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Jon Stewart Suddenly Splits With Apple on Talk Show

Sources: Host of streaming program 'The Problem' broke with tech giant over creative control

(Newser) - Jon Stewart has two seasons of his talk show The Problem With Jon Stewart, which streams on Apple TV+, under his belt—but it now looks like there won't be a third, at least not through Apple. Sources tell the New York Times that the 60-year-old former Daily Show...

Crawford on '86 Oprah Interview: 'I Was Like the Chattel'

Supermodel looks back on uncomfortable talk-show appearance, offers thoughts on ex Richard Gere

(Newser) - The Apple TV+ docuseries The Super Models debuted Wednesday, detailing the careers of Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista, and, perhaps the most famous of them all, Cindy Crawford. The first episode brings Crawford to the screen, where she makes not only rare comments about her first marriage to actor...

Jon Stewart's New Talk Show Is Reportedly a 'Flop'

It's down 78% in viewership from series premiere

(Newser) - The problem with Jon Stewart's The Problem With Jon Stewart is, apparently, a lack of viewers. A new Bloomberg report refers to it as the latest in a long line of "streaming talk show flops," noting that while 180,000 households watched the premiere episode within a...

Date Set for Jon Stewart's Return to TV

'The Problem With Jon Stewart' will debut Sept. 30

(Newser) - Six years after he said goodbye to the Daily Show, Jon Stewart is set to return to TV. Apple says his new current affairs show, The Problem With Jon Stewart, will debut worldwide on Sept. 30, CNN reports. Apple says the show, which will deliver new installments every second week,...

Ted Lasso Gets 'Funnier, Deeper' in Season 2
Everybody Loves New
Season of Ted Lasso

Everybody Loves New Season of Ted Lasso

Jason Sudeikis and cast 'shine brighter than ever,' says one critic

(Newser) - More than 40 critics are unanimous: season two of Apple TV's Ted Lasso rocks. The first season of the show about an American football coach hired to revamp an English soccer team was a surprise hit with audiences and critics alike, prompting Emmy nominations for best comedy series and...

Elliot Page After Surgery: No More Feeling 'Panicked'

Trans actor opens up to Oprah Winfrey, 'Vanity Fair'

(Newser) - The 34-year-old actor Elliot Page says he finally feels comfortable in his body "for probably the first time." He sits down with Oprah Winfrey for an episode of Apple TV+'s The Oprah Conversation, to air in full on Friday. In a clip shared with E! News , the...

Greyhound Stays Afloat, Even on the Small Screen
What Critics Think About
the New Tom Hanks Film

What Critics Think About the New Tom Hanks Film

WWII movie 'Greyhound' is getting decent reviews

(Newser) - Tom Hanks sure was busy with Greyhound , the WWII drama about a rookie captain in charge of a convoy of Allied supply ships who battles hordes of Nazi U-boats in his first crossing of the North Atlantic. Hanks stars as Capt. Ernest Krause, but he also produced and wrote the...

Lawsuit: Shyamalan's Servant Basically Stole 2013 Film

Francesca Gregorini says 'nothing was left untaken' from 'The Truth About Emanuel'

(Newser) - The Truth About Emanuel is about a nanny hired to take care of a "reborn" baby doll. M. Night Shyamalan's Servant , a new series streaming on Apple TV+, is about ... a nanny hired to take care of a "reborn" baby doll. Now Francesca Gregorini, the filmmaker...

Looks Like Billie Eilish's Big Year Will Get Bigger

'Massive' deal nearing completion with Apple TV Plus for documentary on teen musician

(Newser) - It's clear people are interested in Billie Eilish: Her debut studio album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?, notched two Grammy nominations and became the most-played album of 2019 on both Spotify and Apple Music. That fascination with the 17-year-old singer (she'll turn 18 later...

Apple Abruptly Cancels Premiere of New Movie

Sources say company is investigating sexual abuse allegations

(Newser) - Apple's move into the movie business isn't off to a promising start: The company has abruptly canceled the world premiere of The Banker, which was set to debut at the American Film Institute's annual festival in Los Angeles Thursday, the Guardian reports. The film—which had a...

Apple's Streaming Service Launches Friday. Here Are Its Offerings

Oprah Winfrey is among earliest offerings; Steven Spielberg to come

(Newser) - As the streaming wars near a fever pitch and viewers are targeted from every vantage point—Disney Plus has the Marvel and Star Wars brands! HBO Max counters with Game of Thrones and DC superheroes!—Apple TV Plus could be cast as the highly pedigreed and improbable underdog. While...

One Number Swirling Around Apple TV Plus Is Just Massive

Company reportedly paying more than $15M an episode for star-studded 'Morning Show'

(Newser) - Apple wants to move well beyond gadgets with a Netflix-like streaming service, and details are dribbling out ahead of the expected fall release of Apple TV Plus. Lots of questions remain about the particulars of what Apple will be offering, and CEO Tim Cook hasn't filled in many details...

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