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Ex-Surgeon General Koop Dead at 96

Conservative shocked America by spreading information on AIDS

(Newser) - C. Everett Koop, the best-known surgeon general of the 20th century, died today in Hanover, NH, at the age of 96, the Washington Post reports. Recognized for his appearance—an epauleted uniform and grim expression that harked back to the Civil War—he also waged a fierce war on tobacco...

First Organ Transplant Doctor Dead at 93
First Organ Transplant Doctor Dead at 93

First Organ Transplant Doctor Dead at 93

Dr. Joseph Murray won Nobel for pioneering work

(Newser) - Tens of thousands of people alive today owe their lives to techniques pioneered by Dr. Joseph Murray, who has died at the age of 93 in the same Boston hospital where he carried out the world's first successful human organ transplant. Murray made history in 1954 when he transplanted...

Surgeon Dies Saving Boys
 Surgeon Dies 
 Saving Boys 

Surgeon Dies Saving Boys

Renowned pediatric doc raced to rescue kids from lake

(Newser) - After a career spent saving children's lives as a pediatric surgeon, Dr. Donald Liu's final act was to rescue two boys from Lake Michigan. Liu, chief surgeon at the University of Chicago’s Comer Children’s Hospital, raced to the rescue when he saw the boys struggling after...

Buffalo Doc Wanted for Murder Found Dead: Cops

Timothy Jorden apparently killed by gunshot wound

(Newser) - Looks like the search is over: A body believed to be that of of the Buffalo surgeon suspected of murdering his ex-girlfriend has been discovered in a ravine near his home. Dr. Timothy Jorden appears to have been killed by a gunshot wound, the Buffalo News reports. Police today told...

After Hospital Shooting, Buffalo Cops Hunt Surgeon

Military-trained doctor on the run after ex-girlfriend shot

(Newser) - Police in Buffalo are hunting a trauma surgeon and former military weapons expert they believe has gone from lifesaver to murderer. Timothy Jorden, 49, is suspected of luring his ex-girlfriend into a stairwell at the hospital where they both worked before shooting her dead at point-blank range, reports the Buffalo ...

Surgeon Makes Back Brace... for Whale

Rescued SeaWorld pilot whale has scoliosis

(Newser) - A whale nicknamed “300” beached herself in the Florida Keys this spring—but her troubles didn't end there. The pilot whale, transported to SeaWorld for care, developed curvature of the spine, which prevented her from using her tail correctly. Fortunately, an orthopedic surgeon and a prosthetics expert came...

Top Surgeon Resigns Over ... Semen Editorial

Dr. Lazar Greenfield would have been American College of Surgeons prez

(Newser) - Note to medical professionals: It may not be a wise move to recommend that men give women "semen" as a Feb. 14 present. An ill-advised Valentine's Day editorial touting the mood-lifting effects of semen on women who have unprotected sex has led to the resignation of Dr. Lazar...

Surgeon Brands Patient's Name on Removed Uterus

She's not amused and is suing

(Newser) - A California doctor is being sued for branding his patient’s uterus with her name after removing it. He says he did it as a "friendly gesture," but the 47-year-old patient sees it more like "inexcusably bizarre behavior" and is suing for medical negligence. The good doctor...

Blundering Surgeon Lops Off Patient's Testicle

Routine op goes awry for doc fond of sedatives

(Newser) - Men everywhere will be glad to hear that a blundering surgeon who cut off a man's entire testicle when he was supposed to be removing a cyst is likely to lose his license. Nurses told a hearing in England that Dr. Sulieman Al Hourani appeared "rather surprised" as he...

NYC Surgeon Is New Donkey Kong King

Plastic surgeon Hank Chien topped record score during Feb. blizzard

(Newser) - Step aside, Billy Mitchell—the new “King of Kong” is New York City plastic surgeon Hank Chien, who beat Mitchell's Donkey Kong scoring record by 10,000 points. The arbiter of Donkey Kong scoring, Twin Galaxies, has verified Chien’s score on the classic arcade game. The real shocker:...

Tunes Help the Hand That Operates on You
 Tunes Help the Hand 
 That Operates on You 

Tunes Help the Hand That Operates on You

Soothing classical sounds improve accuracy, doctor says

(Newser) - Just like on TV, real surgeons listen to music in the operating room—and it may make them better sawbones. Research by a Massachusetts doc suggests that some soothing Mozart improves accuracy when a surgeon repeats a surgical task. Silence ain’t bad, either—but hearing German folk music issue...

Posh Inspires Nipple Surgery Fad

(Newser) - Victoria Beckham has apparently helped fuel a mini-fad of nipple surgery following rather noticeable changes that she has been flaunting behind T-shirts, reports the Daily Mail. The operations--which the former Spice Girl may or may not have had--can modify size, color, and shape. One busy London clinic reports a 30%...

Obnoxious Docs Linked to Dangerous Mistakes

Nurses often afraid to point out errors, ask questions

(Newser) - If your doctor's a jerk, it might be dangerous to your health. Many nurses are reporting that hostile, harried physicians often ignore their summons—or make them hesitant to questions in the first place. This "health care equivalent of road rage" causes errors, dangerous complications, and sometimes the...

Herpes Linked to Brain Cancer
 Herpes Linked to Brain Cancer 

Herpes Linked to Brain Cancer

Surgeon's hunch launches vaccine trials

(Newser) - Cancer researchers are finally taking seriously a young surgeon’s decade-long hunch that brain tumors are linked to a strain of herpes that lies dormant in 80% of Americans. The physician speculated that brain cancer patients—many of them affluent and educated—were more vulnerable to common viruses such as...

Michael DeBakey Dead at 99
 Michael DeBakey Dead at 99 

Michael DeBakey Dead at 99

Heart pioneer developed key devices, operated on thousands

(Newser) - Michael DeBakey, the pioneering heart doctor considered to be the father of modern cardiovascular surgery,  died last night at 99 in Houston, the Houston Chronicle reports.  During his long career, DeBakey operated on some 60,000 patients, including figures like Russian president Boris Yeltsin, trained thousands of surgeons,...

Short Men Seek Surgical Stretching
Short Men
Seek Surgical Stretching

Short Men Seek Surgical Stretching

Bone-breaking procedure gaining takers, at $100K a pop

(Newser) - Short, and even not-so-short men who feel their height is holding them back in life are turning to surgery in growing numbers, Details reports. Clinics abroad offer cosmetic limb lengthening that can add a few inches of height, but the bill can top $100,000 and the procedure, which involves...

Doc Linked to 17 Aussie Deaths Busted in Portland

Bungling 'Dr. Death' faces extradition

(Newser) - A doctor accused of leaving a bloody trail of surgical mistakes from New York to Australia to Oregon, has been arrested in Portland, the AP reports. Jayant Patel, a US citizen, fled to Oregon in 2005 after an inquiry was launched into botched operations linked to 17 deaths at a...

Case Against Transplant Doc Raises Concern

Prosecution claims he killed for organs; others say technique to blame

(Newser) - Charges against a California surgeon for hastening the death of a disabled man so his organs could be harvested for transplants has advocates worried, the New York Times reports. At issue is whether Dr. Hootan Roozrokh ignored protocol in pursuit of organs for transplant or if he misused, or misunderstood,...

More Patients Undoing Nips and Tucks

Thousands get 'undo-plasties' after hating plastic surgery

(Newser) - Thousands are feeling a little too "cookie-cutter" with their new nipped noses and tucked chins, one doctor says—so they're ponying up for surgery to look like (gasp!) themselves again. These 'undo-plasties' are becoming big business; some doctors spend half their time as "revision plastic surgeons."...

Transplant Doc Accused of Quickening Patient's Death

Organ-donation controversy erupts

(Newser) - A San Francisco surgeon is facing unprecedented felony charges of accelerating the death of a 25-year-old disabled man to harvest his organs for transplant. The doctor denies the charges that he acted without a legitimate medical purpose, the LA Times reports, but the controversy is bad news for transplant doctors...

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