Jerry Falwell Jr.

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Falwell: Liberty's Goal Is to Ruin My Reputation

He wants to see university's lawsuit against him dismissed

(Newser) - Jerry Falwell Jr. is asking a court in Virginia to dismiss a lawsuit Liberty University filed over his headline-grabbing departure last year as leader of the evangelical school his father founded. Falwell claims in a court filing that much of Liberty's suit serves only to keep shaming him after...

Liberty Sues Falwell for at Least $30M

Filing cites moral failures, in violation of school policy

(Newser) - The school he used to run requires a commitment to Biblical standards of morality. When Jerry Falwell Jr. covered up his wife's affair with a pool attendant, who demanded money to keep the secret, he violated that agreement, a new lawsuit says. Liberty University sued its former president Thursday...

Jerry Falwell Jr. Sues Liberty
Jerry Falwell Jr.
Sues Liberty

Jerry Falwell Jr. Sues Liberty

Says beloved school 'needlessly injured' his reputation

(Newser) - "Other than God and my family, there is nothing in the world I love more than Liberty University," says Jerry Falwell Jr. And yet he's suing the evangelical school his father founded for defamation and breach of contract, reports NBC News . Falwell resigned as university president in...

Falwell Jr's Wife Called 911: He's Lost 'a Lot of Blood'

But how much does alcohol play a role?

(Newser) - Jerry Falwell Jr's wife called 911 late last month saying he had lost "a lot of blood" in a mishap—but the details are somewhat contested, People reports. The call came only days after Falwell resigned as president of Liberty University amid a sex scandal. On the night...

Cohen: Falwell Endorsed Trump After Topless Photo 'Favor'

Falwell says there was 'no quid pro quo'

(Newser) - Michael Cohen did indeed suppress racy photos of Jerry Falwell Jr.'s wife before getting the evangelical leader to endorse President Trump in 2016, according to Cohen's new book, out Wednesday. In Disloyal: The Memoir, Trump's former fixer says he helped "kill" the photos of a...

Jerry Falwell Jr. Made One Big 'Miscalculation'
Jerry Falwell Jr.
Made One Big

Jerry Falwell Jr. Made One Big 'Miscalculation'

He figured that as long as he kept Liberty U flush with cash, his own behavior wouldn't matter

(Newser) - When Jerry Falwell Jr. resigned as leader of Liberty University amid a sex scandal , critics were quick to call him a hypocrite. But that's not quite right, writes CNN religion editor Daniel Burke. Falwell never claimed the religious authority of his famous father. "He never pretended to be...

'All Facets' of Falwell's Reign at Liberty Under Investigation

Evangelical university considers adding a spiritual leadership position

(Newser) - An outside firm will conduct a sweeping investigation of Jerry Falwell Jr.'s presidency of Liberty University, the evangelical school announced Monday. Falwell resigned last week, taking $10.5 million in severance with him, after a business associate said that he'd had an affair with Falwell's wife,...

Former Liberty Student: Becki Falwell Initiated Sex When I Was 22

He says she performed oral sex on him, 'was the aggressor'

(Newser) - Liberty University students who have premarital sex face expulsion. But one former Liberty student says that the wife of the school's then-president, Jerry Falwell Jr., in 2008 performed oral sex on him when he was 22 and staying over at the Falwells' home after a band practice with their...

Here's How Much Severance Falwell Is Getting

$10.5M, because he's resigning from Liberty University in good standing

(Newser) - Jerry Falwell Jr. has officially resigned from Liberty University, and he told the Washington Post on Tuesday night that he'll get $10.5 million in severance, as specified in his contract. That's because he resigned in good standing, without being formally accused of or admitting to any wrongdoing....

The 'Other Man': Falwell Changed After Trump's Win
The 'Other Man': Falwell
Changed After Trump's Win
the rundown

The 'Other Man': Falwell Changed After Trump's Win

Evangelical figure became 'drunk on power,' alleges Giancarlo Granda

(Newser) - The news about Jerry Falwell Jr. has finally clarified : The evangelical leader tells the Wall Street Journal that he is indeed out as president of Liberty University in Virginia. Falwell says he submitted his resignation to the school's board Monday night after conflicting reports about whether he had or...

Falwell Reportedly Is Resigning From Liberty U

But there appears to be a snag over final negotiations

(Newser) - Some confusion Monday evening on the fate of Jerry Falwell Jr.: An official with evangelical Liberty University said he had agreed to resign amid allegations about his wife's sexual relationship with a much younger business partner, the AP reports. But after the report surfaced, Falwell denied that he'd...

Falwell: 'Roller Coaster' of Hiding Wife's Affair Led to Depression

Former head of Liberty University says wife's former lover threatened them, demanded money

(Newser) - Jerry Falwell Jr. made several different headlines earlier this year, including when he told students they could come back to Liberty University during the pandemic, made a cringey face mask "joke," and stepped down from Liberty after an odd photo of him emerged. Now, in an exclusive statement...

Liberty Picks Interim Leader After Putting Falwell on Leave

Jerry Prevo has been a pastor in Alaska, active in politics and opposed to LGBT rights

(Newser) - Liberty University in Virginia announced Monday that its board had chosen an interim president days after Jerry Falwell Jr. began an indefinite leave of absence during an uproar over a photo he posted on social media. Jerry Prevo, who has served as chairman of the school's board of trustees...

Falwell Takes Leave After Controversy Over Photo

Liberty University asks president to step aside, at least temporarily

(Newser) - Jerry Falwell Jr. has agreed to take an indefinite leave of absence as president and chancellor of Liberty University, the private school his father founded. The university said Friday that it made the request of Falwell, “to which he has agreed, effective immediately." No reason was given, the...

Falwell: Uh, About That Photo
Falwell: Uh, About That Photo

Falwell: Uh, About That Photo

The president of Liberty University responds to uproar over 'unzipped pants' photo

(Newser) - Jerry Falwell Jr.'s last apology was about a face-mask joke . This time, an unexpected photo: "I've apologized to everybody," Falwell said on WLNI 105.9FM, a Virginia radio station. "And I've promised my kids I'm going to try to be—I'm...

Jerry Falwell Jr. Photo Called 'So Gross'

That was Meghan McCain's take, anyway

(Newser) - The week didn't get off to the best start for Liberty University thanks to this Slate article about Black athletes leaving the school. But now these headlines: Ones about the university's president, Jerry Falwell Jr., who allegedly posted a photo of himself on a yacht with his pants...

Jerry Falwell Jr. Just Issued a 'Rare Apology'

Liberty University president says sorry for mask 'joke' using blackface photo linked to Va. governor

(Newser) - Jerry Falwell Jr.'s attempt to make a face mask joke at the expense of his state's governor has backfired—and now it's even prompted what the New York Times calls a "rare apology" and deleted tweet from the Liberty University president. It all started when...

Falwell Says There's Only One Mask He's Going to Wear

It has yearbook picture of Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam in blackface

(Newser) - Jerry Falwell Jr. says that since Virginia's governor has ordered people to wear masks, the only one he's going to wear will have a picture of Gov. Ralph Northam on it—in blackface. The Liberty University president tweeted a photo of the mask Wednesday, which features the controversial...

Liberty University President Wants Journalists Arrested

Photographer, reporter named in warrants following critical articles

(Newser) - The president of Liberty University, who last month suggested the media was inflating the threat of the coronavirus in an effort to damage President Trump, now says warrants have been issued for two journalists who visited his partly re-opened school. Jerry Falwell Jr. said Wednesday that the warrants apply to...

Liberty University Students Are Getting Sick: Report

Falwell was criticized for allowing students back

(Newser) - Liberty University controversially welcomed back students after the spring break—and, as officials feared, some of them may have brought the coronavirus back with them. Dr. Thomas W. Eppes Jr, who runs the evangelical university's student health service, told the New York Times on Friday that at least 11...

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