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Courteney Cox Puts New Twist on TikTok Dance Trend

She re-creates dance from iconic Springsteen video

(Newser) - "Asking my mom to dance like she did in the '80s" is a recent TikTok trend, but unlike other participants, Courteney Cox didn't stick to Bronski Beat's "Smalltown Boy." In a video posted on TikTok and Instagram , she starts off dancing to the synth-pop...

Taylor Swift Makes Rare Social Media Comment

Swift sticks up for Lady Gaga after fellow singer addresses pregnancy rumors

(Newser) - Taylor Swift doesn't often make comments on social media, so her Wednesday comment on one of Lady Gaga's TikTok videos is "significant," as TMZ puts it. It all has to do with pregnancy speculation both singers have recently been subjected to. The rundown:
  • Swift pregnancy rumors:

Trump Joins TikTok, Which He Once Tried to Ban
Trump Joins TikTok

Trump Joins TikTok

Former president quickly amassed more followers than current president

(Newser) - Donald Trump has joined the popular video-sharing app TikTok, a platform he once tried to ban while in the White House, and posted from a UFC fight two days after he became the first former president and presumptive major party nominee in US history to be found guilty on felony...

Former Dodgers Owner Has Big Plans for TikTok

Frank McCourt sees a 'great opportunity to actually create the alternative to the current internet'

(Newser) - Billionaire Frank McCourt is putting together a consortium to buy TikTok, and if he succeeds, it will definitely not be business as usual for the social media app. The former Los Angeles Dodgers owner aims to make TikTok part of his project to create "a more open, inclusive, and...

TikTok Challenges New US Law in Court

Calls measure requiring a sale or ban 'obviously unconstitutional'

(Newser) - TikTok and its Chinese parent company ByteDance are suing the US federal government to challenge a law that would force either the sale of ByteDance's stake in the platform or an outright ban of the app, per the AP . The lawsuit filed on Tuesday may be setting up what...

Biden Makes It Official: TikTok Must Be Sold or Banned

He signs $95B war aid measure that includes provision regarding China-owned site

(Newser) - President Biden signed into law on Wednesday a $95 billion war aid measure that includes assistance for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan and that also has a provision that would force social media site TikTok to be sold or be banned in the US . The announcement marks an end to a...

What the Potential 'TikTok Ban' Means for You

US passes bill that could see popular app banned

(Newser) - No, TikTok will not suddenly disappear from your phone. Nor will you go to jail if you continue using it after it is banned. After years of attempts to ban the Chinese-owned app, including by former President Trump, a measure to outlaw the popular video-sharing app has won congressional approval...

House Vote Sends TikTok Ban to Senate
House Moves Against TikTok

House Moves Against TikTok

A previous version of a potential ban stalled, but measure is picking up support among senators

(Newser) - The House passed legislation Saturday that would ban TikTok in the US if the popular social media platform's China-based owner doesn't sell its stake within a year. That doesn't mean the app will go away anytime soon, the AP reports. The decision by House Republicans to include...

Player Apologizes After Rapinoe Calls Out Reposts

Korbin Albert had liked content critical of LGBTQ+ people, retired star

(Newser) - Hours after Megan Rapinoe responded that "Kids are literally killing themselves because of this hate," a current US women's team player apologized Thursday for liking and sharing social media posts that mocked the retired soccer great and other LGBTQ+ people. Acknowledging that the posts were "offensive,...

Canadian Schools Sue Social Media Giants

Lawsuits say apps are wreaking havoc with students' education

(Newser) - Four of the largest school boards in the Canadian province of Ontario launched lawsuits Thursday against TikTok, Meta, and Snapchat, alleging the social media platforms are disrupting student learning. The lawsuits claim platforms like Facebook and Instagram are "designed for compulsive use, have rewired the way children think, behave,...

Irate TikTok Users Have Been Threatening Lawmakers

One caller threatened to cut GOP senator into pieces

(Newser) - TikTok has been encouraging users to call lawmakers to protest legislation that could lead to a ban—and the flood of calls has included some violent threats. A law enforcement source tells the Washington Post that there has been a surge in "threats and concerning messages" linked to the...

Mnuchin Says He's Working on TikTok Deal
Mnuchin Says He
Wants to Buy TikTok

Mnuchin Says He Wants to Buy TikTok

Former Treasury secretary says he's putting a group together to buy Chinese-owned app

(Newser) - A bill to force ByteDance to sell TikTok's US operations passed the House on Wednesday and if it becomes law, Steven Mnuchin plans to make an offer to the Chinese company. "It's a great business and I'm going to put together a group to buy TikTok,...

House Passes Potential TikTok Ban: 3 Key Quotes

ByteDance would need to divest from the app or see it banned in the US

(Newser) - A bill that could see TikTok banned in the US if its Chinese owner doesn't sell the app passed the House as expected on Wednesday, with a vote of 352-65. It now goes to the Senate, where its fate is less certain; Majority Leader Chuck Schumer hasn't yet...

Trump Explains TikTok Flip-Flop
Trump Explains
TikTok Flip-Flop

Trump Explains TikTok Flip-Flop

'There are a lot of young kids on TikTok who will go crazy without it,' he says ahead of likely House vote

(Newser) - A bill to force TikTok's Chinese owners to sell or face a US ban passed a House committee 50-0 last week, and a vote of the full House could happen as soon as Wednesday—but Donald Trump could end up tanking it, the New York Times reports. As president,...

TikTok's Stunt With Congress May Have Backfired

Bill to force sale passed House committee 50-0 after lawmakers' offices were flooded with calls

(Newser) - A bill that could lead to a TikTok ban in the US passed a House committee in a 50-0 bipartisan vote Thursday—and it may have had some help from TikTok. Notifications on the app urged users to contact lawmakers about the bill and made it easy for them to...

TikToker's Series on Lying Ex Has the Internet Shook

Users are tuned in to a 52-part series titled 'Who TF Did I Marry?!?'

(Newser) - For some, planning to spend roughly eight hours watching Sam Mendes' four Beatles biopics dropping in 2027 is the height of culture. For others, TikToker Reesa Teesa's eight-hour series about her lying ex-husband is truly it. Broken up into 52 parts, the drama-filled recounting of her doomed relationship started...

Yes, Getting Fired on TikTok Is Now a Trend

Amid tech layoffs, remote workers are metaphorically packing up their desks online

(Newser) - Remote work has made getting laid off from a job a lonely affair. As people virtually pack up their desks, there are no rounds of drinks from commiserating co-workers or a chance for personal goodbyes. Young workers are bridging this gulf, the New York Times reports, by streaming recordings of...

'You Have Blood on Your Hands,' Senator Tells Zuckerberg

Meta CEO apologizes to parents at Senate committee hearing on child safety

(Newser) - The CEOs of five social media companies—Meta, X, Discord, TikTok, and Snap—testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on efforts to protect children Wednesday, and they did not have a friendly audience. Rolling Stone reports parents holding photos of children who died by suicide "audibly hissed" at Mark...

Some of Your Favorite Music May Vanish From TikTok
TikTok May
Lose Some
Very Big Songs

TikTok May Lose Some Very Big Songs

Yes, it's over a licensing deal, and it affects Taylor Swift, Drake, Adele, and more

(Newser) - Universal Music Group—which represents artists including Taylor Swift, Drake, Adele, Bad Bunny, and Billie Eilish—says that it will no longer allow its music on TikTok after a licensing deal between the two expired on Wednesday. UMG said that it had not agreed to terms of a new deal...

Tipping Culture Is Surprisingly Big on TikTok

Users give a collective $11M per day

(Newser) - If you ever considered showing off your skills on TikTok, here's a little incentive. MarketWatch says that users are shelling out a collective $11 million per day in tips. Now the app is "poised to become the highest earning mobile app ever—approaching the $15 billion milestone in...

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