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After Murders, Murdaugh Kept Mentioning Boat Crash

First witness, a sheriff's deputy, says he saw no 'visible tears' from the accused

(Newser) - The first officer to respond to Alex Murdaugh's report that he'd found his wife and son shot to death on the family's property says he cried no tears. Instead, the South Carolina attorney immediately provided a motive for why the killer acted against his loved ones on...

'It's Going to Get Gruesome' During Alex Murdaugh Trial

Opening statements were made Wednesday

(Newser) - The jury has been seated for Alex Murdaugh's trial on charges that he murdered his wife and son, and in opening statements Wednesday, prosecutors warned that things would be getting intense. They painted a picture of Murdaugh's wife, Margaret, and son, Paul, having no idea what was about...

Hotels Packed, Food Trucks Ready as Murdaugh Trial Begins

Jury selection begins Monday in South Carolina

(Newser) - It's being called the "trial of the century" by some outlets, or at the very least, South Carolina's trial of the century: Alex Murdaugh's trial on charges of murdering his wife and son begins Monday with jury selection. A sampling of coverage in advance of the...

Prosecutors Share Alex Murdaugh's Alleged Motive

Prosecutors: He killed wife, son just as evidence of financial crimes was likely to be exposed

(Newser) - Alex Murdaugh killed his wife and son at the precise moment his financial crimes threatened to be revealed, prosecutors say in a motion filed Thursday—and they say Murdaugh's own shooting followed a remarkably similar pattern. After the recession of the early 2000s and a "series of bad...

Murdaugh: I Want to Be Tried by 'God and My Country'

He pleads not guilty to killing wife, son

(Newser) - Alex Murdaugh, the disbarred South Carolina lawyer charged with murdering his wife and son last year, appeared in court Wednesday and pleaded not guilty. In answer to a prosecutor's question on how he wanted to be tried, he said, "By God and my country," the State reports....

Report: Murdaugh to Be Charged in Deaths of Wife, Son
Alex Murdaugh Indicted
in Murder of Wife, Son

Alex Murdaugh Indicted in Murder of Wife, Son

South Carolina attorney is charged in double-homicide

(Newser) - Update: This summary has been updated with Thursday's indictment. A grand jury in South Carolina has indicted attorney Alex Murdaugh in the high-profile murders of his wife and son last year, reports the AP . The indictments are for two counts of murder and two counts of possession of a...

Indictment: Murdaugh Stole $400K From Quadriplegic Man

He allegedly took settlement money he was supposed to give to Hakeem Pinckney's family

(Newser) - A once-prominent South Carolina lawyer now faces 71 charges that he stole nearly $8.5 million in wrongful death and wreck settlements from more than a dozen people after another round of indictments against Alex Murdaugh were handed up Friday. The 23 new charges issued by the state grand jury...

'Who Steals From a Deaf Kid?' Allegedly, Alex Murdaugh

Fox News unravels his alleged embezzlement crimes

(Newser) - We're learning more details about the alleged financial fraud of Alex Murdaugh, including claims that the South Carolina lawyer stole from a deaf quadriplegic he represented following a car accident, and a former highway patrolman he represented following an injury in the line of duty. Murdaugh, already accused of...

New Twist in Murdaugh Murders Involves Wife's Will
Murdaugh's Wife Left a Will
Behind, but With One 'Oddity'
in case you missed it

Murdaugh's Wife Left a Will Behind, but With One 'Oddity'

Someone had crossed off name of Maggie Murdaugh's sister as estate handler on 2005 doc

(Newser) - The strange saga swirling around South Carolina's Murdaugh family continues, now involving the supposed final wishes of the late Maggie Murdaugh. NBC News reports the 52-year-old, found shot to death in June in her rural Islandton home along with 22-year-old son Paul Murdaugh, left behind a last will and...

Judge: Murdaugh Must Pay $7M Bond in Full

SC lawyer makes first public remarks in months

(Newser) - A judge set bond for Alex Murdaugh at $7 million Monday—well above the $6.2 million the South Carolina attorney is accused of stealing from clients. The bond is one of the highest in state history and Judge Alison Renee Lee, unusually, said it would have to be paid...

Embroiled SC Attorney Refuses To Respond to Allegations

Alex Murdaugh asserts privilege against self-incrimination

(Newser) - In the face of allegations he misappropriated client funds for years, disgraced South Carolina attorney Alex Murdaugh is keeping mum. The former partner at Peters, Murdaugh, Parker, Elztroth, and Detrick said in papers filed with Colleton County court that he "asserts his privilege against self-incrimination guaranteed by the United...

Judge Says It's Too Risky to Release Murdaugh

SC attorney denied bond in theft case

(Newser) - A judge denied bond Tuesday for Alex Murdaugh, saying the attorney's considerable financial resources and mental instability appear for now to make it too risky to allow him to await trial outside of jail on charges he stole $3.4 million in insurance money meant for the sons of...

Sons of Murdaugh's Late Housekeeper to Get Their Money
Alex Murdaugh Arrested,
Awaits Extradition

Alex Murdaugh Arrested, Awaits Extradition

He's accused of stealing insurance settlements belonging to sons of late housekeeper

(Newser) - Update: A big Alex Murdaugh development: The former South Carolina attorney has been arrested and accused of stealing more than $4 million in insurance settlements intended to go to the sons of his late housekeeper, reports the AP . Murdaugh was taken into custody at a Florida drug-rehab facility and is...

Sons of Murdaugh's Late Housekeeper to Judge: Jail Him

They want him behind bars until the money they allege he embezzled is repaid

(Newser) - New developments in two of the legal woes dogging Alex Murdaugh: First, the lawyer for the man who Murdaugh says he arranged to have shoot him in the head as part of a failed suicide scheme says that story is bogus. Jarrett Bouchette, the lawyer for 61-year-old Curtis Edward Smith,...

The Murdaugh Family's Road Has Been Bumpy for Years

The 'WSJ' dives into the unraveling of the South Carolina family

(Newser) - Alex Murdaugh's fall from grace has been well-documented, and the Wall Street Journal adds to that pile. A lengthy piece by Valerie Bauerlein delves into the "unraveling of the Murdaugh dynasty," as the headline reads, and while some of the article trods familiar ground, it provides a...

Murdaugh Accused of Trying to Frame Teen in Fatal Boat Crash

Lawsuit alleges he was trying to protect son

(Newser) - Paul Murdaugh's legal troubles ended permanently when the 22-year-old was shot to death along with his mother in June—but father Alex Murdaugh's troubles are only getting deeper. A new lawsuit accuses the prominent South Carolina attorney of trying to frame another teen in a fatal boat crash...

New Twist in Murdaugh Case: Housekeeper's 2018 Death
SC Attorney Accused
in Bizarre Plot Surrenders

SC Attorney Accused in Bizarre Plot Surrenders

Alex Murdaugh allegedly arranged his own hit but survived

(Newser) - Update: A South Carolina attorney surrendered to authorities on Thursday in a convoluted case involving multiple deaths and alleged insurance fraud, reports CNN . Prosecutors say Alex Murdaugh arranged his own hit but survived, and that's only a small part of the story. Our original report, with timeline, follows:

Cops: Alex Murdaugh Arranged to Be Shot in Suicide Scheme

It's the latest twist in the strange SC Murdaugh case

(Newser) - Update: In a Today show interview, an attorney for Alex Murdaugh indicated that an opioid addiction was a driving force in his client's plot to have a man kill him so his son could collect his life insurance policy. Attorney Dick Harpootlian said that on the day of the...

New Twists in Strange Case of Prominent South Carolina Family

Alex Murdaugh enters rehab as his law firm says he was taking money

(Newser) - A lawyer from a prominent South Carolina legal family who found his wife and son shot to death at their home three months ago and was injured days ago when a bullet grazed his head as he changed a tire was taking money from his law firm, the business said...

First His Wife and Son Were Killed, Now He's Been Shot

Prominent South Carolina lawyer Alex Murdaugh was shot in the head on a lonely road

(Newser) - The murder of a prominent South Carolina attorney's wife and son has gone nearly twelve weeks without any arrests but there's new startling twist: the attorney himself was shot in the head Saturday after experiencing car trouble on the side of the road. Per the New York Times...

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