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Billionaire: Remote Employees 'Didn't Work as Hard'

Stephen Schwarzman has a vested interest in commercial real estate being used

(Newser) - Another billionaire has made clear his distaste for remote work. This time it was Stephen Schwarzman, CEO of private equity firm Blackstone, who was speaking to investors at a panel discussion at the so-called "Davos in the Desert"—Saudi Arabia's Future Investment Initiative conference. Schwarzman was explaining...

Baby Not Yet 1? There's a Good Chance Mom Is Working

In 2022, 66.6% of US women who had given birth in past 12 months had a job

(Newser) - New mothers are returning to work at notably high rates these days, helping the US sidestep the post-pandemic "she-cession" many economists feared. Axios breaks down findings from the American Community Survey, reporting that in 2022, 66.6% of women in the United States who had given birth in the...

Forget WFH. It's Time to WFG
Forget WFH.
It's Time to WFG

Forget WFH. It's Time to WFG

Is working from the gym the next trend in the corporate world?

(Newser) - As NPR put it this month on Morning Edition, "working from home is so 2020." What's next? Well, as the Wall Street Journal put it last month, "the hottest new office is the gym." A lawyer from Virginia who puts in an 8am-8pm work day...

Irony Alert: Zoom Orders Workers Back to the Office

That would be the company that made remote work possible, and profited hugely, during the pandemic

(Newser) - Zoom let millions of people flee the office and work remotely during the pandemic, and profited greatly . Now the company that enabled that mass exodus to working in pajamas is pulling a bit of an ironic twist: It's ordering its workers to put on pants and get back into...

Amazon Gives Remote Workers a Choice. One Option Is to Move

Company wants some employees to relocate near a large office

(Newser) - In an escalation of the tension between Amazon and its remote workers over returning to the office, the company has told some employees they'll have to move. Amazon wants more of them working in one of the main offices in large cities, the Wall Street Journal reports, including Seattle,...

Some Are Paying Strangers to Watch Them During Work

The concept called 'body doubling' is designed to keep people focused on the job

(Newser) - Across the US, more and more people logging in to work from home are being observed by strangers as they do so. It's no invasion of privacy: The workers are actually paying for the privilege. As the Wall Street Journal explains, the concept is called "body doubling" and...

Google to Employees: Get Your Butts Into the Office

The 'tug of war' between companies, staffers on remote/hybrid work continues

(Newser) - A new report cited by Fortune details a "happy middle ground" reached by many companies and their workers on coming back to the office now that the worst of the pandemic has passed. That "truce" of sorts entails hybrid arrangements, in which staffers come in a few days...

Martha Stewart: You Can't Do Your Job Working From Home 2 Days a Week

Lifestyle maven comes out against remote work

(Newser) - Count Martha Stewart as another rich person who is not on board with the idea of remote work—even part time. Employees, she says in an interview with Footwear News magazine, "can’t possibly get everything done working three days a week in the office and two days remotely....

Musk: Get Off Your 'Moral High Horse' on Remote Work

'Morally wrong' practice is unfair to those whose jobs require in-person work, billionaire says

(Newser) - It's "morally wrong" that some people get to work from home when others can't, says billionaire Elon Musk, who's clearly had enough of the seemingly lasting trend of remote work. "People should get off their godd--- moral high horse with the work-from-home bulls--- because they'...

CEO Accuses Workers of 'Quiet Quitting,' Taking Care of Kids

Clearlink's James Clarke made some eyebrow-raising comments on remote work at town hall

(Newser) - The CEO of a digital marketing and tech firm is taking a fair amount of flak after remarks that targeted remote workers and working moms. James Clarke, head of Utah-based Clearlink, spoke during a companywide town hall last week to discuss a recent return-to-work order now that the pandemic has...

Amazon Rebuffs Pleas From 30K Workers to Stay Remote

HR chief says that, despite petition, return-to-office plan will continue as planned, starting May 1

(Newser) - Last month, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy shared a letter with staff announcing the company's intent to bring all employees back into the office at least three days a week, starting May 1. Many workers weren't happy about that—at least 30,000 of them (10% of Amazon's...

Remote Work Doesn't Seem to Be Going Anywhere

Research finds share of work done at home at 30%

(Newser) - More than three years after the COVID-19 pandemic began, the share of Americans who work at home has stabilized. Overall, 30% of all work took place at home in January, WFH Research found, six times the share in January 2019. The percentage is closer to 50 in large cities, the...

Accountant Working Remotely Fired for 'Time Theft'

Tribunal orders Canadian woman to repay her employer for 50 hours

(Newser) - The experience of an accountant in Canada who failed to properly account for time she was paid to work at home might be a cautionary tale for other remote workers. A tribunal has ordered the British Columbia resident to repay her former employer almost $2,000 plus interest for "...

Disney CEO Tells Staff to Come in 4 Days a Week

Employees on hybrid schedule should spend more time in the office, Iger says

(Newser) - Since returning to the CEO job in November, Bob Iger has said he's looking for ways to energize the Walt Disney Co. On Monday, employees were told that will involve a change in their schedules. Those working a hybrid schedule will have to show up in person at the...

Yelp Rebuffs Hybrid 'Hell,' Closes 3 of Its Offices

Company makes bigger push toward remote work by closing NYC, Chicago, DC campuses

(Newser) - Many employers are still resistant to telecommuting, even after two years of a pandemic during which distance work became more the rule than the exception. Yelp isn't one of them. The AP reports that the crowd-sourced reviews site will be closing its Chicago, New York City, and DC offices...

Elon Musk Takes Rigid Stance on Remote Work

Email posted to Twitter purportedly tells Tesla staff remote work only OK past 40-hour mark

(Newser) - Elon Musk has made clear to his Tesla workforce that remote work is not acceptable. Nor is it "acceptble," as the subject line of an email apparently sent to Tesla employees Tuesday and later posted to Twitter made clear. The brief email explains that "anyone who wishes...

Here Are the 10 Best States for Remote Workers

The Garden State tops WalletHub's list

(Newser) - During the pandemic, much of America got a taste of what it's like to be a full-time telecommuter. Now that many businesses have started to open back up, a good number of them are allowing workers to remain remote. To see which states are most conducive to this type...

Meta Execs Are Staying a Long Way From the Office

Analysts are split on the merits of having a scattered leadership team

(Newser) - If Mark Zuckerberg and other top Meta execs were rank-and-file workers, they might get accused of taking the company's work-from-home policy a little too far. They have scattered far from Meta's Silicon Valley headquarters, with Zuckerberg spending a lot of time in Hawaii, Instagram head Adam Mosseri working...

One Country Just Made It a Lot Nicer to Work From Home

A series of laws was passed Friday in Portugal

(Newser) - It sounds like a pretty good set-up: You work from home, your company has to pay for any increase in your electricity or internet bills incurred by your home office, and your boss can't text after-hours. That's now not just the situation in Portugal, but the law....

Amazon Relents on Remote Working
Amazon Again Shifts
on Return to Offices

Amazon Again Shifts on Return to Offices

Many workers can stay home indefinitely unless they're needed at the office, new policy says

(Newser) - Update: Amazon told tech and office workers Monday that many of them can keep working from home, a switch from the most recent edict that they'd have to come in at least three days a week starting in January. The new policy will be in effect indefinitely, an internal...

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