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US Warning of Crocus Attack Named the Very Hall: Officials

Russia's response suggests it didn't take the caution seriously

(Newser) - More questions are being raised about Russia's response to its worst terrorist attack in decades as US officials now say they not only warned Russia of a possible attack in advance, but named the very concert venue. Hours after Sergei Naryshkin, director of Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service (FSB),...

Report: US Wasn't Only Nation to Warn Russia of Attack

Ally Iran alerted Russia days before, citing intel from interrogations, Reuters reports

(Newser) - If a warning from the US didn't get the attention of Russian security officials ahead of last month's horrifying terrorist attack in Moscow, a direct warning from Iran ought to have done. According to Reuters , Iran warned Russia of a possible "terrorist operation" in Russian territory after...

Putin's 'Strongman Image' Takes a Hit
Putin's 'Strongman Image'
Takes a Hit

Putin's 'Strongman Image' Takes a Hit

Concert hall attack exposes his weaknesses, according to a slew of assessments

(Newser) - A theme in coverage has emerged about Vladimir Putin in the wake of Friday's concert hall massacre . The attack "threatens Putin's strongman image," per the headline at the Wall Street Journal , while one at AP says it "dents Putin's tough image," and others...

Putin Says 'Radical Islamists' Carried Out Moscow Attack

But Russian leader still suggests Ukraine, with US help, was behind concert hall killings

(Newser) - In an apparent acknowledgement that ISIS-K has claimed responsibility for the attack on a Moscow concert hall, Russian President Vladimir Putin blamed "radical Islamists" on Monday evening while still suggesting Ukrainians—or Americans—were complicit. "We know that the crime was committed by radical Islamists," Putin said...

Kremlin: No Comment on Alleged Torture of Suspects

Kremlin won't answer question about whether they were tortured

(Newser) - Four suspects arrested by Russia in Friday's concert hall massacre appeared in a Moscow courtroom late Sunday, and all four bore signs of severe beatings, reports the BBC .
  • No comment: Asked about the bruises, bandages, swollen faces, one suspect's need of a wheelchair, and interrogation videos that appeared

What We Know About ISIS-K, Group Behind Moscow Attack

Group considers Taliban rule of Afghanistan too soft

(Newser) - The Islamic State affiliate that said it carried out the killings in Moscow's Crocus City concert hall has been escalating its attacks in other countries as part of its campaign against the Taliban in Afghanistan, analysts say. The idea is to weaken the Taliban's relations with allies and...

Russians Deal With Grief, Questions After Attack
Russia Reacts With Grief, Anger

Russia Reacts With Grief, Anger

'I couldn't stop crying' as the death toll rose, one woman says

(Newser) - While firefighters continued to pull bodies from the rubble and put out the lingering flames Saturday after a terrorist attack at Moscow's Crocus City concert hall, people came to the site to leave flowers and teddy bears in honor of the victims. Questions about how such an attack, which...

Before Attack in Russia, a 'Secret Warning' From the US

US Embassy warned US citizens to stay away from large gatherings due to potential terror attack

(Newser) - As authorities try to piece together what happened at a mass shooting at Moscow's Crocus City concert hall on Friday that left more than 100 dead and close to 150 injured, at last count, the Wall Street Journal reports on a "secret warning" that was sent from the...

Dozens Killed as Gunmen Storm Moscow Concert Hall

Massive fire engulfs popular venue

(Newser) - Gunmen burst into a large concert hall on the edge of Moscow on Friday and sprayed visitors with automatic gunfire, killing dozens and starting a massive blaze in Russia's worst terror attack in two decades, per the AP .
  • Casualties: Russia's state news agencies reported that 40 people were

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