Damar Hamlin

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After Scary Deja Vu Moment in Buffalo, Good News

Damien Harris of the Bills has full movement after being taken off the field in ambulance

(Newser) - For NFL fans—and Buffalo Bills fans in particular—Sunday night's game brought an unwelcome feeling of deja vu. Bills running back Damien Harris lay on the field for several minutes after a hit and had to be taken away in an ambulance, reports the AP . That ambulance happened...

Patriots, Packers End Game After 'Just Scary' Injury
Teams End Game After Injury

Teams End Game After Injury

Patriots, Packers act quickly, months after Damar Hamlin's collapse

(Newser) - When cornerback Isaiah Bolden was placed on a stretcher and taken off the field Saturday night, players' thoughts went not just to the New England Patriots rookie, but also to the Buffalo Bills' Damar Hamlin , who collapsed during a game in January. "It brought out that Damar feeling, and...

Bills Player Who Collapsed Set for Saturday's Game

Buffalo's Damar Hamlin to play in season opener, his first competition since his January cardiac arrest

(Newser) - Damar Hamlin has reached another major milestone in his return to football. The Bills safety was scheduled to suit up and play in Buffalo's preseason opener against the Indianapolis Colts on Saturday, per the AP . The game will mark the first time Hamlin has appeared in a competitive setting...

It's an Emotional Reunion for Damar Hamlin

At ESPYs, Bills safety honors staff who saved his life during cardiac arrest

(Newser) - Gearing up for his return to NFL play this fall, Damar Hamlin took a moment Wednesday to honor those who saved his life when he suffered a rare cardiac arrest triggered by a hit to the chest during a Monday Night Football game in January. Appearing on stage at the...

Damar Hamlin Cleared to Play Football Again

Buffalo Bills player nearly died on the field in January when his heart stopped

(Newser) - The NFL's Damar Hamlin nearly died on the field in January when his heart stopped after a hit. In news that would have seemed impossible at the time, the Buffalo Bills said Tuesday that Hamlin has been medically cleared to play football again, reports Yahoo Sports . "He is...

Few Homes Have Defibrillators. Is It Time to Change That?

Gina Kolata of the 'New York Times' explores the topic, noting price is one big factor

(Newser) - Lots of people would be able to find a fire extinguisher in their house to ward off catastrophe. But a defibrillator? Not so much, notes Gina Kolata in the New York Times . The journalist writes that she ordered one for her own home after reporting about the near-death of the...

NFL Doctor: Bills' Hamlin Will Play Again

Buffalo Bills safety was honored with NFLPA award

(Newser) - Damar Hamlin's playing days aren't over, the NFL players union doctor said in an optimistic update on Wednesday. "I guarantee you that Damar Hamlin will play professional football again," NFL Players Association medical director Dr. Thom Mayer said on SiriusXM Doctor Radio's "Heart to...

After 9 Days, Damar Hamlin Is Going Home

He's been discharged from Buffalo hospital

(Newser) - Another big step forward for Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin: He has been discharged from a Buffalo hospital nine days after he went into cardiac arrest during a game in Cincinnati, USA Toda y reports. On Monday, the 24-year-old was transferred to Buffalo General Medical Center from the University of...

Grant Wahl's Widow: I Can't Ignore the Trolls Anymore

Celine Gounder, a doctor, says vaccine disinformation is too dangerous

(Newser) - Celine Gounder is an infectious-disease physician and epidemiologist, and she also happens to be the widow of renowned soccer writer Grant Wahl . After her husband died while covering the World Cup, the anti-vaccine brigade concluded that his COVID vaccine must have been the reason. (It wasn't—Wahl died of...

Bills Honor Hamlin, Then Open With TD

Teammate runs back kickoff for a touchdown, later does it again

(Newser) - The Buffalo Bills honored injured teammate Damar Hamlin before their game against the New England Patriots on Sunday, but that was just the beginning of it. Moments later, Buffalo's Nyheim Hines took the opening kickoff and ran 96 yards as he's never run before, speeding straight ahead, then...

In First Comments, Damar Hamlin Says Thanks

Buffalo Bills players tweets from the hospital, where he continues to recover

(Newser) - As his recovery continues, the NFL's Damar Hamlin made his first public comments Saturday in the wake of his life-threatening injury . “Putting love into the world comes back 3xs as much," reads a tweet from the 24-year-old's account. The message added that Hamlin was "thankful...

Incredibly Rare Hit May Have Felled Bills Player
Incredibly Rare
Hit May Have
Felled Bills


Incredibly Rare Hit May Have Felled Bills Player

'It's almost like getting struck by lightning,' doctor says of heart condition that can be set off by impact

(Newser) - Serious injuries in the NFL these days often involve the head . But in the case of Monday night's shocking injury to Damar Hamlin of the Buffalo Bills, it involved the heart. The 24-year-old suffered cardiac arrest and required CPR and the use of a defibrillator on the field. He...

Damar Hamlin Surprises Team With FaceTime Call

'Love you boys,' he said in exchange with rest of the Buffalo Bills on Friday

(Newser) - Damar Hamlin is now breathing on his own , without help from a ventilator. Now, what the Buffalo News frames as "another huge step" out of Cincinnati, where the Buffalo Bills player has been hospitalized since Monday night, when he suffered cardiac arrest and collapsed while playing against the Bengals...

After Hamlin Collapsed, Radio Calls Got Intense

Emergency recordings lend insight into grave scene on the field

(Newser) - As Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin continues to heal following his collapse during an NFL game Monday night after suffering from a cardiac arrest, recordings have been released of the red-alert emergency response on the field at Cincinnati's Paycor Stadium. "I don't like how he went down"...

Damar Hamlin Is Now Breathing on His Own

Buffalo Bills player's 'remarkable' recovery continues

(Newser) - After Thursday's good news on Damar Hamlin , more has followed on Friday: The NFL player is now breathing on his own and able to talk, according to the Buffalo Bills and Hamlin's agent. The team tweeted that the 24-year-old's breathing tube was removed overnight as he "...

NFL Makes 'Difficult, but Necessary, Decision' on Game

Meanwhile, Hamlin has reached a recovery 'turning point'

(Newser) - When Damar Hamlin woke up Wednesday evening after two days of sedation, the first words he wrote down to a nurse were: "Who won the game?" The 24-year-old Buffalo Bills safety was referring to the matchup Monday night between his team and the Cincinnati Bengals where he'd collapsed...

After Damar Hamlin Collapsed, This Employee May Have Saved His Life

Denny Kellington is said to have taken critical action

(Newser) - After Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field Monday night, an assistant athletic trainer for the Buffalo Bills rushed to his side: Denny Kellington, who quickly got to work performing CPR and is now being hailed as a "hero." Writes sports journalist Albert Breer in a tweet cited by...

Damar Hamlin's First Question: Who Won the Game?

Doctors say he asked it in writing upon waking up

(Newser) - When the NFL's Damar Hamlin woke Wednesday night from two days of sedation, doctors say he asked a fitting question in writing: Who won the game? Dr. William Knight IV of the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine says he responded, "Damar, you've won. You've won...

Damar Hamlin Showing 'Remarkable Improvement'

Buffalo Bills say he appears to be 'neurologically intact'

(Newser) - The news on Damar Hamlin had a decidedly optimistic bent on Thursday. The Buffalo Bills cited "remarkable improvement" in an update from a Cincinnati hospital, where the 24-year-old spent the last two days sedated after suffering cardiac arrest during a game on Monday night. (He even asked in writing...

He Died on NFL Field in 1971. His Widow Speaks on Hamlin

'I was very emotional' about Bills player, says Sharon Hughes, wife of Chuck Hughes

(Newser) - Emotions ran high Monday night in Cincinnati after Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest and collapsed on the field during a game against the Bengals, receiving CPR before being rushed to a local hospital. One person watching at home was especially distraught: Sharon Hughes, the widow of...

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