulled his endorsement of the Alabama lawmaker, who was long one of his staunchest allies. The former president said he was withdrawing his endorsement...

Brooks Wore Body Armor to Speak at Jan. 6 Rally

Mo Brooks says he was warned of potential trouble days earlier

(Newser) - After a mob of then-President Trump supporters stormed the Capitol after his Jan. 6 rally, Capitol police officers said they were underequipped and warnings of potential violence had not been passed on. But Rep. Mo Brooks, who spoke at the rally, was prepared for trouble. "I was warned on...

DOJ to Mo Brooks: Sorry, Can't Help You on Jan. 6 Suit

Agency says Ala. congressman can be sued by colleague over pre-Capitol riot speech he made

(Newser) - If Mo Brooks was hoping to wiggle out of a lawsuit brought against him by a colleague in the House of Representatives, he's not getting any help from the Justice Department. In a court filing Tuesday, the DOJ said a complaint brought by Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell of California...

Congressman Sues Another, Things Get Weird

Eric Swalwell serves Mo Brooks with a lawsuit

(Newser) - Rep. Eric Swalwell, a Democrat, filed a lawsuit in March accusing former President Trump and his allies, including Donald Trump Jr. and Rudy Giuliani, of inciting the January 6 mob attack on the US Capitol. Now, Swalwell has finally served the last person named in the suit—his fellow congressman,...

Swalwell Suit: Trump Was 'Delighted' About Capitol Riot

Congressman also names Donald Trump Jr., Rudy Giuliani, Rep. Mo Brooks in complaint

(Newser) - Fallout from the attack at the US Capitol continues, this time with a new lawsuit against Donald Trump from another Democratic congressman. Last month, a complaint was filed by the NAACP on behalf of Rep. Bennie Thompson of Mississippi, claiming the former president—as well as lawyer Rudy Giuliani and...

New Narrative Emerges on Right About Protests

They're blaming antifa for the violence

(Newser) - In the wake of Wednesday's violence in Washington, a new narrative has emerged on the right about what happened. It boils down to this: Don't blame us, blame the far-left activists of antifa. The accusation is that members of the latter group infiltrated pro-Trump protests and turned them...

Reports Suggest Controversial Final Month for Trump
White House Officials
Are Reportedly 'Unnerved'
the rundown

White House Officials Are Reportedly 'Unnerved'

One conservative pundit wants Michael Flynn and Sidney Powell kept away from Trump

(Newser) - For President Trump and his supporters, it's another example of fake news. But a slew of reports about the White House paints a picture of a president pondering radical action over the next month in an attempt to stay in office. Days ago, reports circulated about Trump floating the...

'Abominable': Congressman Links Democrats, Nazis

Mo Brooks isn't alone in calling Hitler a 'socialist'

(Newser) - Politico is pointing out that the National Socialist German Workers' Party, aka the Nazi Party, "was fascist, not socialist—the opposite end of the political universe from socialists" following what it calls an "inane debate" among members of Congress. It began Monday as Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks...

GOP Congressman: Rocks, Silt the Cause of Rising Seas

Erosion is 'primary cause of sea level rise in the history of our planet,' says Mo Brooks

(Newser) - "What about the White Cliffs of Dover?" With that, a member of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology made clear his skepticism about human-driven climate change Wednesday, suggesting rocks falling into the sea accounted for sea level rise. Alabama Republican Mo Brooks responded to a scientist's...

Alabama Senate Race to Reveal Weight of Trump's Influence
Alabama Senate Race a Tough
One for Trump's Favorite

Alabama Senate Race a Tough One for Trump's Favorite

Luther Strange trails candidate Roy Moore

(Newser) - The fight for the Alabama Senate seat previously vacated by Attorney General Jeff Sessions looks poised to go to a Sept. 26 runoff election. But the path there officially kicks off Tuesday with a special election primary in which three candidates will be weeded down to two. President Trump and...

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