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Ethics Committee Delivers Update on Gaetz Probe

Panel says it is still investigating sex, drug allegations

(Newser) - A House Ethics Committee investigation of Rep. Matt Gaetz that began more than three years ago is still looking into allegations, the bipartisan committee said in a statement Tuesday. The 10-member panel, which has five Republicans and five Democrats, said it has "determined that certain of the allegations merit...

At Court, Gaetz Echoes Trump's Call to Proud Boys

GOP congressman assures defendant he's standing by

(Newser) - Rep. Matt Gaetz's expression of support on Thursday might have sounded familiar to Donald Trump. "Standing back and standing by, Mr. President," Gaetz posted on X, the Hill reports. Gaetz included with a photo showing Trump outside the New York courtroom where he's on trial , with...

Gaetz Says His Primary Challenger Is a 'DEI Instructor'

Florida congressman claims Kevin McCarthy recruited his challenger to run

(Newser) - Friday was Florida's qualifying deadline for federal candidates, and a primary challenger filed to run against Matt Gaetz just in the nick of time. Aaron Dimmock, a retired naval officer and aviator, is running as a Republican in the state's 1st Congressional District, which Gaetz currently represents in...

Gaetz Alleges 'Massive Cover-Up' by US Over Niger

GOP lawmaker's report says US soldiers aren't getting meds, mail amid confusing situation abroad

(Newser) - US troops in Niger have told GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz that they're "functionally stranded" in the landlocked West African nation, and a new report by the congressman accuses the Biden administration—specifically the State Department—of engaging in a "massive cover-up," per the Intercept . The hubbub...

As House Bickers, a 'Tubby' Insult Arises

Republicans clash on floor over speaker

(Newser) - One of Speaker Mike Johnson's seconds and one of his opponents tossed insults Thursday in the course of a confrontation on the House floor over the speaker's performance. Three Republicans gathered around Johnson to give him an earful about his plan to put aid to Israel, Ukraine, and...

Transcript of Hunter Biden's Deposition Is Out

Things got contentious between Biden, congressional Republicans

(Newser) - The transcript of the congressional deposition of Hunter Biden was released late Thursday, providing a full view of the contentious testimony that took place behind closed doors Wednesday as Republicans aggressively questioned the central figure in their impeachment inquiry, the AP reports. The nearly 230 pages of questioning laid bare...

'There Has to Be Consequences' for Kevin McCarthy's Ouster

Ex-House Speaker Newt Gingrich isn't the only one baffled by fellow Republicans' machinations

(Newser) - Kevin McCarthy has said he won't run again for the coveted House speaker gavel, after being ousted in a historic 216-210 vote Tuesday thanks to a rebellion of far-right Republicans led by Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, who joined with all the House Democrats in booting McCarthy. Now, that unprecedented...

McCarthy to Call Quick Vote on His Fate

House speaker says he hasn't struck a deal with Democrats, and they apparently won't help him

(Newser) - Updated to reflect that Democrats say they won't try to save the speaker. Kevin McCarthy apparently wants to get this over with. The House speaker says he plans to call a vote on whether he should remain in his post Tuesday afternoon, reports Politico . What's more, McCarthy says...

DC's Big Question: Will Democrats Save the Speaker?
McCarthy's Fate
Is Up to Democrats

McCarthy's Fate Is Up to Democrats

Leader Hakeem Jeffries meets with his caucus Tuesday to decide whether to save the speaker

(Newser) - Matt Gaetz has made good on his threat to try to oust fellow Republican Kevin McCarthy as House speaker. The Florida congressman invoked the rarely used "motion to vacate" procedural tool, meeting McCarthy's challenge to "bring it on," per the AP . "Just did," Gaetz...

Gaetz Files Motion to Strip McCarthy of Speakership

He accuses fellow Republican of cutting 'secret side deal' with Biden

(Newser) - Updated with Gaetz's filing Rep. Matt Gaetz has carried through on his threat, filing a House motion late Monday to remove Speaker Kevin McCarthy from his leadership position. The Florida Republican had said he would try to put the matter to a vote in retaliation for the speaker working...

This Is the Week, Gaetz Says of Ousting McCarthy

Speaker says he'll survive a vote

(Newser) - Rep. Matt Gaetz had said that if Speaker Kevin McCarthy worked with Democrats to pass a continuing resolution to avoid a government shutdown , he'd file a motion to remove the fellow Republican from his House leadership post. On Saturday, McCarthy steered such a measure through the House and sent...

As Clock Ticks Toward Shutdown, Gaetz 'Wants Kevin'
As Clock
Ticks Toward
Shutdown, Gaetz
'Wants Kevin'

As Clock Ticks Toward Shutdown, Gaetz 'Wants Kevin'

Facing midnight deadline, GOP House Speaker McCarthy contends with hard-liners from own party

(Newser) - It seemed pretty clear all week that avoiding a federal government shutdown might be tough, and rolling into Saturday, all signs continue to point in that direction. The AP reports we're now "on the brink" of it, with furloughs and other disruptions looming if a deal isn't...

McCarthy Denial Follows Gaetz Accusation

Two Republicans exhibit tension over online campaign

(Newser) - Their chats don't seem warm lately , but House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Rep. Matt Gaetz had what diplomats would call an especially frank exchange of views at the Capitol on Thursday. It began with an accusation by Gaetz about a social media campaign critical of him and a denial...

Matt Gaetz: Sex-Trafficking Investigation Is Over

No charges will be filed, lawyers say

(Newser) - The federal sex-trafficking investigation of Rep. Matt Gaetz appears to be over. Lawyers for the Republican congressman say they were told no charges will be brought after a yearslong investigation, CNN reports. "We have just spoken with the DOJ and have been informed that they have concluded their investigation...

Gaetz Forgives GOP Colleague for 'Animated Moment'

Rep. Mike Rogers had to be held back from Florida congressman during House speaker vote

(Newser) - A "tense moment" during the House speaker vote last week has died down, with the two main players now extending olive branches. The incident involved Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, who was a holdout against voting in Rep. Kevin McCarthy as speaker, and Alabama Rep. Mike Rogers, an ally who...

Crazy House Moments: A Near-Fight, a Call From 'DT'
'Tense Moment': A Near-Fight
Highlights House Drama
the rundown

'Tense Moment': A Near-Fight Highlights House Drama

Before Kevin McCarthy's winning vote, a chaotic stretch that includes a call from 'DT'

(Newser) - Kevin McCarthy finally got enough votes to become House speaker , but it required high drama that nearly escalated into physical confrontation. A look at some key moments in the approximately half-hour between the 14th and 15th ballot:
  • Near fight: The most dramatic moment happened when Mike Rogers of Alabama angrily

Gaetz Swings at 'Squatter' in Speaker's Office

He's referring to Kevin McCarthy in letter sent to Architect of the Capitol

(Newser) - The 118th Congress is still without a House speaker, a point Rep. Matt Gaetz emphasized Tuesday in his letter to the Architect of the Capitol to complain about the current state of the House speaker's office—which is currently occupied by Rep. Kevin McCarthy. Three consecutive votes failed to...

Gaetz Expected to Avoid Trafficking Charges

Sources cite credibility issues with witnesses, per the Washington Post

(Newser) - Matt Gaetz is likely to skirt sex trafficking charges related to his alleged sexual involvement with a 17-year-old girl, according to the Washington Post . Prosecutors have recommended that the Justice Department not lay charges against the Florida congressman as a conviction would be unlikely. According to the Post's sources,...

Gaetz Wanted a Pardon in Sex Trafficking Case: Witness

Panel had heard testimony that pardon requests were over efforts to overturn election

(Newser) - Rep. Matt Gaetz, who's under federal investigation on suspicion of sex trafficking, told former President Donald Trump's chief of staff that a preemptive pardon in the case "would be great," a witness told a House committee. Johnny McEntee, a White House aide during Trump's term,...

White House Has Fiery Reply to Critics of Student Loan Plan

@WhiteHouse tweets their criticism and their own loan forgiveness total

(Newser) - There are plenty of critics of President Biden's student loan forgiveness plan—and on Thursday the White House called out a select group of them by name, reports Politico . The White House Twitter account retweeted a series of tweets from Republican members of Congress blasting the Biden move. On...

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