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A Bigger Penalty, but QB Isn't Admitting to Wrongdoing

Such deals don't 'mean that a person is guilty for anything,' says Deshaun Watson

(Newser) - Deshaun Watson's punishment from the NFL over allegations of sexual misconduct is finally settled. The league and the NFL Players Association agreed Thursday that the Cleveland Browns quarterback will be suspended without pay for 11 games, pay a $5 million fine on top of that, and undergo professional evaluation...

NFL Says It Is Appealing Deshaun Watson's Punishment

League wants a longer suspension for Browns QB

(Newser) - The NFL has decided to appeal the six-game suspension Deshaun Watson received this week, seeking a tougher punishment for the Cleveland Browns quarterback. The suspension was issued Monday by former federal judge Sue L. Robinson, the league's disciplinary officer. The NFL had recommended an indefinite suspension of at least...

Browns QB Deshaun Watson Suspended for 'Egregious' Conduct

He's out for 6 games and banned from using non-club-directed massage therapy

(Newser) - This story has been updated with Robinson's remarks. Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson was suspended for six games Monday after being accused by two dozen women in Texas of sexual misconduct during massage treatments, in what a disciplinary officer said was behavior "more egregious than any before reviewed...

NFL Says Deshaun Watson Should Be Suspended

The decision will be made by the league's disciplinary officer

(Newser) - The NFL has recommended an indefinite suspension of at least a year for Deshaun Watson, the Cleveland Browns QB embroiled in numerous sexual misconduct allegations. The announcement came ahead of a hearing in which former federal judge Sue L. Robinson—who serves as the NFL's disciplinary officer—will rule...

Embattled QB Settles 20 of 24 Misconduct Lawsuits

Cleveland Browns' Deshaun Watson still faces four trials and possible NFL suspension

(Newser) - Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson has reached an agreement to settle 20 of the 24 civil lawsuits that had been filed by women who accused him of sexual assault and harassment, an attorney for the women said Tuesday, per the AP . Houston lawyer Tony Buzbee, who represents all 24 women,...

Number of Deshaun Watson Accusers Hits 23

Another sexual misconduct allegation has been revealed

(Newser) - Another massage therapist has filed a civil lawsuit against Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson, raising the number of women who have accused him of sexual misconduct to 23, the AP reports. Attorney Tony Buzbee, who is representing all the women, filed the latest lawsuit Tuesday in Texas and said in...

Team Welcomes Quarterback Accused by 22 Women

Deshaun Watson proclaims innocence after Texas grand juries declined to indict him

(Newser) - Deshaun Watson maintained his innocence and strongly denied committing any sexual misconduct despite allegations made by 22 women against the Cleveland Browns' new starting quarterback. At his introductory news conference on Friday, Watson showed little emotion while saying he's done nothing illegal, the AP reports. "I've never...

Grand Jury: Texans QB Won't Face Criminal Charges

Masseuses have sued Deshaun Watson over allegations of sex harassment, assault

(Newser) - Update: Thanks to a grand jury decision this week, Deshaun Watson won't be indicted in Texas after lawsuits brought by nearly two dozen women who accuse him of harassment and sexual assault. ESPN reports that, for more than six hours on Friday, prosecutors from the Harris County DA's...

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