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Zelensky: Ukraine Has 'Combat Control' in Kharkiv

President says his forces have wrested back control of areas that Russia had entered this month

(Newser) - Ukrainian forces have secured "combat control" of areas where Russian troops entered the northeastern Kharkiv region earlier this month, President Volodymyr Zelensky said. Meanwhile, two people were killed Saturday in an aerial attack on the city of Kharkiv, which is the region's capital, according to local officials. Kharkiv...

Sources: Putin Wants a Ceasefire, but With Strings

Russian leader is said to want to keep all territories under his current control, sources tell Reuters

(Newser) - Vladimir Putin insists that Russia is ready to keep fighting in Ukraine, but he's reportedly also amenable to "freeze the war" there—with one big condition. Russian sources tell Reuters that their leader is prepared to negotiate a ceasefire, but one recognizing that territory currently under Russian control...

Zelensky Dismisses Putin Nuke Threats: 'Loves His Own Life'

Ukrainian president talks to 'NYT' on Russia, NATO support, and what he plans to do after the war

(Newser) - There's no sign that Russia's two-year-plus invasion into Ukraine will end anytime soon, partly because Ukraine is now in a "critical time," with "its army in retreat and a new package of American arms yet to arrive in sufficient quantities," reports the New York ...

Vulnerable Eagles' Latest Hardship: Ukraine War
Migrating Eagles
Give Side-Eye to
War-Torn Ukraine

Migrating Eagles Give Side-Eye to War-Torn Ukraine

Study finds greater spotted eagles altered flight paths, curtailed rest stops in Ukraine in 2022

(Newser) - Russia's war in Ukraine has had a ripple effect across Europe, including for vulnerable migrating birds that are reportedly flying far out of their usual route to avoid areas of fighting. Researchers have found evidence of greater spotted eagles altering routes across Ukraine to avoid key areas of violence...

Ukraine Law to Boost Its Troops Raises Concerns

The legislation will make it easier to identify every conscript in the country amid new push by Russia

(Newser) - A divisive mobilization law in Ukraine came into force on Saturday, as Kyiv struggles to boost troop numbers after Russia launched a new offensive that some fear could close in on Ukraine's second-largest city. The legislation, which was watered down from its original draft, will make it easier to...

Russia Unleashes 'Massive' Attack on Ukraine's Power Grid

Russia sent barrage of missiles and explosive drones overnight

(Newser) - Russian forces unleashed a nighttime barrage of 55 missiles and 21 explosive Shahed drones at Ukraine's power grid on Wednesday, in what President Zelensky called a "massive" attack. The Ukrainian air force said it managed to down 39 of the missiles and 20 of the drones, but the...

2 Ukrainian Colonels Accused in Plot to Kill Zelensky

They were allegedly recruited by Russia

(Newser) - Two of Volodymyr Zelensky's own colonels are accused of joining a Russian plot to assassinate him. Multiple assassination plots have surfaced previously, but the BBC notes this one stands apart because of the military officers involved. They were allegedly working with Russia's FSB—successor to the KGB—and...

Russian 'Foothold' in Ukrainian Town Ends in Utter Devastation

Drone footage from Ocheretyne suggests no building was spared from Russia's attacks

(Newser) - The Ukrainian village of Ocheretyne has been battered by fighting, drone footage obtained by the AP shows. Russian troops have been advancing in the area, pounding Kyiv's depleted, ammunition-deprived forces with artillery, drones, and bombs. Ukraine's military has acknowledged the Russians have gained a "foothold" in Ocheretyne,...

Ukraine to Athletes: Avoid Russians at the Olympics

Committee warns of possible 'provocative actions' from neutral athletes in Paris

(Newser) - There won't be any Russian flags at the Paris Olympics but there will be Russian athletes, and Ukrainian athletes have been told to steer clear of them. Ukraine's National Olympic Committee said Thursday that athletes should avoid "direct contact" with representatives of Russia and Belarus, which it...

98-Year-Old Walks 6 Miles to Safety in Ukraine—in Slippers

Lidia Stepanivna Lomikovska was separated from family, walked alone with her cane

(Newser) - A 98-year-old woman in Ukraine who escaped Russian-occupied territory by walking almost 6 miles alone, wearing a pair of slippers and supported by a cane, has been reunited with her family days after they were separated while fleeing to safety, the AP reports. Lidia Stepanivna Lomikovska and her family decided...

Ukraine: Russia's Overnight Strike Targeted Energy Sites

Ukraine's air force says it shot down 21 of 34 missiles fired

(Newser) - Russia launched a barrage of missiles against Ukraine overnight, in attacks that appeared to target the country's energy infrastructure. Meanwhile, Russia said its air defense systems had intercepted more than 60 Ukrainian drones over Russia's southern Krasnodar region. Ukraine's air force said Saturday that Russia had launched...

Biden Makes It Official: TikTok Must Be Sold or Banned

He signs $95B war aid measure that includes provision regarding China-owned site

(Newser) - President Biden signed into law on Wednesday a $95 billion war aid measure that includes assistance for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan and that also has a provision that would force social media site TikTok to be sold or be banned in the US . The announcement marks an end to a...

Russia Accuses Ukraine of Massive Drone Strike

Moscow says 50 drones were shot down over 8 Russian regions, with 2 people reportedly killed

(Newser) - Ukraine launched a barrage of drones across Russia overnight, the Defense Ministry in Moscow said Saturday, in attacks that appeared to target the country's energy infrastructure. Fifty drones were shot down by air defenses over eight Russian regions, including 26 over the country's western Belgorod region close to...

Johnson's $95B Foreign Aid Bill Gets Boost From Dems

In 'rare bipartisan' moment, House votes 316-94 to advance aid packages for Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan

(Newser) - With rare bipartisan momentum, the House pushed ahead Friday on a foreign aid package of $95 billion for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan, including for humanitarian support, as a coalition of lawmakers helped it clear a procedural hurdle to reach final votes this weekend. Friday's vote produced a seldom-seen outcome...

Dem Puts GOP's Dawdling Over Foreign Aid on Blast

Rep. Rosa DeLauro accuses lawmakers of 'diddling around' while 'people are dying' in fiery speech

(Newser) - "Let's not sugarcoat what is going on here," the top Democrat on the House Appropriations Committee said Thursday before launching into a fiery speech in regards to the ongoing foreign aid debate, blasting Republicans for following the whims of former President Trump, whom she blamed in part...

Under Pressure, Johnson Revamps Foreign Aid Package

Biden backs new plan, which still could cost speaker his job

(Newser) - Speaker Mike Johnson's four-pronged foreign aid package has become five bills, and his job could depend on what happens with the reworked legislation. On Wednesday, Johnson told his Republican caucus that the House will stay in session until it votes Saturday evening on the package with stalled aid for...

Trump Has Plan to End Ukraine War. Ukraine Won't Like It

Former president wants to see Russia gain territory, limited NATO expansion: 'WaPo'

(Newser) - Donald Trump has a plan to stop the war in Ukraine, though Ukraine won't like it. The former president and presumptive Republican presidential nominee has spoken privately about his plan to pressure Ukraine to cede territory to Russia—specifically Crimea and the Donbas border region—in order to bring...

Ukraine Aid Could Lead to a Reckoning for Mike Johnson

House speaker faces flak from hard-right members of his own party, who may try to oust him

(Newser) - The House of Representatives is set to convene on Monday after a two-week recess, and Speaker Mike Johnson has indicated a top priority is to "take the necessary steps" on funding for Ukraine in its two-year-plus war with Russia, reports the Guardian . He faces opposition from the hard-right faction...

Drone Hits Nuclear Plant, Upping Risk of 'Major Accident'

Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant is under Moscow's control since Russia seized it in 2022

(Newser) - The head of the UN's atomic watchdog agency on Sunday condemned a Ukrainian drone strike on one of six nuclear reactors at the Russian-controlled Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine, saying such attacks "significantly increase the risk of a major nuclear accident." In a statement on the...

A Beleaguered Ukraine Lowers the Draft Age

Zelensky signs law that drops the age to 25

(Newser) - Ukraine lowered its draft-eligible age for men from 27 to 25 on Wednesday, reflecting the strain that more than two years of war with Russia has put on its military and the need to infuse its depleted ranks with new conscripts. President Volodymyr Zelensky signed three bills into law aimed...

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