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Johnson's 'Gigantic Gamble': 4 Different Votes This Week

Speaker plans separate bills on Ukraine and Israel, all while trying to keep his job

(Newser) - It's a sign of how complicated the politics of Congress are at the moment: House Speaker Mike Johnson will try to pass four different bills this week designed to send billions in aid to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan—all while trying to keep his job as speaker.
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Ukraine Aid Could Lead to a Reckoning for Mike Johnson

House speaker faces flak from hard-right members of his own party, who may try to oust him

(Newser) - The House of Representatives is set to convene on Monday after a two-week recess, and Speaker Mike Johnson has indicated a top priority is to "take the necessary steps" on funding for Ukraine in its two-year-plus war with Russia, reports the Guardian . He faces opposition from the hard-right faction...

Mike Johnson Hoped for an 'End of the Exits.' Now, Another

Rep. Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin to resign April 19, leaving House GOP down to a one-vote margin

(Newser) - Earlier this month, when Colorado GOP Rep. Ken Buck announced he was stepping down early from his seat in the US House of Representatives, Speaker Mike Johnson insisted there were no further resignations planned. "I think, I hope and believe that that's the end of the exits for...

Spending Bill Clears House, Triggers a GOP Mutiny

Marjorie Taylor Greene files motion to vacate against Speaker Mike Johnson

(Newser) - House Speaker Mike Johnson is having a good-news, bad-news Friday. On the one hand, he got a $1.2 trillion spending package through the House via a "streamlined process" to avert a government shutdown, reports the AP . On the other, his speakership is endangered as a result.
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No One Wants to Go to Mike Johnson's GOP Retreat

Fewer than 100 House Republicans plan to attend in W. Va., with some saying they're tired of drama

(Newser) - This year's retreat for House Republicans is nestled in the Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia, promising a break from the confines of DC and a chance for the GOP to recalibrate ahead of the November election. It doesn't look like the getaway will be a particularly well-attended event,...

House Speaker Begs for 'Decorum' at State of Union

Mike Johnson reportedly put out the plea on Wednesday during closed-door GOP session

(Newser) - President Biden is set to deliver his State of the Union address on Thursday night, and the speaker of the House is already trying in advance to reign in lawmakers on the Republican side. "Decorum is the order of the day," Mike Johnson reportedly warned during a closed-door...

After 'Intense' Meeting, Speaker Doesn't Budge on Ukraine Aid

But Johnson says he believes a government shutdown can be avoided

(Newser) - Congressional leaders emerged from an "intense" Oval Office meeting with President Biden on Tuesday speaking optimistically about the prospects for avoiding a partial government shutdown , but with new uncertainty about aid for Ukraine and Israel as the president and others urgently warned Speaker Mike Johnson of the grave consequences...

Government May Partially Shut Down in Days

And an ever bigger shutdown looms next week

(Newser) - Prepare to hear three words a lot this week in regard to DC news: "looming government shutdown."
  • Two deadlines: Around 20% of government funding expires at midnight Friday unless the two sides strike a deal, with services including food stamps and housing assistance at risk, reports the Washington

Johnson's God Speech Irks Republicans: 'I'm Not at Church'

Speaker of the House's religious-themed attempt to rally Republicans at retreat didn't resonate

(Newser) - It makes sense that the Republican speaker of the House would lead a GOP retreat meant to discuss how to keep and expand the chamber's majority. What didn't make sense to some in attendance at the Miami event last weekend, however, was the tenor of Mike Johnson's...

Republicans Look for a Way Around This Week's Debacles

Johnson deflects responsibility and plans to try again on two rejected measures

(Newser) - Republicans are alternately ripping their House leaders, dismissing the losses incurred this week, and looking for a way to move past the debacles. Speaker Mike Johnson put two measures to a floor vote on Tuesday night, only to lose in full public view on the impeachment of Homeland Security Secretary...

Bill Shuts Border if Migrant Number Hits 5K a Day
What to Know About
the New Border Bill
the rundown

What to Know About the New Border Bill

Senate bill sets migrant thresholds for closing the border, as House speaker calls it 'dead on arrival'

(Newser) - Senate leaders released their long-awaited immigration proposal Sunday, one that couples new border laws with aid to Ukraine ($60 billion) and Israel ($14 billion). It marks the start of what will be a busy, politically fraught week in both the House and Senate on the issue.
  • Border: The New York

'Unusual' Accomplishment Just Took Place in the House

A rare bill with broad bipartisan support passed

(Newser) - The House accomplished something unusual Wednesday in passing with broad, bipartisan support a roughly $79 billion tax cut package that would enhance the child tax credit for millions of lower-income families and boost three tax breaks for businesses, a combination that gives lawmakers on both stripes coveted policy wins, the...

Johnson on Border Deal: 'Dead on Arrival'

House speaker pushes back on Senate legislation on immigration, border, Ukraine aid

(Newser) - House Speaker Mike Johnson took a strong stand Friday against a bipartisan Senate deal to pair border enforcement measures with Ukraine aid , sending a letter to colleagues that aligns him with hard-line conservatives determined to sink the compromise on border and immigration policy. Johnson said the legislation would've been...

Trump Pressures McConnell, Johnson on Border Package

Former president wants no compromises, which one GOP leader says isn't helpful

(Newser) - Donald Trump is pressuring congressional Republicans to not compromise with Democrats on border legislation, lobbying that one Senate GOP leader called "not helpful." The outside pressure is directed at Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, House Speaker Mike Johnson, and their leadership teams, the Hill reports. "I do...

Biden's Immigration Shift Worries Some Democrats

Change puts president where he had long been on the issue

(Newser) - At least partly to secure support for military aid to Ukraine and Israel, President Biden has been willing recently to negotiate with congressional Republicans on immigration legislation. One result is being worked on in the Senate now, a measure that would restrict migrants' ability to claim asylum at the US-Mexico...

Johnson In the Same Pickle as Kevin McCarthy

Right flank wants him to renege on bipartisan spending deal

(Newser) - House Speaker Mike Johnson insisted Friday he's sticking with the bipartisan spending deal he struck with other congressional leaders, but he offered no clear path for overcoming hard-right opposition within his own party to prevent a partial government shutdown next week. Johnson emerged from days of testy meetings behind...

Johnson Sets Late Date for Biden's State of the Union

Speaker sends formal invitation to White House

(Newser) - House Speaker Mike Johnson has extended the usual formal invitation to President Biden to deliver the State of the Union address, but it's a ways off. Johnson's letter, sent Saturday, sets March 7, a Thursday, for the event, Politico reports. Until now, March 1 is the latest in...

House Greenlights Biden Impeachment Inquiry

Vote formalizes the House impeachment inquiry into Biden and his alleged business dealings

(Newser) - The House voted Wednesday to formally authorize the impeachment inquiry into President Biden—a step designed to give the investigators a legal leg up. NBC News reports House Republicans expect it will give them the "ability to better enforce their subpoenas in the courts." Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim...

House Speaker Has One Big Tweak to Jan. 6 Footage

Mike Johnson says he's blurring out faces of Capitol rioters in videos to prevent 'retaliation'

(Newser) - Last month, House Speaker Mike Johnson announced he was, as promised, releasing security footage from the Jan. 6 attack on the US Capitol, assuring Americans they'd be able to "view every minute of the videos uncensored," per CNN . On Tuesday, the Louisiana Republican clarified there would be...

House Speaker Starts Releasing Jan. 6 Footage

Mike Johnson says he'll eventually post 44K hours' worth of video from the attack on US Capitol

(Newser) - House Speaker Mike Johnson said Friday he plans to publicly release thousands of hours of footage from the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the US Capitol, making good on a promise he made to far-right members of his party when he was campaigning for the job. "This decision will...

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