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Autism Advocates Starting to Dread 2024 Election

Steve Bannon's line that DeSantis is 'on the spectrum' raises concerns about stigma

(Newser) - Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is frequently described as "awkward" when it comes to schmoozing with voters—see this New York Times story describing him in Iowa—so much so that it seems to have become an accepted truth on the 2024 campaign trail. In fact, wife Casey DeSantis is...

Ron DeSantis Offers an Answer on How to Say His Last Name

'Winner,' the presidential candidate snarks, refusing to clarify further on 'ridiculous' pronunciation debate

(Newser) - "Dee-Santis" or "Deh-Santis"? How GOP presidential candidate and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis pronounces his own last name has become the debate du jour , and although Mediaite calls it a "substantively meaningless distinction," the public's curiosity has yet to be quelled. Fox News reporter Paul...

No One Knows How to Say Ron DeSantis' Name— Including DeSantis
DeSantis Keeps
Switching How He
Says His Name

DeSantis Keeps Switching How He Says His Name

Yearslong puzzle on how to pronounce surname reignites now that he's running for president

(Newser) - Now that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has officially jumped into the 2024 presidential race, people have lots of questions on what he plans to do if he's elected to the Oval Office. But another question has emerged of late, and it's a more personal one: How the heck...

In Campaign Kickoff, DeSantis Has Fighting Words for Trump

In Iowa speech, Florida governor says 'I'm going to fight back' against his main GOP presidential rival

(Newser) - Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis stepped into Iowa on Tuesday for the first time as a Republican presidential candidate and stepped up to former President Trump, vowing to "fight back" against Trump as the GOP's 2024 campaign enters a new phase. Until now, the 44-year-old Republican governor whose slogan...

Trump Jr.: 'Trump Has the Charisma of a Mortician'

Ex-president's son meant to attribute that to Ron DeSantis, mistakenly inserted own father's name

(Newser) - Donald Trump Jr. may have been trying to help his father by mocking Ron DeSantis' Wednesday campaign launch "De-Saster" , but the eldest Trump son instead insulted his dad and earned his own internet ridicule. Per the Wrap , Trump Jr. appeared Thursday evening on his online program, Triggered With Don ...

DeSantis Raises Huge Sum in 24 Hours
Huge Sum
in 24 Hours

DeSantis Raises Huge Sum in 24 Hours

Campaign pulls in $8.2M even with the glitches on Twitter

(Newser) - Ron DeSantis took a lot of grief over his glitchy campaign launch on Twitter. But the Florida governor now has $8.2 million worth of comebacks for his critics. That's how much his campaign raised in the first 24 hours after the launch, an amount described variously as "...

One View: Everyone Is Overreacting to DeSantis' Launch

Jim Geraghty of 'National Review' suggests people calm down over what will be seen as a minor blip

(Newser) - Ron DeSantis launched his 2024 campaign Wednesday night and, as you may have heard , it did not go exceedingly well. "DeSaster" was trending as a hashtag after the glitchy announcement event on Twitter. Calling attention to the many, many headlines describing it "horrendous" or words to that effect,...

Twitter's 'De-Saster' Clouds DeSantis' Big Night
Twitter's 'De-Saster'
Ruins DeSantis' Big Night
the rundown

Twitter's 'De-Saster' Ruins DeSantis' Big Night

Elon Musk, who attacked legacy media, only 'humiliated himself': pundit

(Newser) - It was Ron DeSantis' big night, but that wasn't as obvious as it should've been. Yes, the Florida governor announced he was running for president Wednesday, but only after more than 20 minutes of Twitter glitches . Given the rare opportunity to take center stage and outline a vision...

DeSantis Enters GOP Race on Glitchy Twitter

Mocking begins before the Florida governor can utter his announcement

(Newser) - Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis officially joined the race for president on Wednesday evening, though Twitter Spaces' technical problems got in the way of his message to Republicans that he's a winning alternative to Donald Trump. The appearance, hosted by Twitter owner Elon Musk, was 26 minutes old before DeSantis...

Report: DeSantis Will Officially Enter Race Next Week
DeSantis Makes
2024 Run Official

DeSantis Makes 2024 Run Official

He files paperwork with Federal Election Commission

(Newser) - Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is officially running for president. The Republican filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission on Wednesday, hours before a 6pm ET Twitter Spaces session with Elon Musk in which he is expected to launch his campaign, the AP reports. DeSantis enters the race behind front-runner Donald...

On DeSantis' Big Day, Twitter Goes Under the Microscope
On DeSantis' Big Day,
Twitter Gets Picked Apart

On DeSantis' Big Day, Twitter Gets Picked Apart

Everyone has a lot to say about where the Republican intends to launch his 2024 campaign

(Newser) - Ron DeSantis is set to launch his presidential campaign at 6pm ET Wednesday on Twitter. The Republican will make the announcement in a Twitter Spaces session with CEO Elon Musk, in an event moderated by GOP donor David Sacks, who supports DeSantis and has close ties to Musk, per NBC...

DeSantis to Launch Run in Event With Elon Musk

Florida governor will take part in Twitter Spaces sessions with CEO on Wednesday

(Newser) - Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis plans to launch his White House bid on what used to be Donald Trump's favored social media platform. The Republican will make the announcement in a Twitter Spaces session with CEO Elon Musk starting at 6pm Eastern on Wednesday, campaign officials confirmed to Politico . At...

DeSantis' New Pitch: Think of the Supreme Court

Governor suggests he could put in place a long-lasting conservative majority of 7-2

(Newser) - Ron DeSantis is expected to launch his 2024 campaign for president this week, notes CNN , and the Florida governor is floating a new selling point: the possibility of a 7-2 conservative majority on the Supreme Court that would last for a long time. DeSantis made the case Monday in an...

Youngkin Out of 2024 Race? Not So Fast

Virginia's GOP governor is reportedly considering a run after all

(Newser) - Last month, Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin left the distinct impression that he wouldn't be running for the GOP nomination. This month, a much different narrative has emerged. First, Youngkin's campaign dropped a video on social media of the governor speaking at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library that looked...

America Is About to Meet Casey DeSantis
Is About
to Meet
Casey DeSantis

America Is About to Meet Casey DeSantis

Politico profiles Florida's first lady, suggests she is both an asset and liability to her husband

(Newser) - Ron DeSantis is expected to enter the 2024 race as soon as this week. Which means the nation is about to meet Florida's first lady, Casey DeSantis. Michael Kruse of Politico has written a lengthy profile of the 42-year-old, one that makes clear Casey has been a key figure—...

Miami Herald Editorial: We Hope Nation Is Watching

Newspaper blames governor for loss of huge Disney development, but not all agree

(Newser) - Disney has pulled the plug on a $1 billion project in Florida, and most (but by no means all) see the company's ongoing feud with Gov. Ron DeSantis as the primary reason. That feud, of course, started last year when the company criticized the state education law that detractors...

Hacked Traffic Sign in Florida Read 'Kill All Gays'

Police investigating message shown hours before laws were signed targeting transgender care

(Newser) - On a day meant to highlight discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community, a traffic sign in Orlando broadcast a clear example: "Kill all gays." The hateful message in bright orange capital letters was shown in the area of Lake Nona Medical City early Wednesday on a digital traffic sign,...

Disney Cancels $1B Office Plan for Florida

Iger had suggested company could cut back during feud with DeSantis

(Newser) - After CEO Bob Iger hinted last week that the company might do something like this, given what it sees as the hard time Gov. Ron DeSantis is giving it, Disney dropped its plans to build a $1 billion office complex in Florida. Josh D'Amaro, the head of theme parks,...

DeSantis Signs Laws on Trans Kids, Pronouns

Florida governor also signed law targeting drag shows

(Newser) - Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed bills Wednesday that ban gender-affirming care for minors, target drag shows, restrict discussion of "preferred pronouns" in schools, and force people to use certain bathrooms. DeSantis has made anti-LGBTQ+ legislation a large part of his agenda as he prepares to seek the Republican presidential...

DeSantis, Trump Disagree on Florida Abortion Ban

Trump says even pro-lifers think it's 'harsh,' DeSantis hits back

(Newser) - Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump are publicly disagreeing once again. In an interview with digital news startup The Messenger published Monday, Trump said Florida's six-week abortion ban, which has not yet taken effect, may have gone too far even for some on the right. "If you look at...

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