Hurricane Ian

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Hurricane Ian Victim Found in Sailboat He Lived On

72-year-old had been missing since storm hit Fort Myers Beach

(Newser) - The body of James "Denny" Hurst, who went missing when Hurricane Ian struck Florida in September, has been located in a sailboat that sank near Fort Myers Beach. Salty Sam's Marina called the Lee County Sheriff's Office when a worker saw the wreckage of a boat in...

Florida Beaches Run Short of Sand
Florida Beaches
Run Short of Sand

Florida Beaches Run Short of Sand

Federal legislation would permit importing sand

(Newser) - Florida beach communities have had to replenish their supplies of sand before, but there's renewed urgency after recent hurricanes. A consultant said Jacksonville's beaches lost about 1.2 million cubic yards of sand to Tropical Storms Ian and Nicole, more than the 2.7 billion pounds brought in...

Flesh-Eating Bacteria Kills Man Who Rushed to Florida After Ian

James Hewitt of Michigan was infected by flesh-eating bacteria after falling in Florida canal

(Newser) - A man who rushed to Florida from Michigan to help a friend in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian was killed by a hazard he may not have been aware of, his fiancee says. Leah DeLano tells Fox that retired auto worker James Hewitt, 56, went to Naples, Florida, on Oct....

In Florida, an 'Abnormal' Jump in Flesh-Eating Bacteria Cases

Hurricane Ian may be to blame

(Newser) - Florida has seen an increase in cases of flesh-eating bacteria this year driven largely by a surge in the county hit hardest by Hurricane Ian. The state Department of Health reports that as of Friday there have been 65 cases of Vibrio vulnificus infections and 11 deaths in Florida this...

Storm's Toll on Orange Trees May Be Worse Than It Looks

Some of them in Florida may not survive huge amounts of water dumped by Ian

(Newser) - The thousands of oranges scattered on the ground by Hurricane Ian’s fierce winds like so many green and yellow marbles are only the start of the disaster for citrus grower Roy Petteway. The fruit strewn about his 100-acre grove in central Florida since the storm swept through will mostly...

Biden Promises Florida Long-Lasting Help

DeSantis praises coordination among federal, state, and local agencies

(Newser) - President Biden surveyed the devastation of hurricane-ravaged Florida on Wednesday, promising to marshal the power of the federal government to help rebuild as he comforted residents alongside Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, a potential 2024 election foe. Both men declared they were putting politics aside for now, the AP reports. "...

Son Took Photos as He Rescued Mom From Ian

Johnny Lauder swam 45 minutes through floodwaters to save her

(Newser) - In one photo, Johnny Lauder's 86-year-old mother is in her Florida home, submerged nearly to her shoulders in black murky water, staring straight at the camera, mouth open. In another, she lies just above the waterline on a table, wrapped in sheets to keep warm. In yet another, she'...

Puerto Rico Will Be Rebuilt, Biden Promises on Visit

FEMA chief acknowledges issues 'in the previous administration'

(Newser) - President Biden promised to "rebuild it all" while visiting Puerto Rico on Monday, as tens of thousands of people remain without power two weeks after Hurricane Fiona struck and residents worry that Washington's dedication to their recovery could prove fleeting. "I'm committed to this island,"...

'Hometown of Tomorrow' Kept Power on During Ian

Florida's Babcock Ranch, US' 'first solar-powered town,' didn't lose electricity

(Newser) - The stories out of Florida in the wake of Hurricane Ian are harrowing and devastating , with a death toll that continues to climb . One town in the western part of the state, however, fared better than most, with Ian serving as a "true test for the community," per...

To Keep Paralyzed Spouse Alive, She Gave Him a Life Jacket
Florida Woman
Went to Extremes to
Keep Paralyzed Spouse Alive
in case you missed it

Florida Woman Went to Extremes to Keep Paralyzed Spouse Alive

Inside one Punta Gorda couple's tale of survival

(Newser) - As more and more media outlets manage to interview Florida residents who have weathered Hurricane Ian—in many cases emerging with their lives but little else intact— NBC News shares one couple's harrowing story. Christopher Smith suffers from prostate cancer, and had been due to receive radiation treatment on...

Hurricane Recovery Aid Will Be Huge, FEMA Says

Director cautions that dangers remain in Florida after Ian

(Newser) - With the death toll from Hurricane Ian rising and hundreds of thousands of people without power in Florida and the Carolinas, US officials vowed Sunday to unleash an unprecedented amount of federal disaster aid as crews scrambled to rescue people still trapped by floodwaters. Days after Ian tore through central...

Florida's Death Toll Climbs After Hurricane

About four dozen were killed, and the count is growing

(Newser) - Florida's death toll has climbed sharply in the wake of Hurricane Ian , with hundreds of thousands of people were still sweltering without power days after the monster storm rampaged from the state's southwestern coast up to the Carolinas.
  • At least 54 people were confirmed dead: 47 in Florida,

Sanibel Island Assesses Storm's 'Biblical' Destruction

Causeway is out, leaving remaining residents stranded

(Newser) - Putting Sanibel Island back together after Hurricane Ian hit is going to take a while, Florida officials said. "The damage is catastrophic, and it is biblical," city manager Dana Souza told the Today show. The first step is comprehending the scale of the destruction. "Residents who have...

Who Wants to Give Birth in a Hurricane? No One, but She Did

Cape Coral resident Amanda Mahr's baby is named George, not Ian

(Newser) - Amid the nightmarish news out of Florida in the wake of Ian, a bright spot comes via a 10-pound, 6-ounce package delivered in Cape Coral. The New York Times reports on the plight of 36-year-old Amanda Mahr, and her husband, Matthew, 37, as they hunkered down to ride out the...

Hurricane Ian Is Back on Land
Hurricane Ian Is Back on Land

Hurricane Ian Is Back on Land

Storm makes second landfall, this time in South Carolina

(Newser) - Hurricane Ian made another landfall Friday, this time in South Carolina, after carving a swath of destruction across Florida earlier this week. The US National Hurricane Center says Ian’s center came ashore Friday afternoon near Georgetown as a Category 1 hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 85mph, per the...

Reporter Explains Odd Microphone Covering

Yes, says Kyla Galer, it was a condom, because it works great

(Newser) - There were plenty of jokes about practicing safe reporting Wednesday after viewers noticed a condom over Kyla Galer's microphone as she reported from Fort Myers, Florida, for NBC 2. Galer explained on Instagram that she was protecting the equipment from Hurricane Ian, KATU reports. "A lot of people...

Hurricane Survivors Tell Ghastly Stories: 'It Was Hell'

Fort Myers-area residents describe nightmarish experiences

(Newser) - In the Fort Myers area, which was hit especially hard by Hurricane Ian, residents are assessing the scale of the devastation and describing a hellish 24 hours. Homes, roads, and businesses have been destroyed. Authorities, who are still trying to determine the death toll, say the recovery will take years....

Ian Becomes Hurricane Again as South Carolina Braces

Storm becomes stronger after slamming Florida

(Newser) - Ian strengthened into a hurricane again on Thursday evening, bringing 75mph winds toward South Carolina, where it's projected to make landfall at midday Friday near Charleston. The National Hurricane Center warned of "life-threatening" flooding and storm surge for the South Carolina coast, the Washington Post reports. With the...

Most Homes in Ian's Path Don't Have Flood Insurance

Options are limited for homeowners after a disaster

(Newser) - The low percentages of homes in Hurricane Ian's way that have flood insurance will mean people may not be able to rebuild, and even if they can, homeowners and their communities will be in for an extended period of slow, traumatic recovery. For one thing, regular homeowners insurance doesn'...

'Substantial Loss of Life' Is Possible in Florida: Biden

First storm deaths are reported as president declares major disaster

(Newser) - President Biden warned Thursday that Hurricane Ian could turn out to be the deadliest storm in Florida history, causing a "substantial loss of life." Biden made the remarks at the Washington headquarters of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, NBC News reports. The first storm deaths were reported, per...

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