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For Paul Pelosi's Attacker, More Bad News

David DePape convicted of aggravated kidnapping in state trial, sentenced to life without parole

(Newser) - A man sentenced to 30 years in federal prison in the attack against former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's husband was convicted Friday of aggravated kidnapping, a conviction that mandates life behind bars without the possibility of parole. A San Francisco jury found David DePape also guilty of first-degree burglary,...

Judge Drops Several State Charges in Pelosi Attack

David DePape's attorneys invoked double jeopardy after federal conviction

(Newser) - A judge on Thursday dismissed several state charges against Paul Pelosi's attacker, who was convicted in federal court last month, based on the argument that the counts fall under double jeopardy, according to the San Francisco Public Defender's Office. David DePape was convicted last month of assaulting a...

2 Apologies Offered During Hearing for Pelosi Attacker

Judge apologizes for causing a resentencing, David DePape says sorry for assaulting Paul Pelosi

(Newser) - Earlier this month, federal Judge Jacqueline Scott Corley wrapped up a sentencing hearing for David DePape, the man who attacked Paul Pelosi, the husband of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, but without giving DePape the chance to address the court. That procedural error prompted what the AP calls an "...

After Mistake, Judge to Reopen Sentencing for Pelosi's Attacker

David DePape assaulted Nancy Pelosi's husband with a hammer after breaking into their home

(Newser) - Conceding that she made a "clear error," a federal judge said she will reopen the sentencing hearing for the man who beat Paul Pelosi with a hammer. The mistake: David DePape wasn't allowed to address the court on Friday as required by law. US District Judge Jacqueline...

Paul Pelosi's Attacker Is Convicted
Paul Pelosi's Attacker
Is Convicted

Paul Pelosi's Attacker Is Convicted

David DePape, fueled by conspiracy theories, broke into the Pelosis' home, hit him with hammer

(Newser) - The man who broke into the home of Nancy Pelosi and attacked her husband with a hammer was convicted of assault and attempted kidnapping on Thursday. David DeDape, whose lawyer says he was caught up in fringe conspiracy theories on the hard right, faces the possibility of decades in prison...

Paul Pelosi Testifies About Hammer Attack

It was his first public recounting of 2022 attack

(Newser) - Paul Pelosi recounted publicly for the first time Monday what happened the night he was attacked by a man in the San Francisco home he shares with former US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, recalling how shocking it was to see a man standing at his bedroom door, then how the...

Lawyer for Alleged Pelosi Attacker: 'The Why Matters'

She says David DePape believed conspiracy theories 'with every ounce of his being'

(Newser) - The man accused of attacking Nancy Pelosi's husband with a hammer last year went on trial in federal court in San Francisco on Thursday—and David DePape's lawyer said she wouldn't contest the overwhelming evidence against him. The attack on Paul Pelosi was captured on police body...

Pelosi Beating Suspect Wishes He'd Hurt More

DePape calls reporter with statement on the assault

(Newser) - Not only does he have no remorse over beating Paul Pelosi in the head with a hammer, fracturing his skull, David DePape said he had a list of political opponents and was "sorry I didn't get more of them." DePape made the comments in a phone call...

Paul Pelosi Attack Suspect Pleads Not Guilty

David DePape faces state charges including attempted murder

(Newser) - The man who accused of breaking into House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s home and beating her 82-year-old husband in October pleaded not guilty Wednesday to six charges, including attempted murder, prosecutors in California said. The suspect, David DePape, had planned to kidnap the speaker—who was in Washington at the...

Court Hears New Details on Paul Pelosi Attack

Police say David DePape's other targets included Tom Hanks

(Newser) - The man charged with attacking Nancy Pelosi's husband with a hammer had other people on his hit list, including Tom Hanks, a court in San Francisco heard Wednesday. An officer who interviewed David DePape hours after the attack on Paul Pelosi said the suspect told him his other targets...

Pelosi Suspect When Told to Drop Hammer: 'Ummm Nope'

Charging document details what happened between Paul Pelosi, suspect in Oct. 28 break-in

(Newser) - David DePape, the suspect in the attack last month on Paul Pelosi , was indicted Wednesday on charges of assault and attempted kidnapping. Politico notes these charges handed down by a federal grand jury supplant similar ones filed in an earlier complaint . The six-page document details how the San Francisco Police...

Alleged Pelosi Attacker May Be Deported

Canadian David DePape was in US illegally after traveling legally here in 2008

(Newser) - The man suspected of attacking Paul Pelosi , the 82-year-old husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, last Friday isn't in the United States legally, though he came here legally nearly 15 years ago. That's per Department of Homeland Security officials, who said Thursday that 42-year-old Canadian David DePape entered...

Pelosi Attack Suspect Pleads Not Guilty

David DePape is being held without bail

(Newser) - A San Francisco judge on Tuesday ordered the man accused of breaking into House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s home, attacking her husband with a hammer, and seeking to kidnap her, to be held without bail. Adam Lipson, a lawyer for defendant David DePape, entered a not guilty plea on DePape'...

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