Capitol riot

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Marine Gets Prison for Role in 'Extreme Violence' on Jan. 6

Tyler Bradley Dykes, since discharged, took riot shield from officers

(Newser) - A Marine who stormed the US Capitol and was accused of flashing a Nazi salute in front of the building was sentenced on Friday to nearly five years in prison. Tyler Bradley Dykes of South Carolina was an active-duty Marine when he grabbed a police riot shield from two police...

Comedic Actor Pleads Guilty in Capitol Riot

Jay Johnston, known for Bob's Burgers and Anchorman roles, awaits sentencing

(Newser) - A longtime comedy actor is now facing the very real possibility of spending time behind bars because of his participation in the Capitol riot of 2021. Jay Johnston, 55, pleaded guilty on Monday to a felony charge of obstructing officers during a civil order, reports NBC News .
  • About him: Johnston

Supreme Court Leaves Bannon's Prison Date Intact

Trump ally has to start serving his sentence Monday

(Newser) - The Supreme Court on Friday rejected a bid to delay a prison sentence for Steve Bannon as he appeals his conviction for defying a subpoena in the congressional investigation into the US Capitol insurrection. Bannon filed an emergency appeal after a judge ordered him to report to prison July 1...

SCOTUS: Obstruction Charges for Capitol Rioters Now Trickier

Court finds charge must come with proof of an effort to tamper with documents

(Newser) - The Supreme Court on Friday made it harder to charge Capitol riot defendants with obstruction, a charge that also has been brought against former President Trump. The justices ruled that the charge of obstructing an official proceeding, enacted in 2002 in response to the financial scandal that brought down Enron...

Former Bob's Burgers Actor to Plead Guilty to Jan. 6 Charges

Jay Johnston faces multiple federal charges

(Newser) - Actor Jay Johnston, who was dropped as the voice of Jimmy Pesto on Bob's Burgers in 2021 after he was hit with Capitol riot charges, has agreed to plead guilty to federal charges next month. Johnston, 55, faces charges including civil disorder and disorderly or disruptive conduct in a...

Candidate Walks Off Georgia Debate Stage After Statement

Chuck Hand, who was convicted of taking part in the Capitol riot, is running for Congress

(Newser) - A televised congressional debate in Georgia didn't go as planned Sunday when one of the two candidates abruptly walked off stage after his opening remarks, reports the Hill . "This is where I get back in my truck and head back to southwest Georgia, because I got two races...

State Lawmakers Boo Officers Hurt by Rioters

Some Pennsylvania Republicans applauded, Democrat says, and some walked out on Harry Dunn and Aquilino Gonell

(Newser) - After being introduced as "American heroes," two former police officers who were injured by rioters storming the US Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, were booed and hissed on Wednesday in Pennsylvania's House of Representatives, reports the Washington Post . Multiple Republicans then walked out of the chamber, Democrats...

Appeals Court Upholds NYPD Veteran's Jan. 6 Sentence

Thomas Webster argued that entire Washington, DC jury pool was biased against him

(Newser) - A federal appeals court on Tuesday upheld a retired New York Police Department officer's conviction and 10-year prison sentence for assaulting a police officer during the Capitol attack. A three-judge panel from the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit rejected Thomas Webster's claims that...

Judge Calls Defense by Rioter Who Wore Panda Head 'Absurd'

Jan. 6 prosecutors add convictions by Florida, New York defendants

(Newser) - Prosecutors have recorded two more convictions of Jan. 6 rioters, including one of a man who tried to conceal his identity by wearing a panda costume head in the Capitol. Jesse Rumson of Florida was convicted Friday in Washington of assaulting a police officer and the seven other charges he...

Trump Spills Plans for Migrants, Abortion If He Gets to WH

Ex-president lays out for 'Time' what his next administration would do if he's elected again

(Newser) - Donald Trump has been spending his days of late mired in court proceedings , but he took some time out last month in Palm Beach, Florida, to chat with Eric Cortellessa for a new profile entitled "If He Wins" in Time . The former president, who wants to be the next...

Judge Gives Prison to Instigator Who Disagreed With Rioters

John Sullivan mostly wanted to spark violence, court finds

(Newser) - The day of the attack on the US Capitol, John Sullivan led members of the mob into the building and filmed the death of fellow rioter Ashli Babbitt. Later, he posed as a journalist while selling the video footage to news organizations for more than $90,000. For that, Sullivan...

SCOTUS Skeptical About Charge Against Capitol Rioters
SCOTUS Skeptical About
Charge Against Capitol Rioters
the rundown

SCOTUS Skeptical About Charge Against Capitol Rioters

A decision against could upend prosecutions and possibly factor into Trump case

(Newser) - The Supreme Court sounded skeptical Tuesday about a key obstruction charge leveled against hundreds of Capitol rioters, reports the Hill . A decision along those lines could force prosecutors to reopen their cases and has the potential to undermine the federal case against former President Trump regarding his efforts to overturn...

RFK Jr. Flips Again on Jan. 6: 'I Will Right Any Wrongs'

Presidential contender had earlier walked back a campaign email on 'J6 activists'

(Newser) - Last week, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s campaign walked back an email they'd sent in which the independent presidential candidate referred to "J6 activists sitting in a Washington DC jail cell stripped of their Constitutional liberties." The team blamed the insertion of that sentence on a...

RFK Jr. Campaign Backs Away From Email on 'J6 Activists'

Team now disavows fundraising email that deems inmates 'stripped of their Constitutional liberties'

(Newser) - Donald Trump has made no bones about publicly supporting individuals incarcerated for the Jan. 6 attack on the US Capitol . Now, the campaign of another 2024 presidential contender is walking back its own assessment of the jailed rioters in a fundraising email.
  • The email: The campaign of independent candidate Robert

Judge Gives Prison to Rioter With 'Gobbledygook' Defense

Washington state's Taylor James Johnatakis, 39, was convicted of 3 felonies

(Newser) - A federal judge who called a Jan. 6 defendant's arguments at trial "gobbledygook" sentenced him to seven years in prison on Wednesday, citing the man's lack of remorse. Judge Royce Lamberth said he had concerns that Taylor James Johnatakis would commit violence again if given the opportunity,...

Trump to Pence on Jan. 6: Certifying Is a 'Career Killer'

'New York Times' reports on the previously undisclosed warning

(Newser) - The New York Times is reporting on a previously undisclosed warning that then-President Trump delivered to Mike Pence the morning of the Capitol violence:
  • "Mike, this is a political career killer if you do this," Trump told his vice president in a phone call on Jan. 6, 2021,

SCOTUS: Yes, 'Cowboy Pastor' Can Be Banned From Office

Justices reject appeal of Couy Griffin over losing county commissioner seat over Jan. 6 insurrection

(Newser) - The Supreme Court on Monday rejected an appeal from a former New Mexico county commissioner who was kicked out of office over his participation in the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection at the US Capitol. Former Otero County commissioner Couy Griffin, a cowboy pastor who rode to national fame by embracing...

Rioter Who Hit Police With Baton Convicted

Curtis Logan Tate, convicted of three felony counts, also threw things at officers on Jan. 6

(Newser) - An Indiana man pleaded guilty on Thursday to charges that he used a metal baton, a lamp, and other makeshift weapons to assault police officers who were protecting the US Capitol from a mob of Donald Trump supporters. Curtis Logan Tate, 32, struck at least two officers with the baton...

Jury Convicts First Rioter to Enter Capitol
First Rioter in Capitol Convicted

First Rioter in Capitol Convicted

Jury finds Michael Sparks, who chased an officer up stairs, guilty of all charges

(Newser) - The first rioter to enter the US Capitol building during the Jan. 6, 2021, attack was convicted on Friday of charges that he interfered with police and obstructed Congress from certifying President Biden's 2020 electoral victory. Michael Sparks, 46, of Kentucky, jumped through a shattered window moments after another...

Dozens of Capitol Rioters May Have to Be Resentenced

Appeals court objects to a sentencing 'enhancement' used in many of the cases

(Newser) - An appeals court ruling on Friday in the case of one of the Capitol rioters means that more than 100 defendants in the Jan. 6 violence may be resentenced, reports the Washington Post . In many of the cases, the sentence isn't expected to change at all. Some defendants, however,...

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